How To Pray Effectively

Read How To Pray Effectively Admire Mugwinyi Prayer Is All That We Have To Seek God S Attention, And By It We Have Hope And Purpose Of Life Sometimes Praying To God Seems Like A Huge Mountain To Climb You Don T Know What To Pray For And How To Pray Effectively It Seems As If God Do Not Listen To Your Prayers Or He Is Not There In Heaven You Have No Appetite To Pray And Don T Even See The Purpose To Pray In Moment Like These You Need Someone To Encourage And Strengthen You To Stand Firm In Prayer The Author Of This Book Took A Holistic Approach To The Subject Of Prayer In A Step By Step Process, Using His Personal Experiences, In A Way That Will Leave You Motivated And Energized To Pray.How To Pray Effectively

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the How To Pray Effectively book, this is one of the most wanted Admire Mugwinyi author readers around the world.

➠ How To Pray Effectively  Ebook ➦ Author Admire Mugwinyi –
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  • 37 pages
  • How To Pray Effectively
  • Admire Mugwinyi
  • English
  • 09 July 2018

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    I read this book for the Christian Books Only Review Group here at Goodreads This book is just okay It is of a pamphlet than a full length book The author describes various aspects of prayer in the life of a believer I m guessing the target audience would be a new believer or a seeker However, I wouldn t recommend this book for that audience as some of the terms used are very formal and the language also isn t the easiest to read.The book badly needs editing I don t agree with a lot of the theology expressed in this book especially the section about Speaking in Tongues The author refers to people who don t believe these gifts are for today as if they just don t understand the Scripture as well as he does I am also not a big fan of the Sinner s Prayer at the end of the book as I think it leads to false conversions and false assurance But worryingly in this book, after the Sinner s Prayer the author has written that i...

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    This was an interesting book to read While I don t agree theologically with all of it, namely that speaking in tongues is still for today, I did find it to be a useful study on prayer.It would be a good book for new Christians to go through along with a mentor to he...

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    As a part of the Christian review group on Goodreads, I had the pleasure of reviewing this book Before I continue I want to stress that I do not share some of the theological views of the author such as the Sinner s prayer that ends the book To be fair, I ll split my thoughts into two parts a technical review and a theological one My star rating is based on how well I feel it accomplishes its goals for its target market, and has nothing to do with differences in opinion.I see this book as of an extended pamphlet, presenting a high level overview of the topic of prayer and targeted towards new and potential Christians It is reasonably well written, but containing a few typos and an instance of confusing language The text is centered and a bit off putting That being said, each paragraph presents a complete thought and works for its pamphlet like format, making it an easy read for someone with little knowledge of the bible It nicely connects scripture to ideas, making it an excellent resource for dee...

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    This is a great book for Christians or someone thinking about becoming Christian The author starts by explaining what prayer is and why one would prayer It s basically a collection of essays about prayer Th...

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    Successful Prayer Life a very well written book that can be used as a guide for the beginner Christian, but importantly it should be used as a refresher course for those who ve been brought up as Christians How many of us just go through our daily lives not giving a thought of why and how we pray We just pray because it s become a part of our daily routine I was very concerned and skeptical about the author s intentions when there s a mention praying in a Prayer Room in the first chapter My interpretation was separate room only used for prayer a church, house, meeting place The intent was not about a specific room but it s where we do our praying when we focus on God one on one The further along I read I noticed each statement the author made was backed up with references containing The Holy Bible scriptures Scriptures tell us how and why we should pray The praying in tongues has always fascinated me, and I never quite understood why some people do it and other s don t The scriptures says God chooses the ones who ll speak in tongues, and it s not because others are praying wrong The greatest blessing I received from this book is why God sometimes doesn t answer my prayers There s a chapter dedicated that describes why God didn t answer his own son prayers It wasn t because Jesus, His son was bad, but it was his Father s way of saying son I know what s right for you What you want right now isn t what is best for you I will co...

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    This is a book that is backed up with scripture and I really enjoyed the layout of the book in the way the topics are broken down and the questions that are raised.I would advise taking your time and searching the scriptures along the way Although I wouldn t recommend this for a new Christian, as some top...

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    Successful Prayer Life, written by Amare Mugwinyi, is an inspirational, short book on prayer Just as the Apostles approached Christ asking for him to teach them how to pray Lk 11 1 , we also need to be taught how to pray Amare discusses many of the benefits of prayer such as being connected to God, protection from temptation Matt 26 41 , and building one s faith Jude 1 20 He teaches the importance of a place of prayer, types of prayer, examples of prayer Jesus, Moses, and the Apostles , tongues, and much Here is a sample of the rich content One of the main reasons why we must dwell in a prayer room is so that we may keep our souls connected to God We are like fish and God is the water, a fish that stays outside of the waters will soon die In the same token a believer who stays not connected to God will soon die spiritually Being connected to God on its own has countless advantages, the greatest of them being that we will not miss a message or a voice from God A good illustration is of a person whose cell phone is connected to a network signal, do you think it will it miss any voice calls or messages which comes to it Not at all Unless if it depart from a region covered by that network signal Similarly if we don t stay in prayer we will wander away from God s presence, and as ...

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    Successful Prayer Life is a short book covering different aspects of prayer There were some things that I thought were said and explained very well, but other things I disagreed with for theological reasons But to the credit of the book and the author, reading it did make me want to pray and that is the goal of an...

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    Prayer is all that we have to seek God s attention, and by it we have hope and purpose of life Sometimes praying to God seems like a huge mountain to climb you don t know what to pray for and how to pray effectively It seems as if God do not listen to your prayers or He is not there in heaven You have no appetite to pray and don t even see the purpose to pray In moment like these you need someone to encourage and strengthen ...

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