Demons Mark (Demons Mark, #1-6)

PDF Demons Mark Demons Mark, 1 6 Author Nora Ash He Is Everything She Fears She Is Everything He Needs Book 1 6 Of The Paranormal Romance Series Demon S Mark After 27 Years Of Seeing Demons, Selma Lehmann Thought She Had Learned To Tune Them Out And Pretend Like She Was Perfectly Normal As Long As She Stayed Inside After Dark And Never Looked One Of Them Directly In The Eye, She Thought She Would Be Safe She Was Wrong After A Vicious Attack, Selma Finds Herself Locked In A Psychiatric Facility And At The Mercy Of Her Worst Nightmare A Handsome Psychiatrist With A Devil S Horns And Eyes Like Fire He Will Do Anything To Break Her, Until She Submits Her Body And Soul To Him The Only Person Who Can Save Her From The Ruthless Doctor Is A Demon Lord With A Tortured Past And Darkness In His Heart But His Price For Saving Her Turns Out To Be Far Dearer Than What Selma Ever Suspected In Return For His Protection, He Wants Her Heart Demon S Mark Is A Dark And Very Spicy Paranormal Suspense Romance The Series Contains Mature Content And Is Unsuitable For Readers Under The Age Of 18Demons Mark (Demons Mark, #1-6)

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[ Epub ] ❦ Demons Mark (Demons Mark, #1-6)  Author Nora Ash –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 352 pages
  • Demons Mark (Demons Mark, #1-6)
  • Nora Ash
  • English
  • 27 November 2019

10 thoughts on “Demons Mark (Demons Mark, #1-6)

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    Personally I felt like this book could have been great but fell immensely far from the mark That s not to say it was a horrible read, or even the kind of read I couldn t finish I did finish the entire boxed series The first thing that needs to be noted is how graphic this book is Granted, it s a romance and a steamy one with all that entails This is my preferred genre both as a reader and an author, but this book fell short on several platforms for me First there was the fact that the first major male presence we have is the doctor and not the actual main male protagonist, Kain I think if we knew Kain had been coming by seeing his presence in a flash ahead or simply a scene or two with just him where we got to know him as a harsh tear before we were halfway through the collection and there was very little character build on him that would have been much easier to swallow As it was, the only indication we had that the doctor wasn t going to be our main male squeeze was the fact that it was mentioned in blurb about the book and the fact that the doctor was a reprehensible guy That reprehensible personality was a bit of a strike two for me I m a big believer in ...

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    4.5 STARSHell yeah This is one sexy read What s not to love about this hot, filthy, carnal read Nora Ash knows how to write them and this book was pure sinful pleasure

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    Some graphic momentsWhilst the storyline was good and the characters believable, I have to admit that some of the sex scenes made me very uncomfortable That any demon who touched the mark on the heroine could compel her to take any one into her to relieve her sexual cravings made for some antsy moments It felt that rather than a heroine Selma was a constant victim to be used and abused by the male demons I know its only my opinion but it felt that after everythi...

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    If you like your reads hot horny then this book won t disappoint you in fact there might be the odd oh la la so if you shy against plenty of action this won t be for you What I like is that there is a great paranormal story running throughout and the once meek Selma gr...

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    3 STARS I knew this book is gonna take long to finished Originally, the whole story was divided into 6 parts and somehow still confused me.Part 1 3 Branded, Tricked, Hunted.Selma has been seeing something what normal people would called her insane Like Alice in Wonderland, now Selma is in mental hospital in hope to get better and have a good normal life But her vision couldn t get any worse when Selma saw Dr Hershey with a pair of horns Physically, the doctor himself was handsome like the devil.With Dr Hershey s silver tongue, Selma submit to him in every sexual way He explained her purpose as a Breeder for the demons Whatever Selma have seen in her entire life is true Afraid of her future, Selma decided to trick Dr Hershey to believe she wants him to keep her However, no one can escape from the deal with the devil Within this parts, I found Dr Hershey is really interesting because he introduced us to the demon s world I found their sexual scenes was overwhelming and too much for the first time Dr...

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    I loved this series and have reread it many times When I chose this I was looking for romantic erotica with a HFN HEA, just sexy times with a happy ending I never expected a good story I mean, so much of erotic romance erotica of any genre is unfortunately poorly written, poorly edited if at all , and no good story between sometimes downright gross descriptions of sex man juice, baby batter, other gross names Yech Don t even get me started on the apparently billions of alpha billionare bad boys who repetitively call their women baby and think bdsm submission means only red ribbons around the wrist But I digressThis looked different and oh, it so deliciously was The demon world building and story line meshed so well with the actual erotic sex portion I loved every installment and really wished it were longer It is most def not for those that like love making full of euphemisms If you like it large, rough, hard, with explicit sex, and mildly dub con at times then this is fabulous.I understand the things some readers ...

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    I absolutely loved this series You need to read them as one, because they start where the last finished though.Personally I couldn t put it down and again I found myself reading it front to back without stopping This is my first experience with Demons as the universe, but it was a very positive experience This is not the first book series I read by Nora Ash, and as this was her very first published work, I can honestly say she just ge...

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    Damon s Mark The Complete SeriesSo I read the first book and couldn t find any single books in the series on I was very disappointed I would have given 5 stars except 1 I had to pay for the 6 books in the series and 2 I just happened to run across the series by having trouble finding single books Demon s Marku was fun to read Not my usual selection for stories A little different The series was worth the time and trouble and I...

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    I enjoyed the story despite the explicit and often time outrageous sexual content I found a few editing issues The cliffhanger ending was not to my taste, as I prefer a story to be complete I would be nice to have another...

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    Really great series I really loved this series I think this is one of her best works yet, and honestly wished that the story hadn t ended I would have loved one book in the series to see how it ended and how Selma helped heal Kain and his family I d highly recommend

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