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EPUB Allt Jag Inte Minns Author Jonas Hassen Khemiri One Of Sweden S Most Celebrated Young Writers And Activists Spins An Exhilarating, Innovative, And Gripping Murder Mystery Reminiscent Of The Hit Podcast Serial.A Young Man Named Samuel Dies In A Horrible Car Crash Was It An Accident Or Was It Suicide To Answer That Question, An Unnamed Writer With An Agenda Of His Own Sets Out To Map Samuel S Last Day Alive Through Conversations With Friends, Relatives, And Neighbors, A Portrait Of Samuel Emerges The Loving Grandchild, The Reluctant Bureaucrat, The Loyal Friend, The Contrived Poseur The Young Man Who Did Everything For His Girlfriend Laide And Shared Everything With His Best Friend Vandad Until He Lost Touch With Them Both.By Piecing Together An Exhilarating Narrative Puzzle, We Follow Samuel From The First Day He Encounters The Towering Vandad To When They Become Roommates We Meet Panther, Samuel S Self Involved Childhood Friend Whose Move To Berlin Indirectly Cues The Beginning Of Samuel S Search For The Meaning Of Love Which In Turn Leads Samuel To Laide Soon, Samuel S Relationship With Laide Leads To A Chasm In His Friendship With Vandad, And It Isn T Long Before The Lines Between Loyalty And Betrayal, Protection, And Peril Get Blurred Irrevocably Everything I Don T Remember Is A Gripping Tale About Love And Memory But It Is Also A Story About A Writer Who, By Filling Out The Contours Of Samuel S Story, Is Actually Trying To Grasp A Truth About Himself In The End, What Remains Of All Our Fleeting Memories And What Is Hidden Behind Everything We Don T Remember Told With Khemiri S Characteristic Stylistic Ingenuity, This Is An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride Of A Book That Challenges Us To See Ourselves And Our Relationships To The Closest People In Our Lives In New And Sometimes Shocking Ways.Allt jag inte minns

Jonas Hassen Khemiri, born in 1978, has a Tunisian father and a Swedish mother He grew up in Stockholm, has studied economics in Paris and been an intern at the UN in New York He made a celebrated debut in 2003 with Ett ga r tt One Eye Red, which has sold over 200,000 copies in Sweden and became the best selling paperback of any category in 2004 For Ett ga r tt One Eye Red Jonas Hassen Khemir

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  • Allt jag inte minns
  • Jonas Hassen Khemiri
  • English
  • 20 October 2017

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    The main character, Samuel, has Swedish mother and a North African father We know in the first few pages that Samuel will die in a car accident that could be an accident or a suicide His best friend, a huge hulky guy, tells the story because he decides to interview family and friends and write a book about his dead friend The dead man s mother will only communicate with the would be author by email but he interviews everyone else Samuel feels that he has memory problems thus the book title , aggravated by his doting on his grandmother who lapses in and out of Alzheimer s Sometimes she s completely lucid, at other times, she doesn t know who people are So he deliberately collects things for his Experience Bank But his good friend thinks There was something desperate about the whole thing Samuel actively tried to seek out new experiences, but he was completely incapable of enjoying anything The he talked about depositing things in his Experience Bank, the emptier he seemed I remember feeling sorry for him He seemed lonely Samuel does eventually fall in love with a somewhat older woman but she s exactly the wrong type for him She is so insecure that every text from him saying I love you she interprets as meaning he is cheating on her She wond...

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    I ve had great experiences with authors from I thought I d try again Everything I Don t Remember is the Winner of the August Prize, Sweden s most prestigious Literary Honor.The writing took some getting use to The first 4 or 5 pages are interesting and confusing interesting sentences, but no context understanding.Then it clicks Samuel is already dead at the beginning of the novel Those first few puzzling pages, are part of the puzzle excerpts from a variety of people trying to determine if Samuel s car crash was an accident or suicide For a long time we don t know who is who is speaking but after a while the characters come into focus The storytelling is not linear it jumps backwards and forward Different witnesses, Samuel s girlfriend, best friend, neighbors, relatives, a bureaucrat, etc , share conflicting statements about Samuel As we learn about Samuel s relationships, we feel the sadness for all that is broken and things that have gone wrong ultimately making us aware ...

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    So this is how I will remember this Sunday in May I woke up and had coffee and planned to spend the day with Faulkner, as it was raining and cold and generally dark and frustrating outside I took a walk to a nearby school to vote in the EU elections one has to do the civic duty even if it means getting soaking wet , and on the way home, I stopped at a supermarket and bought some cinnamon buns for the family and a newspaper for myself So far, so good Home again, with coffee and cinnamon buns, I was still intent on reading Faulkner when I saw an article by Jonas Hassen Khemiri in the newspaper a funny but oh, so sad guideline for how to cope with the first week after the EU election results are out On the positive side, according to Khemiri, I will remember tomorrow morning the nationalists didn t get 100% of the votes That surely is a reasonably realistic, not over optimistic prophesy On the negative side, we have to face, day by day, week by week, that 20% of the people we meet are hostile to all liberal achievements, says Khemiri, and I think Be quiet, please Please, please, please, don t write what I feel and think I can ...

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    This book did some really interesting stuff with narrative structure and time and memory It wasn t the sort of trippy, confusing, suspense building storytelling I was expecting Instead, it basically tells you everything clearly, it s just a matter of deciphering what s fact and what s fiction And that made for a really addictive and enjoyable reading experience However, I didn t really care for the characters There were some parts of the characters that I didn t like And it ...

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    Marketed as comparable to Serial, this Swedish novel examines the death of a young man named Samuel who was killed in a car crash It s not clear whether his death was an accident or suicide, and an unnamed writer intrigued by the story decides to interview people who knew Samuel to help shed light on if and why he might have wanted to end his own life The impressively structured book is set up almost as transcripts of interactions between the writer and his interview subjects, with each section alternating between two different points of view It ostensibly follows many people in Samuel s life, but it focuses primarily on Vandad self described as Samuel s best friend and Laide the woman Samuel was in love with Khemiri does little to help his reader keep track of who s speaking he doesn t provide introductions to any of these characters and they re often responding to questions from the writer that we aren t privy to and yet it s remarkably easy to follow The title of the book comes from two places one is that Samuel struggles with his long term memory and is afraid that he was develop the same dementia as his grandmother The other is that no one telling Samuel s story seems to have the same memory of various events Everything is filtered through their own lenses Was Laide a jeal...

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    Allt jag inte minns uppfyller de h gsta krav som jag har p en bok Den r v lskriven och samtidigt talar till mitt hj rta Men jag lskar detta i den grad att jag misst nker att den inte s nder ut signaler bara till hj rtat, utan ven till mina celler eller till och med till mitokondrier och DNA.Romanen har ett ovanligt ber ttargrepp med flera personer, flera jag som minns Samuel som har d tt i en trafikolycka De talar utif n sitt perspektiv och d kan sanningen l ta v ldigt olika Men Khemiri litar p mig att jag ska f rst vad som h nt, p mitt s tt naturligtvis Oh, vad jag gillar den k nsla av delaktighet Jag blir som trollbunden och vill inte a...

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    T m kirja oli vuoden 2015 paras kirja Ruotsissa Kirjan teemoja ovat maahanmuutto, siirtolaisuus, yst vyys, rakkaus, ja se lopussa tapahtunut juonenk nne, jonka vuoksi kirjan p henkil st Samuelista kirjoitetaan kirjaa Kirja oli niin erikoinen, ett en osaa tarpeeksi kehua sit , mutta haluaisin lukea nyt kirjan uudestaan, kun lopetin sen lukemisen Halu...

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    Everything I Don t Remember won the August prize for best Swedish fiction book of the year in 2015 Generally, the fact that it was awarded a prize would be a clear indicator that it won t be a book for me Not so in this instance I can actually for once understand why this book won an award Everything I don t remember is about Samuel who died in a horrific car crash Was it an accident Was it suicide An unnamed writer sets out to reconstruct Samuel s last day and learns a lot about the young man through conversations with his imposing friend and roommate, Vandad, his ex girlfriend, Laide, his arty childhood friend, Panther, as well as Samuel s mother and grandmother who has dementia If you prefer a traditional linear narrative and have all questions answered at the end, this may be difficult and ultimately unsatisfactory reading It is ambiguous and in the end, some things are left to your own interpretation It needs concentration as it feels like putting together a puzzle It s very innovatively structured with small bits of dialogue without any introduc...

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    Ova knjiga godine u vedskoj 2015 godine je ispripovedana na interesantan na in Na po etku je to mo da zbunjuju e, ali ve nakon par strana po ne da se snalazi u pri i koju pri aju razli ite osobe bliske Samuelu, 26 godi njem momku koji je na po etku romana mrtav Promena pripoveda a svakako nije neobi na tehnika, ali ovde se pri e smenjuju jako brzo naj e e je to nekoliko redova teksta, ponekad i jedna jedina re enica Svi govore to to imaju da ka u istoj osobi piscu romana o Samuelu , ali stilovi se ipak razlikuju, a meni je posebno zanimljivo to to ovde nema jednog nepouzdanog naratora, ve vi e njih.Na po etku te gura dalje to da sazna ta se desilo, pa je roman nalik detektivskoj pri i Vremenom se ta komponenta gubi, pa nam ostaje da naga amo ko pri a istinu, ko la e namerno a ko je samo druga ije video iste doga ...

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