You Never Heard of Casey Stengel?!

You Never Heard Of Casey Stengel PDF Epub Author Jonah Winter Legendary Baseball Manager Casey Stengel Worked With Such Greats As Joe DiMaggio And Mickey Mantle He Led The New York Yankees To A Record Breaking TEN Pennants And SEVEN World Series In Twelve Years He Invented Platooning, A Way To Use Players That Revolutionized The Game He Was A Prankster Who Became Famous For Sayings Like Everybody Line Up Alphabetically According To Your Height The Brains Behind Any Baseball Team Is Its Manager And Here S A Picture Book Biography About The Best, Most Beloved And Entertaining Manager In History A First Rate Picture Book For Baseball Fans Booklist, StarredYou Never Heard of Casey Stengel?!

Jonah Winter is the celebrated author of many picture book biographies, including Barack, which was a New York Times bestseller His books include Here Comes the Garbage Barge, Sonia Sotomayor, Roberto Clemente, and A poet and a painter, Mr Winter divides his time between Santa Fe and a small town in Pennsylvania.

[Reading] ➯ You Never Heard of Casey Stengel?!  ➷ Jonah Winter –
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • You Never Heard of Casey Stengel?!
  • Jonah Winter
  • 15 September 2019
  • 9780375870132

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    Great biography of Casey Stengelone of the most interesting figures in the annals of sports history Great lesson for children on how failure can lead to success if you just keep trying The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate me away from those who are still undecided.

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    You Never Heard of Casey Stengel is another picture book in Jonah Winter s series that revisits earlier baseball eras and makes the players and managers accessible to today s young readers Casey Stengel was, at first, a player with limited skills As Stengel himself said, I was not successful as a ballplayer, as it was a game of skill Stengel then built a knowled...

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    What a fabulously entertaining narrative story Jonah Winter s voice makes the book a pleasure to read from start to finish

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    I enjoyed the previous two You Never Heard Of titles focusing on baseball greats Sandy Koufax and Willie Mays, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the author focusing on someone now known for his baseball talents as much as his baseball management skills Casey Stengel, who led the New York Yankees to seven World Series crowns, was, to say the least, a controversial figure during this time Born and reared in Kansas City, Missouri, Casey had enough baseball skills to play in the majors, but only enough to keep him playing for 14 years In fact, as the author explains, his feats on the field were often eclipsed by his antics When he turns to managing a team and lands in New York, many experts are shocked by management s decision to hire someone considered a joke As it turns out, perhaps Casey was crazy like a fox, and he tried strategies that others might have doubted For him, they turned out to be the right decisions The author captures the flavor of the times the 1940s and 1950s perfectly while also offering a few of the odd phrasings for which Stengel is famous Ultimately, he provides a great example of someone who defied his naysayers and did things his own way Young readers may want to consider how some of his silliness caused others to doubt him, but it also played to his advantage at other times The lively text, written with a full appreciation of this eccentric man who was either very, very lucky to be in the ri...

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    The true story of Casey Stengel shows a man who never gives up on what he loves When horses were still used for travel, the dreams of becoming a baseball player was in the minds of every boy, including Casey He gets his first opportunity on a minor league team After a couple years on this awful team, he starts jumping around my team to team, winning here and there, his career game to a halt Once his playing days were over, he became a manager for many different teams that didn t have much of a chance of winning Then, his chance emerges, to be the manager for the New York Yankees, the best team in baseball Fans around the world were shocked, putting no faith in Casey Just when everyone thought there was no way he could win, he led the Yankees to a World Series Championship, which then lead to five in a row A record that still stands in Major League Baseball today This book can be a great lesson for teachers at the lower grade levels that are working on vocabulary The teacher can have a class read aloud, due to the large amount of text in this book Throughout the book, it uses lots of baseball terminology that many students probably don t know, even at a higher grade level At the end of the boo...

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    You Never Heard of Casey Stengel written by Jonah Winter and illustrated by Barry Blitt, I believe could be the next Caldecott winner The illustrations are wonderfully done, the water colors are subtle making it look rather cartoon like This cartoon like feel also translates to the words written by Jonah This light hearted novel tells the story of Casey Stengel and his work as a baseball manager for the New York Yankees These cartoon like baseball characters are funny However, the picture of the most honored baseball player in history Babe Ruth is easily identified The pictures while being humorous are still realistic The pictures also allow the reader to laugh and enjoy the book The one page depicts Casey using the players as puppets This shows that he was in control of everything that happened on the field He was the grand puppet master telling his players what to do The end of the book shows the many rings in which Casey had won with his team Barry had made his hand with 7 fingers to show how many time he had won the World Series The hand looks abnormally large and shows the impressive feet that Cas...

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    In this lengthy picture book, the life and times of the inimitable Stengel is given complete coverage From his less than stellar playing days to the controversies of his coaching career, Stengel s various eccentricities are covered with affection and humor I hadn t known anything about this legendary coach, and was vastly amused by how outspoken and outrageous he was Sometimes this worked for him, but other times it didn t, and the reader is given enough information to draw personal conclusions about whether or not Stengel was successful at what he set out to do The pictures are rendered in an exuberant line drawing style with liberal use of blue and red gives this a feeling of being out on the baseball field in the bright sunshine Readers will laugh at scenes with Casey in his boxers, and wonder how someone who seemingly should have had so little success was able to become the center of the baseball...

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    Picture book biography about the colorful NY Yankees manager during their dominant 1950 s era I knew nothing about him so I learned a lot, such as he spoke in colorful funny quips called Stengelese The team has come along slow but fast , was a prankster during his years as a ballplayer, and did absentminded things like walk onto the field without pants while managing the Toledo Mudhens, whom I always think of as C...

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    A biography of the clownish Yankee baseball manager, complete with some of his nonsensical quotes He and Yogi Berra together must have been something to witness I m a fan of these You Never Heard of baseball biographies by Winter and I like that each is illustrated by a different artist They have all been perfect for the subject, and Barry Blitt s portray of Casey here is excellent They don t make em like Casey Stengel any Also, this is a fine tr...

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    This is a great non fiction book for baseball lovers It tells the story of Casey Stengel, a goofy unsuccessful MLB player who actually becomes an extremely successful manager for the New York Yankees from 1949 1960 The writing style is fun with strong vocabulary t...

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