Eves Rescue (Coalition Mates, #3)

BOOKS Eves Rescue Coalition Mates, 3 By Sarah Marsh Firstchance10k.co.uk Evangeline Scott Was Hoping For A Fun Night On The Town After A Hellish Day What She Couldn T Have Imagined Was Getting Kidnapped By Alien Slavers And Then Left To Die On An Abandoned Ship.Kai Dallen And Roan Quinn Were Having Some Bad Luck Of Their Own When They Found Themselves Set Up By An Old Adversary And Trapped In The Vault Of A Dhuaation Pharaoh S Ship With No Way Out When Khaman Ra Makes Them An Offer They Can T Refuse, The Two Space Pirates End Up Rescuing A Ship Full Of Human Female Cargo All Three Males Are Immediately Drawn To One Of The Beauties And Make An Agreement To Satisfy Everyone S Desires The Only Problem Is, They Didn T Think To Ask Eve And When She Wakes Up To Find That She S Now Married To Three Aliens She S Mad As Hell By The Time All Four Of Them Realise Their True Feelings, Will It Be Too Late, As A Woman From Roan S Past Threatens To Ruin It AllEves Rescue (Coalition Mates, #3)

I live in British Columbia, Canada I have all my life I went to culinary school and studied Pastry Arts, working as a Pastry Chef in Vancouver for five years But the commute into the city got to me and I had to change careers back to an office I still work full time I now work for a sporting goods wholesaler in accounting which is where my twitchy creative side began to get restless and as my

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    I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review This is the third book in Sarah Marsh Coalition Mates and you no how they say third is the charm well its so true.Sarah Marsh never fails to amaze me every single book she writes is utter magic there is nothing that I don t love about her books seriously they are that good.All Evangeline Scott wanted was to let her hair down and have a fun night out after having the most awful day But that is not what she gets, she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams that she would get kidnapped by alien slavers and on top of that she is then left alone to die on an abandoned ship.Kai Dallen and Roan Quinn were having some of there own bad luck when they find themselves set up by an old adversary of there s, they are trapped in a vault of a Dhuaation Pharaoh s ship with no way out When Khaman Ra makes them all an offer they just cannot refuse there of, the two space pirates end up on a different kind of rescue mission, when they find a ship full of human female cargo All three of the men are immediately drawn to one of the human females they make a between themselves to satisfy all of there desires But there is one big giant problem, they haven t even thought to ask Eve and when she awakes to find not only is...

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    Eve s Rescue is the third novel in the Coalition Mates series but don t worry, it can be read as a standalone First of all, I must confess I am a fan of this alien kidnapping romance series However, I am really careful when it comes to books with multiple mates Therefore, I must warn you If you are uncomfortable with M M and steamy sexual intercourse between a female and three very hot and seductive alien males, well, this isn t the book for you In this novel, we get to know the story of Evangeline Scott or Evie She is a beautiful young woman with great curves and amazing young hair that lost her job On the same that that it happen, she goes to a club with a couple of her unemployed crew and finds herself being kidnapped by some alien that want to sell her in the black market to the better poster By some miracle, she is rescued by a sexy pair of security chiefs of another ship and, in the blink of an eye she is married to those two hot male specimens and their new mate, the Pharaoh that commands the ship she is in What better way to get over unemployment, right However, Eve is a strong female that isn t that happy with the fact that her three lovers didn t even asked her opinion on the matter before they tied the knot with her Hell, she wasn t even conscious when the papers were signed and sent to the planets of her mates I have to ...

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    4 out of 5 stars Eve Evangeline Evie lost her job and was out at a club to lighten her mood with some of her girlfriends when on her way home some alien pirates kidnap her A while later, different aliens who are a part of the Coalition the alien government save her, become enad with her, and rush into marrying her without her knowledge Yet, once she learns the truth, she won t just be accepting the changes in her life without some say so, even if that means denying the new men in her life until they get that she means business This novel is so fast paced that it gives you no time not to enjoy the bursting...

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    request submitted by author for an honest critique I truly believe if all aliens looked at hot as Kai, Roan, and Kham, then people would be screaming, Beam me up, Scottie laughing Ok, I swear that s the only joke you ll get from me still laughing Anywho For an erotic Sci fi book, this book was off the charts hot Especially the bonding cleansing ritual Seriously, WowZa fanning self My only snafu was how quickly and easily Eve dealt with the whole I m been abducted by aliens I m married to three men I can never go home again.I think most women and men would be a little bit freaked out by the whole experience A sane person would be, ri...

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    I have enjoyed the previous books in this series but this has been my favorite so far In my humble opinion author Sarah Marsh has grown so much as an author with this book.Eve and her friend are out commiserating getting fired and they trust the wrong person Eve is drugged and taken from the club to another world When Eve wakes up she realizes that she is in for the ride of her life Kai Dallen and Roan Quinn are two pirates that have been caught red handed on a Pharaoh s ship...

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    This was book 3 in the Coalition Mates series I did enjoy this read Eve was pretty entertaining I liked her men a lot This was just an good read.

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    The sexy alien men are great They have dominant, drool worthy bodies and deep personalities I love how Eve gets tough on them when she wakes up married She accepts this mating thing so fast I know it s an alien world but still.

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    Sarah Marsh Sends Us On An Adventure To The Stars Heroic Rescue In Space Results In Marriage Times Three This is the third book in Sarah Marsh s Coalition Mates Series And her skills as a story teller have once again taken her readers to another Galaxy with some of the Hottest Aliens around Here we get to hob nob with Dhuaatian Pharaoh s, Sirotian Courtesans, and the Elite of the planets in the Coalition Evangeline Scott is rescued from a dying ship after the slavers that stole her and her friend Sally from Earth abandons it in deep space Roan and Kai are courtesans, turned space pirates, turned security chiefs working for the Pharaoh Khaman Ra While rescuing Evie from the ship they discover she is the destined mate for them But they also feel the same mating instinct for the Pharaoh Kham too When Kham informs the Coalition of the rescued women from earth on the vessel, he is given permission to mate with Evie as his reward When he finds that Kai and Roan have a claim on her as well.Then they drop the bomb that Kham is also their mate too Evie gives the men a bit of resistance to the whole marriage she wakes up to But as you know resistance is futile in most cases Evie comes across as a bratty smart mouthed with a hea...

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    Started out mediocre and ended up worse than that I need a big red avoid sticker for stuff like this.

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