High School Horror

Ebook High School Horror Author Chandler Baker Federicoscridel.eu High School Meets Classic Horror In This Groundbreaking New Series.It Was A Dark And Stormy Night When Tor Frankenstein Accidentally Hit Someone With Her Car And Killed Him But All Is Not Lost Tor, Being The Scientific Genius She Is, Brings Him Back To LifeThus Begins A Twisty, Turn Y Take On A Familiar Tale, Set In The Town Of Hollow Pines, Texas, Where High School Is Truly Horrifying.High School Horror

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the High School Horror book, this is one of the most wanted Chandler Baker author readers around the world.

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  • ebook
  • 336 pages
  • High School Horror
  • Chandler Baker
  • 17 September 2018
  • 9781250080288

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    www.melissa413readsalot.blotspot.comWho doesn t love Frankenstein I thought the book was okay for what it was, I loved the concept I just didn t love the book to death That being said, there will be tons of people to love this book and that is great As you can read in the blurb, Victoria Tor Frankenstein takes after her late father in the Science department, but she goes a little bit further and creates her own re animated being She does this with the help of her best friend Owen, which he wasn t on board with at first, but you kinda have to when it happens. right right Tor names him Adam and he doesn t recall any memories of who he really is. just nothing Adam is very sweet and acts like Tor is his mama, which, I guess she is this time around I mean he s not a randomly pieced together boy, he was in a tragic accident and then boomhe s back I guess what got ...

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    3.75 Video review to come

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    Writing this book was a five star experience, so there you go.

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    A modern spin on the tale of Frankenstein brings a character in Tor who is complex and determined But the cost of success begins to gnaw at her edges once her Adam is brought back to life Full of scenes that haunt in true horror form, it s also a book that speaks to what friendship...

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    This review can also be found on YA Books Central unique retelling, with humor on almost every page I laughed out loud quite a bit but what should have been it s saving grace, just barely saved a fairly slow moving story.Victoria Frankenstein aka Tor, is a mad scientistokay maybe she s not mad but she is a scientist Following in her father s scientist footsteps Tor s been attempting to raise the dead dead mice that is It s something she s been working on for quite some time much to her best friend, Owen s chagrin.Then one day she hits a boy and kills him But, not to fret she brings him back to life in true Mary Shelley fashion which of course sets off a series of both fortunate and unfortunate events.What I liked The cast of characters, I liked them all They were funny, and odd and just the kind of people I would hang out with if I were in high school.Adam, in particular stole my heart His rebirth was a thing to see, and how he so quickly became attached to his creator, or rather savior, made my heart swoon just a little bit He was affectionate in the most deadpan way possible but it was endearing.Tor Tor was hilarious, all of her sarcast...

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    Wow, it took me so long to get through this book Okay as a whole, this book was average This retelling didn t capture all of the elements of the original story that I wanted it to encapsulate except towards the end which was disappointing The main bit I wanted was for the MC to have of a complex within herself which didn t happen because she appeared to feel nothing except towards Adam really about anything relating to what she had done I predicted who the Hunter was from a mile away which I guess was okay because I doubted myself for a brief period I kind of thought that Owen and Tor would become a thing but I m glad they didn t become a thing because that would have been weird in context Also, I was glad Tor didn t get raped by Knox, and I m glad he died because he was a horrible character From what I can tell, we will not see the MC from this book again, but the next one sounds sort of interesting I probably won t pick it up...

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    I wanted to read this book because of the twist on a very classic story that of the monster of Frankenstein In this version of the story, the genius is a 17 year old girl named Victoria and it takes place in the present time The reason I didn t give it a higher rating is because, in my opinion, there were a few flaws to the story to make it interesting and entertaining.So the book starts with Victoria driving back home from her friend Owen s house late at night in the heavy rain when she suddenly gets a text from Owen and she simply glances down at her cell quickly, when she turns back up, she sees a young man wondering the streets She slams on the breaks hard, but due to the pavement being soaked, she ends up hitting him and killing him She then gets the idea of taking him back to her father s shed her father, like her, was a genius and she followed in his footsteps He had made the shed of their home into his laboratory and she kept it for the same purpose to try to revive After all, she had basically perfected the formula so to speak of how to revive an animal, and the anatomies are so similar So far in the story, so good, right Yes, indeed Until she has another not so brilliant ideaSo once Victoria had succ...

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    Victoria Tor Frankenstein didn t mean to hit someone with her car and kill them when she was driving home one stormy night It might be too late to take the stranger to the hospital, but maybe his death can finally give Tor the breakthrough she needs in her research on reanimation Ignoring her small pang of guilt, Tor drags the broken body back to her car and shocks the teen boy back to life in her cellar, her makeshift laboratory where she experiments on dead animals.With the help of her best friend and co conspirator Owen, Tor must now keep a careful eye on her creation, newly named Adam Because while she may have successfully reanimated him, the experiment is far from over How will he respond in social settings Is he capable of emotions And will people accept him Navigating the hellish halls of Hollow Pines High has never been harderThe first half of Teen Frankenstein was entertaining with its morbid humour as Adam tried to engage in conversations and then failed to normally respond He was so sweet, kind of like a child learning everything for the first time, really And he complete...

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    In terms of enjoyment, this is easily 4 stars However, the ending was not what I expected at all and I hoped for a little Overall, this is was an incredibly fun, fast paced read that takes the original Frankenstein story and adds a quirky high school twist to it The title of the book couldn t have been any perfect I suspected this would be like a retelling of sorts based on the title alone but it never really felt like one until the very end, which was the exact opposite of what I wanted The story had so much promise and was quite enjoyable and fun to read overall, but then the ending came it was like cold hard reality Maybe I just didn t take the story and its characters seriously enough From the very beginning the uniqueness of Teen Frankenstein took me by surprise I easily found myself sucked into the small Texas town of Hollow Pines where Tor Frankenstein and her best friend Owen are trying to make a break through in science by reanimating life What struck me as interesting was how unlikable Tor s character was, which is unusual for a protagonist She s pretty selfish and her morals are kind of out the window I enjoyed her sense of humor though Even though she was an unlikable character, it was entertaining to see her interacting with the other characters.Another reviewer mentioned that the beginning of Teen Frankenst...

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    Auf dieses Buch habe ich mich im Januar mega gefreut, aber es konnte meine Erwartungen leider nicht erf llen Ich fand es auch alles andere als schlecht, allerdings kratzt der Autor immer nur die Oberfl che s mtlicher Themen an und die Logik lie auch etwas zu w nschen brig, was die Erkl rungen zum ganzen Frankenstein Thema anging Dabei fand ich die Idee echt mega Es geht um ein junges M dchen, das eine Nachfahrin von Frankenstein in der modernen Zeit ist und eben Experimente durchf hrt, in denen sie versucht Lebewesen wiederzubeleben vor ihr hat das schon ihr Vater getan Das Ganze ist in einem normalen Highschool Setting angesiedelt und spielt zu unserer Zeit Die Protagonistin Tor gefiel mir ganz gut Ich fand ihre skurrile Art ziemlich einnehmend und auch der Humor konnte bei mir punkten Leider waren s mtlich Nebenfiguren von ihrem besten Freund bis hin zu Mitsch lern einfach wandelnde Klischees furchtbar Niemand hatte eine richtige Pers nlichkeit und es gab keinen Stereotypen, der umgangen...

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