The Mage Storms

The Mage Storms Free Author Mercedes Lackey Karse And Valdemar Have Long Been Enemy Kingdoms, Until They Are Forced Into An Uneasy Alliance To Defend Their Lands From The Armies Of Eastern Empire, Which Is Ruled By A Monarch Whose Magical Tactics May Be Beyond Any Sorcery Known To The Western Kingdoms Forced To Combat This Dire Foe, The Companions Of Valdemar May, At Last, Have To Reveal Secrets Which They Have Kept Hidden For Centuries Even From Their Beloved Heralds.The Mage Storms

Misty Lackey

[Epub] ↠ The Mage Storms Author Mercedes Lackey –
  • Paperback
  • 1040 pages
  • The Mage Storms
  • Mercedes Lackey
  • English
  • 11 March 2019
  • 9781783293810

10 thoughts on “The Mage Storms

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    So I started this and got about 50 pages in There was nothing wrong with it I just felt a little lost There were definetly previous books set in this world and I think I need to read them first before diving back into this If...

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    This is an omnibus with 3 books from the obvious trilogy.First up we have Storm Warning.In this one I realised that there has been 2 trilogies before this one, my bad So yes some people and events are totally new to me But what was good is that it s from the pov of Karal A priest from another country So we meet everyone through his eyes, and I am saved that way This book was mostly build up 2 countries wants to make peace An empire wants to destroy them all, and storms are coming with devastating effects.Storm Rising is book 2This book mostly deals with the aftermath of the first storms and storms, and people talking about what to do with the storms.On personal fronts Karal is dealing with what his God wants of him.His friend is having love issuesAnd the most interesting part The Empire sent a man to a neighboring country to take over They had been ruled by an idiot so they were happy about it I liked how he came in and understood that he had to care for his new subjects Now if he can get that he should n...

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    Thoroughly enjoyableVery enjoyable read Loved the different points of view from the different characters Shame that skiff was only ever me mentioned in passing would of likes to read his point of view Would of also liked to read the deterioration of the emperor as it was happening and als...

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    great book little less conflict than I would of liked.

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    There was major fangirl squee ing at being reintroduced to my favourite series when I was a teen this explains the longer than normal review Being asked to review it did result in searching out the rest of the series looks innocent Although at the moment I don t read much fantasy, any I do read is compared to Valdemar which is just so AWESOME Valdemar is the reason why I love horses, despite being wary slash afraid of them in real life Who wouldn t want a creature you can communicate with, who can help you as you live your life Diving back into the lives of people who became my friends when I was a teen was bliss I d forgotten how high the stakes were end of the world catastrophe is kind of a major event, unlike my not entirely successful recent chocolate truffle making , and yet while they are scary to read, and the actual event leads to consequences that no one could have predicted, it s just such a beautiful read Karal starts off not liking anyone, and finding it really hard to live in a culture so different from his own, but by the end he has his own place, trusts people andI can t tell you what happens because it s a major surprise Let s just say that horses aren t the only magical creatures grins Cats are involved There s lots of humour between...

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    The pace is sedate, painstaking, tedious even the reader is subjected to every walk down a hallway, note taken, candle lit, drink sipped, council meeting. pages pages of thought processes and inner monologues It is very repetitive beyond that necessary to join up the three stories which were an omnibus here but originally three separate volumes However, that said, it was nice to revisit the world introduced in the Heralds of Valdemar trilogy and some of the characters introduced there If you persevere, the tedium is occasionally broken by some exciting bursts of activity intrigue, and the main characters do slowly grow on you, sinking into the mind so you can t help but read and read and read onward to see what happens The first Heralds of Valdemar trilogy was well done, a page turner with action and suspense at every ...

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