A Landscape with Dragons: The Battle for Your Child's Mind

A Landscape With Dragons Describes The Degeneration Of Western Culture, Its Gradual Replacement By Pseudo Culture, And The Resulting Invasion Of The Christian Imagination Which The Author Describes As An Ominous, Even Apocalyptic Sign Michael O Brien S Analysis Of Several Aspects Of The Problem Is Incisive And Detailed His Approach Is Not Simply Critical, However, For He Suggests A Number Of Remedies, Offering Parents Tools Of Discernment For Assessing Children S Books, Videos And Films In Doing So He Points The Way To Rediscovery Of Time Tested Sources, And To New Developments In Authentic Christian Culture.A Landscape with Dragons: The Battle for Your Child's Mind

Michael D O Brien is a Roman Catholic author, artist, and frequent essayist and lecturer on faith and culture, living in Combermere, Ontario, Canada.

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  • Paperback
  • 72 pages
  • A Landscape with Dragons: The Battle for Your Child's Mind
  • Michael D. O'Brien
  • English
  • 25 June 2017
  • 9780969805809

10 thoughts on “A Landscape with Dragons: The Battle for Your Child's Mind

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    This is a very well written, clearly presented book, which deals with a difficult topic.First thing that needs to be said reading this book without having a Christian perspective on the world would be very difficult A lot of O Brien says could seem hasty or unfounded But if you read it as a Christian or at least, with an acceptance of the Christian point of view , his explanations and evidence become grounded.Michael O Brien manages to walk the thin line between two common groups in Christian circles today One of these groups let s call them anti fantasists sees almost any fantasy story, but especially that which mentions the word magic , as evil and demonic Opposing them are what could be called fantasy gluttons , who see all fantasy as good or at least, spiritually safe because it is just fantasy.Some may say that O Brien tends to the anti fantasist side but his views presented here, his arguments, evidence, and examples, take what is good from each group and present them to the reader as a cohesive whole Essentially, he recommends caution and wisdom with any fantasy, and gives a few specific examples of particularly dangerous themes He also looks at some of the modern trends in fantasy and children s stories.About one third of the book is actually a list of books recommended for different age groups, from toddlers to teenagers Though I was slightly disappointed to find that there wasn t discussion, these su...

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    There are good moments in the book, but ultimately his analysis of certain fantasies breaks down His discussions of Lloyd Alexander, Terry Brooks, and Stephen R Lawhead contain no content, mere condemnations without reasons.

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    Great book He talks about why new trends in literature are dangerous to the mind and soul of the child He has a lot of great insight and is good at explaining concretely exactly things why things that felt wrong to me are I wish he d make a new edition I don t know off hand when this was written but obviously well before Harry Potter and the vampire trend He talks ...

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    When you are reading a book do you think about world view The same applies to film, columns, and even conversation World view is the salt in the stew , so to speak We don t see it, nor even taste it unless it s overdone But there it is, flavoring the experience, or drawing out the other flavors.The four world views I look for areCosmic HumanistSecular HumanistJudeo ChristianMarxist Leninist as described in Understanding the Times by David Noebel.A number of years ago my t ween age daughter was enthusing about a book she was reading Fortunately, I had read the book already so could easily follow her blow by blow re telling of the story It was The Primrose Way by Jackie French Koller, about a Puritan girl giving her love and life to a man not of her faith or creed, all the while spurning the overtures of her good friend who was of her faith The story was well written and engaging I suggested to my daughter that we change the time and place and religion of the protagonist Suppose she was a pioneer girl of our faith Would you still feel the same about her choices I pointed out that her choices prescribed the choices of her children and g...

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    One of my favorite books, and one that I have re read and recommended a number of times Unhappily with a provocative title with that currently fashionable Title Subtitle structure that sounds like a pitch for some TV soft news show But authors rarely if ever have anything to do with the titles or covers of their books, so let s be generous.O Brien asserts that children both desire and require stories with clear delineations of good guys and bad guys There isn t a toddler who doesn t interrupt story time when a new character enters the scene with Is he good or bad We would do well to listen to them Instead modernity demands that we feed them smoke and fog, ambiguity and nuance This is dangerous and wrong headed.An aside, since this book was written well before I was hopeful on the days following 9 11 that at least we had put to rest the sixties foolishness of there being no such thing as wrong or evil Certainly killing innocent people would qualify But within days we had intellectual contortionists explaining how we deserved it, we had brought it on ourselves, and everyone is a terrorist from the point of view of someone else Interestingly, those most likely to accept the Let s understand the...

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    Short, thought provoking though imperfect read This quick read I read it in under two hours is aimed at Christians, but that doesn t mean that those who aren t should pass this by While I don t believe everything he says is accurate, his heart observations are worth considering as he makes several good points.The book is not focused on dragons, though they are a frequent example, but on the use of classic symbols in literature He does state that dragons themselves if they exist aren t evil, that s not his point His point is that historically they have been used to symbolize evil in the west Early in the book it can appear that he has a personal thing against dragons because of personal experiences some experiences from his children just read past that to get to his actual points those stories are intended as a hook.While I don...

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    A good analysis of the kinds of literature our kids are consuming O Brien s Catholicism comes through frequently He is especially wary of the modern glorification of dragons which were considered a universal symbol of evil in theistic cultures O Brien includes extensive lists of recomm...

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    In my opinion, this book had a moot point and bad arguments.

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    I think this is an important book for parents who care about the kind of material their children read and are exposed to Well written and I appreciate the part where suggested books are listed The author does not claim to know everything, but rather gives parents important words of advice.

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    Heady text detailing neopaganism and the weight of symbols in literature, but excellent He appears even to me to be a bit over the top, but he warns of real danger Includes a long book list.Review source unknown O Brien has issued a wake up call to conscientious parents in his latest book We cannot take it for granted any that the entertainment aimed at our children is worthy of their attention In fact, it may be harmful The classic stories which teach us about good and evil fairy tales, myths, classical literature are being replaced or modified The Dragon, the symbol of evil or chaos, is being tamed, leaving our children s souls in danger O Brien cites many examples of this in popular books and movies I found his take on Disney movies very insightful and a little scary Disney invariably belittles authority and religion, especially Catholicism Yet this company is the world leader in feeding our children their steady diet of mov...

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