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Ebook Young Gotham Sampler Tim Seeley Nature If There S A Comic For Everyone, Then There S A Gotham For Everyone Young Gotham Is The Newest Addition To The Deep Mythology Of The Dark Knight S City, Broadening The Scope Of Titles For Readers Of All Types With Such New Titles As BATGIRL VOL 1 THE BATGIRL OF BURNSIDE, GOTHAM ACADEMY VOL 1 WELCOME TO GOTHAM ACADEMY, And GRAYSON VOL 1 AGENTS OF SPYRAL, Gotham Just Go A Little Bigger.Young Gotham Sampler

Tim Seeley is a comic book artist and writer known for his work on books such as G.I Joe A Real American Hero, The Dark Elf Trilogy, Batman Eternal and Grayson He is also the co creator of the Image Comics titles Hack Slash 1 and Revival, as well as the Dark Horse titles, ExSanguine and Sundowners He lives in Chicago.

[PDF] ↠ Young Gotham Sampler  Author Tim Seeley –
  • Kindle Edition
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  • Young Gotham Sampler
  • Tim Seeley
  • English
  • 09 March 2017

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    I read the paper version, which I got free at a convention, but I m not going to bother adding a different edition here It got lost in the book pile for a while, obviously I read the Grayson story around the end of March and liked it enough to get the full volume 1.The Batgirl of Burnside story was pretty good, putting Barbara right in the thick of a contemporary story The Gotham Academy story was okay Both stories made me feel...

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    This free book, as far as I can tell, contains 3 entire issues each one the first chapter of the first volume of Grayson, Batgirl, and Gotham Academy.They are enough to whet your appetite for each of these series.Grayson is interesting a secret agent is a different kind of story for Dick And it ends on a cliffhanger that makes me want to get the book.I really enjoyed Batgirl She moves just outside Gotham and is going to school I guess this takes place a little earlier in her career It s a little confusing I guess she s younger with the reboot I love the way it shows how her mind works And the working in of social media and dating apps I thought was relevant and well done.This story was pretty self contained But it did set up for a larger story that I would love to read Guess I ll be getting this at some point, too.And Gotham Academy wil...

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    What we have here is a collection of first issues from various comics series all revolving around Gotham characters There are three on hand to sample and see if you like, thus getting you to venture forth and purchase either the old issues on their own or perhaps the collected first volumes of each Here s a breakdown of the three GRAYSON VOL 1 AGENTS OF SPYRAL Dick Grayson, former Robin and former Nightwing, has apparently joined a secret organization known as Spyral Just what they re up to isn t quite clear but his first adventure has him dropping into the kidnapping of a Russian who seems to have some sort of power Unfortunately for Grayson there are two other groups trying to take out the same target, one of which is being led by Midnighter from the Wildstorm series THE AUTHORITY By the end of this issue we get a small glimpse of who is behind Sypral but not quite what they re all about It is enough to whet your whistle though The artwork is well done, the story solid and it might make this one worth looking into.BATGIRL VOL 1 THE BATGIRL OF BURNSIDEA new series involving Batgirl, out on her own, trying to fit in with everyone else and talking non stop No seriously, she talks non stop I had a difficult time even trying to read this one It seemed that word balloons were filling the pages over artwork that for me just wasn t up to the style that I enjoy This is not to say that some won t find this fulfilling and enjoyable but for me it was s...

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    This title collects the first issues in three of DC s relatively new series Grayson 1, Gotham Academy 1 and Batgirl 35 re branded Burnside arc of Batgirl following the departure of writer Gail Simone You can read my full review of Grayson here, and my review of Gotham Academy sometime later today, so this post will cover the new Batgirl.The Batgirl story shows Babs moving to the Gotham equivalent of Brooklyn across the bridge , leaving behind her old roommate Alysia and picking up Frankie, a woman Barbara met while in physical therapy for her spinal injury In Burnside there are trendy coffee shops, parties and lots of cute guys There s also a new villain trying to get personal and embarrassing information to share with the trolls of the web, and his next target is Batgirl.The art style is significantly different than the previous iteration of the title, losing the tight spandex form fitting suit for something functional and hip The new suit actually looks like something somebody would wear, and you can see that it is just a slightly altered jacket and pants ...

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    This was, as previously noted, a sampler of three of DC s new books You get the first issue of each of Grayson, Batgirl and Gotham Academy.Grayson features the next step in the life of Dick Grayson, the original Robin and formerly Nightwing He is now a special agent doing secret spy work for the somewhat mysterious agency known as Spiral There is a great deal of good action, a dose of mystery just what is Spiral and who are they working for good guys that we know they are and excellent art In sum, Grayson is the book that is most familiar to fans of superheroes and is one I ll likely continue to explore.Batgirl is a reboot of the franchise following the departure of Gail Simone Barbara Gordon has moved from Gotham to the hip precinct of Burnside, the Gotham equivalent of Brooklyn filled with all of the hip people and the requisite coffee shops, art galleries, parties and cute guys.There is a new villain and this is one for the information age, as he tries to get personal information to spread around the web, not to mention an over reliance by him on hashtags We see an updated Batgirl costume that is less skintight spandex and college girl trendy but underneath Batgirl is still Barbara, eidetic memory and all This is the probably the slightest of t...

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    This is a sampler of three different series You get the first issue of Grayson, Batgirl, and Gotham Academy.Starting with Grayson, we get the next step in Dick Grayson s life He is presumed dead but is now doing secret agent work for the agency known as Spyral Nice action and just a hint of what is to come Nice artwork.In Batgirl, Barbara Gordon has moved to a suburb of Gotham All the trendy people live there Babe has to try to balance her crime fighting and her normal life Artwork felt cartoonish and better suited to Archie comics.Gotham Academy is a private school funded by Bruce Wayne Olive Silverlock is a second year student who is assigned to show her ex boyfriend s younger sister around Olive has had an unsettling experience over the summer that is just being hinted at so far and what exactly does Bruce Wayne have to do with it Again, some nice artwork.Grayson feels like it will be the most like a normal superhero comic with plenty of action, fighting bad guys, and twists in the story lines Batgirl was a little too trendy for me The so called bad guy keep using hashtag in front of phrases and it seemed everyone was in an alternative lifestyle relationship It just seemed to be trying just a little too hard to show how cool it was Gotham Academy was the standout f...

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    In this sampler, you get a taste of your favorite heroes and new get a peek at three series that you will definitely want to check out I know I do The art is great Don t miss it Disclaimer I received an arc of this book free from the author publisher from Netgalley I was not o...

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