The Wave

PDF Epub The Wave By J.G Sandom When Cryptanalyst John Decker Of The FBI Is Assigned To The Joint Terrorist Task Force In New York, He Has No Idea He Is About To Be Thrust Into A Deadly Plot Of Eco Terrorism Masterminded By Jihadist El Aqrab, The Scorpion, Recently Arrested After Slaughtering A Family In Tel Aviv Following The Theft Of 8 Kilos Of Highly Enriched Uranium, An Ultimatum Is Issued To The West Release El Aqrab Or A Nuclear Bomb Will Be Detonated But, At The Last Moment, El Aqrab Escapes And The Authorities Never Get The Bomb Now, Only Agent Decker, Assisted By Brilliant And Beautiful Oceanographer Emily Swenson, Can Solve The Mystery Of The Bomb S Destination La Palma, In The Canary Island Chain Decker S Convinced That El Aqrab S Real Plan Is To Blow Up The Cumbre Vieja Volcano In Order To Set Off A Mega Tsunami Decker And Swenson Only Have Six Hours To Stop El Aqrab, Defuse The Bomb, And Prevent An Eighteen Storey Wave From Annihilating The Eastern Seaboard.The Wave

J G Sandom, often referred to as the Father of Interactive Internet Advertising, co founded the world s first interactive advertising agency, Einstein and Sandom Interactive EASI , in 1984, before launching an award winning writing career He is the author of nine works of fiction, including THE GOD MACHINE GOSPEL TRUTHS THE WALL STREET MURDER CLUB THE WAVE A JOHN DECKER THRILLER KISS

[Ebook] ↠ The Wave Author J.G. Sandom –
  • Paperback
  • 319 pages
  • The Wave
  • J.G. Sandom
  • English
  • 10 July 2018
  • 9781430327141

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  1. says:

    The Wave by J.G Sandom is a relentless and breathless thriller about FBI code breaker John Decker trying to prevent a Jihadist eco terrorist named El Aqrab from setting off a mega tsunami aimed at destroying the Eastern Seaboard Couldn t be timely given what s been happening in Japan Except this book deals with a mega tsunami, than ten times taller and powerful than the tsunamis we ve been watching on the news from T hoku, Japan Incredible Great charac...

  2. says:

    A fast paced thriller.This fast paced thriller is extremely topical, with its backdrop of eco terrorism and tsunamis potentially caused by a nuclear explosion I agree with some of the other reviews saying that this story seems to be very cinematic, and would make one heck of a movie, a great adventure that would keep any audience poised on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what happens next.At the same time, the author does no...

  3. says:

    From the moment I joined this exciting adventure I was swept away by the fast moving power of the tsunami It drew me in and brought me from the cosmopolitan glamour that is the heart beat of NYC, to the forgotten out posts that are the dwelling places of those left to survive at fringes of society I learned many, much needed le...

  4. says:

    Wow What an intense bookthere is so much information and yet the characters are so developed they almost seem like real people The author did a great job researching and incorporating events into the story while keeping it alive and fast pace I especially liked the main characters John Decker was exceptional as a good lead character...

  5. says:

    This non stop thriller centers on terrorism, a real life concern in today s world But the story is told unlike any other I have ever read It is a strange, creative, and definitely entertaining book The author demonstrates his knowledge and experience in many facets throughout the book While it is fiction, I learned a few things There are some scientific details which makes The Wave a combination of plausible events and fantastic surre...

  6. says:

    I bought The Wave because I am a huge fan of action packed spy thrillers This is the first time that I have read Sandom s work, and I was impressed The plot is exciting, intriguing, mysterious and dangerous I loved this book, it is a real page turner The Wave is a roller coaster ride of twists and turns, through Bermuda, Cairo, Beersheba, Damscus, Ka...

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    The Wave is a thrilling tale of several lives converging under a terrorist plot I found the book to be highly entertaining, I could not put it down The characters are relatable and complex and I found myself thinking of them even after I had finished the book The plot drives the reader through the novel at a fast pace There is tons of scientific detail woven into the plot which creates an eerie sense of reality I often times found myself thinking, This sounds like what...

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    The Wave is a great adventure thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat A bit segmented in the beginning, but the plot quickly comes together and thickens keeping you wanting to know and Very realistic and well researched details make you feel as if you are in the story seeing and exper...

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    Whew After finishing this book, I felt as though I d run a race Once again, JG Sandom has taken us on a thrilling ride across the globe Filled with suspense and character that you can really believe in this one will keep yo...

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    The wave is an action packed thriller that will have your attention from the first page I typically wouldn t buy this type of book and I finished it in two days The plot is great it takes you on a journey of crime, romance and murder it s an easy read that anyone will enjoy Get it now

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