The Lone Wanderer: - a Journey to Asgard

In Search Of Assistance And In Need Of Guidance A Man Must At Sometime Question The Concept Of FaithFinding Ahome Within The Pagan Faiths Rather Than The Mainstream Religions Is A Big Step The Journey Does Not End Here Though The Road To Finding Your True Beliefs Is Long And Full Of Peril Guidance From A Traveller Who Has Gone Before Can Only Help Speed You On Your WayThe Lone Wanderer: - a Journey to Asgard

sru r Cynea sson is an magus upon the left hand path and has been a member of a number of Heathen and left hand path organisations, whilst continuing to work with pagan and occult groups Never being indoctrinated into any theistic system, Cynea sson began his journey into paganism and magic at the age of 29 Cynea sson now works in search of answers to the nature of Being and the role of deity in our metaphysical reality Cynea sson undertakes a study of comparative mythology, quantum physics, analytical psychology, existentialism, neo platonism, metaphysical realism, Runology, Odinism, and alchemy in pursuit of self deification.The earlywork of The Lone Wanderer was written primarily as a diary of his own realisations as the investigation into theistic systems continued The work has secondary value in that it acts as a note book of a journey that others will find of value in their own quests Cynea sson s latest non fiction work, The Left hand of Odin, seeks to answer the question Is Odin an archetypal god of the left hand path , a question which will interest those with an interest in either the left hand path or Heathenism The work also explores the initiatory pathway of the Elder Futhark Runes Cynea sson is direct, bold, and occasionally controversial, yet the words resonate with open minds.Cynea sson has also branched out and has begun to release horror thriller novels with an aphoristic plot for those philosophically attuned, yet the plots stand well enough by themselves to provide a veritable thrill ride for the reader The first of these works, Wake Up to Die is out now for Kindle and in paperback formats.

[ PDF ] ✅ The Lone Wanderer: - a Journey to Asgard Author Äsruþr Cyneaþsson –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 74 pages
  • The Lone Wanderer: - a Journey to Asgard
  • Äsruþr Cyneaþsson
  • English
  • 03 December 2017

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