The Greatest: My Own Story

Download The Greatest My Own Story Author Muhammad Ali Keskin Zekal , M Thi G L , Tam Anlam Yla Ba Ms Z, D Nya A R Siklet Boks Ampiyonu Tarihte Hi Bir Boks R D Nyan N Dikkatini Senin Kadar Zerinde Toplamad Daha Nce Boksu Akl Ndan Bile Ge Irmemi Hatta Herhangi Bir Spora Bile Ilgi Duymam Insanlar N Ilgi Oda Oldun Yeni Nesil Muhammed Aliyi 1996 Olimpiyatlar Nda Parkinson Hastal Nedeniyle Elleri Titreyerek Yakt Olimpiyat Me Alesiyle Tan D Oysa 1960larda Ve 1970lerde Ali Rk L K, Politika, Din Ve Boks Arenalar Nda Amerika Ve B T N D Nyada Zihinlere Damgas N Vurmu B Y K Bir Ahsiyettir.En B Y K Muhammet AliBoks Kariyerinde Zirveye T Rmanan Gen Cassius Clay, M Sl Man Olur Ve Muhammet Ali Ad Yla Beyaz Amerikal Lar N Antipatisini Toplar Stelik H Zla Geli En Siyah M Sl Man Amerikal Bilinciyle D Nya A R S Klet Boks Ampiyonu Nvan N N Elinden Al Nmas Ve Hapis Cezas Na Arpt R Lmas Pahas Na Vietnam Sava Na Kat Lmay Reddeder B Ylece Bir Yandan Amerikan N B Y K Bir Kesiminin Nefret Ve D Manl Na Maruz Kal Rken Te Yandan Da Siyasi Arenada Gen Siyah Amerikal Lar Ve Liberaller Aras Nda Bir Kahraman Haline Gelir Her Zaman Do Ru Oldu Una Inand Eyi Yapan Cesur Bir Siyah M Sl Man Boks R N Hikayesini Kendi A Z Ndan Anlatan Tek KitapThe Greatest: My Own Story

Muhammad Ali born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr January 17, 1942 is an American former professional boxer, philanthropist and social activist.

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  • Hardcover
  • 467 pages
  • The Greatest: My Own Story
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Turkish
  • 08 May 2017

10 thoughts on “The Greatest: My Own Story

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    One of the best books I have read on boxing I must admit though it slows down in the middle, understandably as Ali talks about his 3 year hiatus from boxing and gets fairly political which I didn t find enormously interesting as that s been fairly well documented The bits and insights about boxing are incredible It really starts to pick up in the last 7 chapters when Ali talks about his comeback fights against Quarry, Frazier and of course Foreman The rumble in the jungle fight especially is well documented and Ali talks about his training regime and what sets him apart which for any aspiring boxer me was like reading gold and VERY inspirational The best section of the book is a short 2 page letter from former heavy light heavyweight champion of the world Archie Moore for those that don t know of him he WON 185 fights and had 131 knockouts To put that into perspective Ali only won 56 fights and had 37 knockouts Anyway, Archie moore writes Ali a letter Ali was his former student before his fight with foreman basically telling him that he will get killed he s being very serious This from a former trainer to a lesser man would have been devastating to hear but Ali knew that Moore was in the foreman camp so must have ta...

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    There was a time when Muhammad Ali was one of the most recognizable figures on the planet.He may not have been the greatest boxer,he did lose several fights,but he was the best at marketing himself.He began life as Cassius Clay and as an upstart,knocked out Sonny Liston to become the heavy weight champion of the world.He also won an Olympic gold.Refusing to fight in Vietnam,he wasstripped of his title and threw his olympic gold medal in a river.Later,he regained the title and had some memorable fights against Joe Frasier,Ken Norton and George Foreman.He lost it again against Leon Spinks when he was well past his prime.Ali s story is dra...

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    Truly the greatest and definitely the Peoples Champion This is one those books where you get so much that you though I have always heard of Muhammad Ali the great boxer and fighter, but really that is all I really knew about him his classic wars made him legendary, but what really struck me now are his principles Many people call him stubborn and cocky, but this was really honor and confidence If Muhammad Ali got an idea in his had he would do it If he believed something was wrong they was nobody or nothing anyone could do to make him do it the great thing abou him is he did what he though was right and like a leader leading by example people followed him Yes many people did not agree with him and they has their own reason for that but how can anyone not admire a man who sticks to his principle.The book starts out surprisingly with Muhammad Ali being taken back to his dressing room after one of his few defeats His hater are going wild, his fan and the people who love him are in shock The book is not done in chronological order, it tends to shift between time periods of his life depending on the point he is making This book is about Ali s greatest battles outside the ring If you are reading this for Boxing an...

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    I read this book when it first came out and believed every word of it Years later, Ali acknowledged that others dictated some of the stories in it for political and promotional reasons, and that the stories were simply untrue.The book is readable...

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    I very much enjoyed this book Not only did it give me the insights into Ali s thought processes both in and out of the ring, but I was also surprised at the insights offered on the race war It was nice to get a new perspective on the situation in those days and it de...

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    I won this book from Goodreads I loved this book That is not to say that The Greatest is the greatest book but it brought me back to my youth I grew up watching Ali and he was one of the most remarkable figures of our time or any time To relive his life through his eyes was a great read for me.

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    My copy was a gift and was a paperback Given as joke gift in the late 1970 s I won t explain Did I ever read it I can only say maybe but it was on my shelf for a while anyway My 900th book added to the read list Date read is a guess

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    I mourn his death even now

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    I got through 300 pages and decided I just cannot continue I feel guilty for not finishing it, but I just cannot do it Once I got to the transcription of the conversation with Joe Fraizer I had to call it quits, it couldn t hold my interest I have a lot of conflicted feelings about not finishing the book, but it might take me weeks and I would resent reading it His story seems like it is very interesting, although after reading review...

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