Love Under Three Valentinos (Lusty, Texas, #27)

Ebook Love Under Three Valentinos Lusty, Texas, 27 Author Cara Covington Kat Lawson Can Take Care Of Herself But When She Ends Up In The ER, She Immediately Reaches Out To Paul, Lucas, And Wesley Jessop, Screenwriters With The Moniker The Three Valentinos Kat Knows The Men Aren T Players And They Ve Been Courting Her So She Decides To Indulge In Them.After Being Ambushed And Beaten Up, They Re The Ones She Reaches For She Didn T Know They Were Doms But That Goes A Long Way Toward Explaining Why It Is She Feels Compelled To Lean On Them Because The Other Thing She Learns, Which She S Already Suspected, Is That She S Than A Little Submissive Under The Right Circumstances.The Brothers Jessop Are Determined To Help Their Woman Heal, And They Pull Out All The Stops Even When Part Of That Healing Process Puts Her In The Sights Of Those Who Want To Harm Her.It Just Remains To Be Seen If They Can Find A Balance Between Independence And Partnership.Word Count 71,763Love Under Three Valentinos (Lusty, Texas, #27)

ak.a Morgan Ashbury

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  • Love Under Three Valentinos (Lusty, Texas, #27)
  • Cara Covington
  • 06 August 2019

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    I think what appealed to me about this one was how the guys took their time with Kat It was important as when they met there were misunderstandings I loved when they took Kat to the museum in Lusty, it helped explain things to Kat and for her to get that the boys weren t one upping each other like she thought I was happy that Kat allowed the guys to take care of her when she was hurt, that they were the first ones she called Lusty was definitely the place to take he...

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    DANG Another FAN FREAKING TASTIC book by the talented Morgan Ashbury aka Cara Covington I was already in love with the Lusty men, but I am in love with Lusty men who also happen to be Doms I absolutely loved the fact they took charge in the bedroom with Kat but yet loved the fact that she had such a strong personality She matched the men perfectly both in and out of the bedroom The story flowed together nicely and left me eager for I am looking forward to seeing where else Miss Ash...

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    A bounty hunter comes to the rescue of a family member in your hometown only to realize she is the woman of your dreams you were sure never to see again You would think that is the plot of a movie, but it isn t It is the story of three Jessop screenwriters though.Kat is a bounty hunter who has now become the hunted With the help of the three men she never thought she would ever see again, she finds safety and realizes that you can be a woman who relies on men without being weak.I seriously ...

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    Back to one of my favorite places to visit Cara Covington s Lusty, Texas The twenty fourth installment in this well loved series returns Kat to town and falling in Love Under Three Valentinos Kat is a kick ass bounty hunter who has met the three Jessop brothers in L.A And she is sure she doesn t want what they are selling Until she learns they are not selling anything other than a future together The brothers Jessop are sure that Kat is using them to make it in the world of make believe That is until she finds herself in their hometown on the hunt of a bounty Can they convince her to give them another chance I loved Kat and her men They were so different Who would think someone so physical would be exactly what these writers needed They were able to see beneath the surface to the heart of Kat, when she finally let them in I loved their support of the woman even when she was unsure as to what she wanted They did not allow fear to hamper Kat and refused to let it limit her either They didn t like what Kat did for a living but they were unwilling to clip the wings of the woman she is Ms Covington gave us men who were comfortable with whom they were so they could allow their woman the fly knowing they had her back I loved that about Ms Covington She always gives us strong me...

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    Another great Lusty, TX story Wonderful m nage tale of love with suspense and action on the side Katrina and he guys are sizzling together Lucas , Paul, and Wesley are screenwriters in LA, but are the Jessop triplets from Lusty, TX Kat was the LA bounty hunter in the last book, that almost ended up in jail Now she has apprehended a bad guy in South LA, and his boss is now looking to eliminate her She s beaten, ends up in the hospital, her office and apartment ransacked, and our hunky men take her to their home in LA to protect her But there are far reaching fingers of the mobster and a sniper takes a shot Then this crew of protectors heads to Lusty to keep her safe In the meantime they get to know each other Each man brings something different to the relationship, and Kat is the one for them Seeing the previous book s characters is a great bonus Deep ...

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    I read this book because I have been a huge fan of the Lusty Series and of course of the talented Cara Covington for a long time This being the 25th book in the series I couldn t help myself and I have to say I binged read all of them again I love reading about the Benedict, Kendall, and Jessop families, and would love to live in their world.Kat is a badass chick she is not afraid of much and has a tough exterior Those Valentino boys do have a way of making her forget herself especially when they kiss her.Paul is her rock and she knows he will make everything right, Lucas is her teddy bear who understands her emotional side, and Wesley makes her laugh making sure she realizes life should not be so serious Kat refuses to let go of her independence but after being attacked she finds...

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    Another fantastic book from Cara Covington I loved that character Katrina was a strong woman but she still had a vulnerable side I like books that keep me in suspense, and this story didn t disappoint I couldn t put it down The only comment I have that could be negative would be that a couple of the character s names changed mid book and I was confus...

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    Ok so is it any wonder to anyone that this series is still going 1 new characters that after the first chapter I need to know how their story will end even though I know it ll be a HEA..2 the old characters that I fell in love with in previous stories keep popping up and telling me about what s going on with them3 I can completely forget that these are fictional characters and I m wondering why I don t see their stories on the news.Kat and Paul, Lucas, and Wesley are no differentyeah ...

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    Another great story in the Lusty, Texas series Love Kat, the kickass heroine and how her story is evolving With the help of the three heroes, the three Valentinos she comes to see many things in a new light I am glad that she found them and they are a great match Even after reading so many in the series, I find Ms Covington writing refreshing, but at the same time comforting The same feeling of home, family, belonging and acceptance present in every book in the series is found in this ne...

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    Not up to paraAs much as I ve enjoyed Lusty Texas, this book was a little flat for me I didn t get any chemistry and the BDSM aspect was lame Not one of Cara Covington s best works.

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