Rise of the Valiant

Read Rise Of The Valiant Author Morgan Rice Pccare247.us An Action Packed Fantasy Sure To Please Fans Of Morgan Rice S Previous Novels, Along With Fans Of Works Such As The Inheritance Cycle By Christopher Paolini Fans Of Young Adult Fiction Will Devour This Latest Work By Rice And Beg For The Wanderer, A Literary Journal Regarding Rise Of The Dragons The 1 Bestselling Series RISE OF THE VALIANT Is Book 2 In Morgan Rice S Bestselling Epic Fantasy Series KINGS AND SORCERERS Which Begins With RISE OF THE DRAGONS, A Free Download In The Wake Of The Dragon S Attack, Kyra Is Sent On An Urgent Quest To Cross Escalon And Seek Out Her Uncle In The Mysterious Tower Of Ur The Time Has Come For Her To Learn About Who She Is, Who Her Mother Is, And To Train And Develop Her Special Powers It Will Be A Quest Fraught With Peril For A Girl Alone, Escalon Filled With Dangers From Savage Beasts And Men Alike One That Will Require All Of Her Strength To Survive Her Father, Duncan, Must Lead His Men South, To The Great Water City Of Esephus, To Attempt To Free His Fellow Countrymen From The Iron Grip Of Pandesia If He Succeeds, He Will Have To Journey To The Treacherous Lake Of Ire And Then Onto The Icy Peaks Of Kos, Where There Live The Toughest Warriors Of Escalon, Men He Will Need To Recruit If He Has Any Chance Of Taking The Capital Alec Escapes With Marco From The Flames To Find Himself On The Run Through The Wood Of Thorns, Chased By Exotic Beasts It Is A Harrowing Journey Through The Night As He Quests For His Hometown, Hoping To Be Reunited With His Family When He Arrives, He Is Shocked By What He Discovers Merk, Despite His Better Judgment, Turns Back To Help The Girl, And Finds Himself, For The First Time In His Life, Entangled In A Stranger S Affairs He Will Not Forego His Pilgrimage To The Tower Of Ur, Though, And He Finds Himself Anguished As He Realizes The Tower Is Not What He Expects Vesuvius Spurs His Giant As He Leads The Trolls On Their Mission Underground, Attempting To Bypass The Flames, While The Dragon, Theos, Has His Own Special Mission On Escalon With Its Strong Atmosphere And Complex Characters, RISE OF THE VALIANT Is A Sweeping Saga Of Knights And Warriors, Of Kings And Lords, Of Honor And Valor, Of Magic, Destiny, Monsters And Dragons It Is A Story Of Love And Broken Hearts, Of Deception, Ambition And Betrayal It Is Fantasy At Its Finest, Inviting Us Into A World That Will Live With Us Forever, One That Will Appeal To All Ages And Genders THE WEIGHT OF HONOR KINGS AND SORCERERS Book 3 Is Now Published If You Thought That There Was No Reason Left For Living After The End Of The Sorcerer S Ring Series, You Were Wrong Morgan Rice Has Come Up With What Promises To Be Another Brilliant Series, Immersing Us In A Fantasy Of Trolls And Dragons, Of Valor, Honor, Courage, Magic And Faith In Your Destiny Morgan Has Managed Again To Produce A Strong Set Of Characters That Make Us Cheer For Them On Every Page Recommended For The Permanent Library Of All Readers That Love A Well Written Fantasy Books And Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos Regarding Rise Of The Dragons The Novel Succeeds Right From The Start A Superior Fantasy It Begins, As It Should, With One Protagonist S Struggles And Moves Neatly Into A Wider Circle Of Knights, Dragons, Magic And Monsters, And Destiny All The Trappings Of High Fantasy Are Here, From Soldiers And Battles To Confrontations With Self.A Recommended Winner For Any Who Enjoy Epic Fantasy Writing Fueled By Powerful, Believable Young Adult Protagonists Midwest Book Review, D.Rise of the Valiant

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 244 pages
  • Rise of the Valiant
  • Morgan Rice
  • English
  • 13 March 2019

10 thoughts on “Rise of the Valiant

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    That Was Amazing This book definitely deserves a re read I love Kyra She s everything I want to be but can t Alex Strong, brave, fierce.I so want him to meet Kyra They d make such a cute couple Merk Ah, yes The one I initially did not like He definitely came up in my estimation He is worth it in the end.Deirdre I think that is how you spell it She is so, so brave I admire and respect her greatly.These are some of my favorite characters The plot...

  2. says:

    I like her story line and I find the world she creates interesting, but PLEASE get an editor In this book, Rice has two characters speaking one another s dialogue at one point She does a nice job developing some of her characters, but leaves others as cardboard cutouts I know she writes long series, so I think if she would take some time to develop her story elements consistently, it would be a much better book She...

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    After the first book, I can t help but feel a little disappointed For the first time in my life, I stared fear in his face and knew that i would di I mean, felt bored while resting through a book of my own choosing After a while, everything becomes so predictable that I m certain the characters adorn plot armour so thick that I would call a portable bunker, with antiplot missiles All that while I am sitting through mass where the speaker was replaced by most fanatic feminist ...

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    DNF at 53%The first book Rise of the Dragons was okay A lot of grammar errors and repitition, but that couldn t stop me from reading it and wanting to read part 2 But now the hasty writing and weird sentences in Rise of the Valiant are just too distracting for me to read and finish this book Overall I think it s j...

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    This book needs a lot of editing The story is good, but sometimes the poor grammar takes away from the story.

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    continuamos con el segundo libro de la saga.kyra debe continuar su camino a la torre de Ur, donde tiene que aprender a manejar su talento y comprender las misteriosas habilidades que poseen y que s lo stas son las que le permitir n ganar la batalla contra el ej rcito pandessiano, y la sobrevenida del ej rcito de troles comandado por Vesubius Las cosas se complican El destino de los personajes se ir definiendo en estos momentos cruciales para Escalon Personajes secundarios me permiten conectar un poco m s que con la misma kyra, sin ...

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    I am generously giving this series 3 stars because the story itself is good but oh baby jeebus on a stick is it rough to read with its abysmal lack of editing and every character section ending with a CLIFFHANGER I am also getting really tired of the deus ex machina saves.

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    Rise of the Valiant by Morgan RiceSeries Kings and Sorcerers, book 2This book, much like the first one in the series, Rise of the Dragons, had a great storyline that was exciting to follow However, there were a couple of problems that slightly annoyed me.First of all, almost EVERY chapter ends with some version of character knew that this was the last moment before certain death, before going on to the next chapter of a different character s pov And when we get back to the original character s pov, it turns out surprise they don t die Which is good I don t want them to die Now, this would be ok the first 3 times, maybe, with different characters, to build suspense or whatever However, when this happens too often, it s VERY annoying to read I m not saying to kill off the characters please don t but a little variety on cliff hangers and ending chapters would be much appreciated from my side.Also, it bothered me that we don t really see Merk have a connection to the story I mean, we ve seen him for 2 books already, and he doesn t have a distinct connection with all the other characters in the story But I don t know, maybe we ll find out about his connection in the next book.Besides those things, I think this was a good book the story is original enough t...

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    The book Rise of the Valiant is the second book in the Kings and Sorcerers series The easy and light writing style will hook you up from the very first page.In this book we continue to follow our heroine Kyra, a 15 year old girl, who loves to fight like a warrior She goes on a quest towards the Tower of Ur, searching for answers on who she really is, who her mother is, and what is the secret her father is hiding from her Her father is heading to the South trying to liberate Esephus, an important coast city, from the domination of the Pandesian, who invaded their country some years before.Other parallel stories are told Alec is a young boy that volunteers to go in place of his lamed brother in the draft to go to protect The Flames After escaping with his friend Mark, he returns to his city and what he finds there changes his life forever Vesuvius is the leader of the Trolls that wants to invade their land from the north and are blocked by the Flames Will he find an alternate way of reaching Escalon Merk, the mercenary, hired to kill, is seeking to become a Watcher of the Towers, people who guard the Sword of Fire, that keeps The ...

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    Let me start by saying this book desperately needs an editor, and a copy editor The descriptions are insanely repetitive, and there are so many errors that at times it is massively confusing like, the wrong name used, in several places The schizophrenic nature of the chapters is also tough She seems to be trying to mirror George RR Martin s style each chapter in a different POV but the chapters are so short and the book overall is so short that I get whiplash with the transitions, and feel like we re spinning our wheels There s no time spent on any ...

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