river_wolf51 and the_pouty_leprechaun

Ebook River_wolf51 And The_pouty_leprechaun Author Anya Byrne Capitalsoftworks.co.uk A Matchmaking Community For Werewolves Ridiculous Or At Least, That Is What Alpha Ford Knight Believes When His Mischievous Brother Comes Up With The Idea Of Mate Meet Online Sadly Incapable Of Saying No To Said Sibling, He Still Ends Up Making A Profile, Even If He Knows His Chances For Finding His Other Half Are Very Slim Indeed.Fast Forward One Year And MMO Has Become One Of The Most Popular Social Networking Websites In Existence Disgruntled Human Florist Rainbow Rose Wants Nothing To Do With It Who Needs That Nonsense Anyway But His Best Friend Emmie Is Of A Different Mind.The End Result Is The Unlikeliest Meeting Possible, And The Story Of River_wolf51 And The_pouty_leprechaun.river_wolf51 and the_pouty_leprechaun

Anya Byrne is first and foremost a longtime fan of erotic romance Starting to write her own stories was a natural progression of her devotion for the genre Years after she put pen to paper in that very first book, she is just as enthusiastic and let s face it, somewhat obsessive about erotic romance and all that it entails She is steadfast in the belief that there s nothing quite as hot as an a

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  • ebook
  • 67 pages
  • river_wolf51 and the_pouty_leprechaun
  • Anya Byrne
  • English
  • 07 April 2019
  • 9781311367440

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    For entire series These are the first three books in an adorably sweet little shifter series about wolves who join an online dating service that promises to find them their fated mates using a scientifically proven method In all three instances there is the obvious doubting of the system and the amazement that it works, but they are all three super cute with zippy dialo...

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    Not sure why this is the first or even a prequel The confusion over smelling mate but not touching mate on the first date was a nice start Emmie comes across as super flighty so for him to pick up what was going on so fast surprised me While Rainbow and Ford get an almost instant connection, they take it slow How these two reconcile the traveling distance between them isn t a surprise but how fast the decision is made and by who with no conflict ...

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    Cute, fluffy little story Although a paranormal story with an online matchmaking angle did not really seem unique, the author still managed to make it pretty fresh with her writing MCs were serviceable to the story, and pre...

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    3,5 starsI really had fun reading this short story

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