Swallowing Mayhem (Outlaw MC Book 5)

EPUB Swallowing Mayhem Outlaw MC Book 5 Author James Cox Oknalubliniec.eu What If Bad Guys Ruled The World And The Good Guys Were The Outlaws This Time The MCs Are Taking The War To The Surface Of Mars No Shadows No Hiding The Old Laws Homosexuality Is A Death Sentence, Women Are For Breeding, And Dark Skinned Men Are Slaves Are Going To Be Broken But The Outlaw MC Has A Rat Among Them Torrin Is A Prospect He Didn T Have A Big Problem With The Way Mars Worked But That S Because He S Not Just A Prospective Member Torrin Is Also An Undercover Peacekeeper His Beliefs Are Thrown Upside Down Because Of One Man, Mayhem The Sergeant At Arms And Explosive Expert Managed To Break Torrin Now, This Formerly Straight Peacekeeper Has To Deal With The Attraction Sizzling Between Them And Tell The Club About His Lies The Truth Can Hurt But For Torrin It May Just Get Him Killed And While Torrin Sorts Out His New Feelings For Loving Another Man, The Club Plans To Take This War To The Next Step Cup Your Junk, Things Are About To Get Explosive.Swallowing Mayhem (Outlaw MC Book 5)

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 88 pages
  • Swallowing Mayhem (Outlaw MC Book 5)
  • James Cox
  • English
  • 22 April 2018

10 thoughts on “Swallowing Mayhem (Outlaw MC Book 5)

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    Pay attention to that title More literal words were never spoken.This series is so great It s fast paced and the characters are memorable Usually by book 5 in a series I ve started forgetting the specifics of past MC s, but not in this one Their uniqueness in personalities and kinks has them branded in my feverish little brain.There s a rat in the clubhouse and while it s no mystery who it is from the beginning or the blurb , being inside his head was pretty stressful and his struggle to come to terms with his perceptions of right and wrong was interesting to read I liked how James brought in the perspective of the soldiers on the other side Not everyone was born an outlaw, some have to be taught and Torrin was a great example It felt like Torrin s character opened the door to the possibility of the MC s winning the war against Wexmen and converting those on the other side who just plain don t know anything other than what they d grown up with I would have loved to have read conversation between Torrin and Mayhem Not that anything was left unanswered, I just love reading about when a character has a life changing epiphany.Mayhem has been a gruff man of few words throughout the series and he stays true to his character that we ve come to know in preceding books Even when he and Torrin have their moments he s still rough than sweet, but that makes all the little sweet bits and grins that come through that much better Torrin accepts his unexpected attraction to another man p...

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    He d probably kick my ass later or maybe spank it Oh, I wanted to try that. clears throat I want you to try that too Mayhem and Torrin are so hot together Thank God when Mayhem found out the tr...

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    This book moves forward quickly, lots of change for the MC s on Mars.The men enjoy sex in front of each other and there s a threesome I m not having sex in front of all these guys Yeah, you are and you re going to fucking like it And yes there is a super sexy blowjob for Mayhem view spoiler Yeah, it was Mayhem calling me He grinned up Your time s up Come down and suck my dick Torrin learns how to suck Mayhem s cock The trick to deep throating, Prospect said as he kissed the tip of Mayhem s shaft Is lots and lots of practice He opened his mouth wide, took a deep breath, and went down on my man.I bit my lip and nodded Fuck it This was a new world, a new me I was going for it I leaned down as Mayhem took a sharp breath Then I took his saliva wet tip in my mouth I sucked as Prospect moved closer and started tonguing Mayhem s balls The big man groaned so loudly that for a moment I couldn t hear the music It was still going, almost softly in the background I licked his piss slit and then worked a few inches into my mouth Mayhem placed his hand on my head He was petting me I wasn t too sure if I should be offended or please at that I went with pleased and pulled back I swiped at his tip with my tongue and then went down again, this time taking some into my ...

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    Well we ve arrived at book 5 of this sexy MC series and its Mark s turn to get his story Mark AKA Mayhem and boy oh boy, does he live up to his name is Sergeant in Arms of The Outlaw MC of Mars, he s big, tough and loves his cigars The fight for freedom and bringing down Wexmen is truly on Life of punishment, chains and segregation is no longer going to be tolerated the MC is going to liberate Mars Of course, it s not that simple and there is the little matter of a rat within the MC fold Torrin is a spy sent in to infiltrate the MC by the Peacekeepers His loyalty to the Peacekeepers is being stretched to breaking point he realises that the MC are not the bad guys, what they are doing actually makes sense and then there is the little added problem of Mayhem not that he is little in anyway and his feelings for him he s straight, dick doesn t interest him I loved the way the a...

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    When Mayhem is a big hulk who can tear a person s head off, swallowing him may be easier said than done This is the fifth book in Outlaw MC series Full disclosure, I didn t read the first 4 books The book can be read as a standalone because Mr Cox does a good job of recapping the situation and building on the relationship between Mayhem and Torrin.In this world, the underdogs are the good guys in a dystopian world where the worst of humanity comes to fruition Women are used for breeding and men of colour are slaves This story could have gone in a dark way with heavy emphasis on the sexual abuse and violations of the oppressed Instead, Mr Cox focuses on the rebel forces working to overthrow the evil tyrant This story is short and sweet It s action packed filled with testosterone The men in here are fighting for their lives The characters are memorable only by their call signs Their personalities are or less the same Neither Mayhem nor Torrin did much for me Mayhem tends to be a man with few words as he grunts out his answers Torrin is a boy going through a painful epiphany The lack of character engagement for me is fine because I m interested in t...

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    The war beginsWow, what a read I have found my favorite book in this awesome series, for sure Torrin is a peacekeeper being undercover for the peacekeepers But living with the Outlaw MC he is shown what life really means in this times How the government treats innocent people and declares women have no rights and black people haven t any worth but being slaves, keeps him struggling and Falling for one of the meanest and biggest bada es within the MC isn t helping him either Instead he learns there is in this cruel world and that someone has to try to change the world for the better Being and falling for Mayhem, who tried to avoid being in a relationship so far until he laid eyes on handsome Torrin, surprises him, too He wants to be better, if not for himself alone, but for Mayhem and the new home the Outlaw MC has become for him But will they still trust him and keep him alive To see the whole war between the government and the MC s through the eyes of a peacekeeper is awesome While having nearly always the side of a rebel and fighter against the government we now have a wholy new point of view with cute Torrin And I loved it To see him struggle and tr...

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    Ok so with each of these books I fall in love with one of the characters but in this book I am in love with the couple that is Mayhem and Torrin Torrin is undercover for the peacekeepers trying to get dirt on the MC to bring them down and get them all death sentences What he doesn t expect to happen is to start to understand that the Outlaw MC are the good guys and the peacekeepers are the bad guys Mayhem is tall, dark, and dangerous Loves to blow things up and is loyal to a fault Never planned to fall for anyone until he sees the prospect Torrin How can he be smitten now Love cannot be denied when the time and chemistry is right And in true James Cox fashion, the sex is amazing All Hell breaks loose when the club finds out Torrin is the rat Can Mayhem convince them he has changed his loyalties The war is starting and sides are being taken The bond between Mayhem and Torrin will carry the...

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    He s done it again James Cox has given us another awesome look into the world of Mars and the rebellion But you know what the awesome part was This story is told, not by a MC member, but by the rat So different, so cool and totally unexpected.Ok, to the reviewWe all know from reading the previous installments that Mayhem is the baddest member of the Outlaw MC I mean, he doesn t smile unless blowing things up or being pleasured, so surprise surprise finding that he s smitten with someone And the rat at that The rat, a.k.a Torrin, tells an awesome story Not only of how he became undercover for the peacekeepers, but where he came from, how he s learning who the real bad guys are and how Mayhem has changed him I really enjoyed reading this from Torrin s POV because you got to see from the outside in, so to speak.Now that I ve come this far with this read, there s no turning back now I need Especially now that it s all out WAR I was given a copy of this book as a gift from...

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    Another good book in this series.Love Mayhem and Torrin, nice combination.

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    The premise for this fifth volume is very interesting we get to hear from the rat , the guy who betrayed the Outlaw MC s plans to the peacekeepers At first I was shocked to hear from Torrin, but I very quickly began to understand that he isn t just a peacekeeper gone undercover, he is a man who has always had his doubts about some of the Mars government s policies like keeping black men as slaves With the increased exposure to the MS s members, Torrin begins to doubt the official party line and .But the one thing that shocks him most is his attraction to Mayhem He has heard that being gay is bad all his life, yet he is developing feelings for a man.Discovery is unavoidable, Torrin almost gets killed several times, but he is determined to earn the MC s trust And with the action heating up the way it does he has several excellent opportunities to prove what kind of man he is.It feels like something is finally happening in this book The various MCs are working together and are doing than blowing up a building here or there Maybe that was all necessary for prep, but it wasn t rally getting them anywhere in overturning the government...

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