What Will People Say?

EPUB What Will People Say Author Rehana Rossouw Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us Rehana Rossouw S Unique Voice Gives Life And Drama To This Family Saga Hanover Park The Heart Of The Cape Flats It Is 1986 Michael Jackson And Brenda Fassie Rule Every Hi Fi Princess Di And George Michael Hairstyles Are All The Rage There Are Plans To Commemorate The Tenth Anniversary Of The 1976 Student Uprising.Neville And Magda Fourie Live In Magnolia Court With Their Three Children They Are Trying To Raise Them Decent In A Township Festering With Gang Wars And Barricaded With Burning Tyres Suzette, The Eldest, Is Beautiful And Determined To Escape Her Family S Poverty Nicky, The Sensitive Middle Child, Has Ambitions To Use Her Intellect As A Way Out Anthony, The Only Son, Attracted By Power And Wealth, Is Lured Away From His Family By A Gangster In What Will People Say A Rich Variety Of Township Characters The Preachers, The Teachers, The Gangsters And The Defeated Come To Life In Vivid Language As They Eke Out Their Lives In The Shadows Of Grey Concrete Blocks Of Flats.Which Members Of The Fourie Family Will Thrive, Which Ones Will Not Survive Generously Spiced With Cape Flats Slang Lots Of Vivid And Gritty Description That Give An Authentic Feel To The Story Plenty Of Plot The Writer Draws Us In And Makes Us Curious About What Will Happen Next And Very Human Characters We Come To Care About.What Will People Say?

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 320 pages
  • What Will People Say?
  • Rehana Rossouw
  • English
  • 03 April 2017

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    Rehana Rossouw truly deserved her NIHSSAwards2017 fiction category.For the first time in my reading life I got to hear, see, taste, smell another perspective of the Coloured story Something real, not a parody of lives of people we ve always tucked away into minute stereotypical b...

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    I finished this book on the last day of 2016, and couldn t bring myself to start another book for the next couple of days Rehana s novel cloaks its tragedy with humour and vivid patois I so much loved its use of Cape Flats dialect, its often vulgar humour, and its portrait of parents desperately trying to bring up their children decently But this is Hanover Park in 1986 There is little decency to be found with residents caught between gangsterism and the apartheid security structures.Neville and Magda fight often, but they both have their family s best interests at heart While Magda, the manager at a clothing factory, is committed to her church as a way to keep her children out of mischief, Neville, a messenger for a law firm, joins the neighbourhood watch to ensure their safety after dark Suzette, beautiful and boy mad, is 18 and determined to make a life for herself outside of her mother s strictures Nicky, at 16, is only interested in her schoolwork until she is forced into political awareness in support of her friends And A...

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    I enjoyed this book, it was an interesting read, well paced, good characters, and rather sad I m not sure how an international audience would handle the colloquialisms without a glossary but fortunately I m local.

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    My interview with the author Her childhood was ending and it was time to learn to be a woman The lessons started with Mummy teaching her to iron shirts He still wasn t sure what they could do against gangsters, the cockroaches that crawled out of the walls after the kitchen lights went off The watch members torches cast a light on their activities, but it was dim He understood now why people got gerook It made a boring life seem interesting for a while The struggle were like converted people who went around asking everybody if they had accepted the Lord into their hearts Only they said Lenin Making love was the word in Mills Boon romances, always at the end of the book Fucking sounded better The problem isn t parents , it s the system The system created these ghettos, gave people kak housing and no hope Then worst of all, they turned a blind eye to the crime that resulted People got a democratic right to fuck up their...

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    I enjoyed reading the book When I got it, I sighed because of the size, but when I got into it, I took it down in a day and a busy day, in which I had a lot to do It s a bitter sweet book and that s the reason why I couldn t put it down.The book is set in the mid 1980s in Cape Flat, an area facing political difficulties, and the story centres on the members of a family, the Fourie family and its personal struggles.The parents Neville and Magda seemed to be a happy couple but start arguing a lot Things changed because of the new church Madga has joined that forbids a lot of things She wants her husband to be active, but he isn t getting any of that In fact they had a funny argument where she asked What are you a man or a mouse and he answers by saying I must be a man ...

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    This story of the Fourie family, living in the Hanover Park in Cape Town, is devastating, gritty and authentic It s peppered with Cape Flats slang, which I really enjoyed I don t often read books that really capture a segment of the South African population, and Rossouw does it beautifully.The events that unravel the Fourie s family life are horribly sad Unfortunately, this is the reality facing so many families in South Africa even today, even though What Will People Say is set in the late 80s Rossouw touches on the District 6 removals as being the root cause of much of the violence I do wish this had been explored in a bit detail but also understand that it wasn t the main premise of the story.The events that unfold made me feel uneasy It was almost like watching a car accident unfold you re horrified but cannot look away Unfortunately, however, I found the ending abrupt and unsatisfying The characters that I considered to be the main char...

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    Another excellent book by Rehana Rossouw In many ways a standard family drama about parenting and kids dealing with their lives as they grow through adolescence It just happens to be set in the Cape Flats towards the end of apartheid It deals with gangs, the political struggles, wanting a better life, tragedy, drama and hope.It s told in the th...

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    Glad I read this was very doubtful that I would persevere as the first few chapters are filled with foul words only South Africans would understand most of it , but the story became very gripping as it described a Hanov...

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    Awesome writing and a fantastic novel but it is than a novel because it is real life experiences if you come from the Cape Flats If you from the Cape Flats you can really relate to what this family went through as the book subscribed.

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    A very compelling story A typical family setting with myriad of lessons to learn.

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