Balls and Chains (Outlaw MC #6)

What If Bad Guys Ruled The World And The Good Guys Were The Outlaws The War Has Begun The MCs Of Mars Are Fighting Against The Corrupt Government And Their Archaic Rules Women Are Used For Breeding, Dark Skinned Men Are Slaves, And Homosexuals Are Executed Whip Is The Kinky Club Member Who Is The Best With Current Technology He Has The Task Of Hiding Out At Harley S Hover Car Parts To Monitor The Government He Never Planned On Finding Out The Sexy Ginger Harley Had A Crush On Him But Whip Isn T Like Most Men He Grew Up With A Harsh Father That Taught Him Early How To Torture People Whip Turned That Horror Around And Now He Can T Live A Vanilla Life He Has Whips And Cages And Toys That Would Make Any Sane Man Run The City On Mars Becomes A Battle For The Future Of Our Species But The Battle Between Harley And Whip Is Just Beginning Will These Two Men Find Love With Balls And ChainsBalls and Chains (Outlaw MC #6)

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Free ↠ Balls and Chains (Outlaw MC #6)  By James   Cox –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 86 pages
  • Balls and Chains (Outlaw MC #6)
  • James Cox
  • English
  • 18 January 2018

10 thoughts on “Balls and Chains (Outlaw MC #6)

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    I read this book I read this book twice I ll read this book again because dammit, a kinky COX has become my favorite flavor I ve been dying to read Harley s story ever since he was introduced He s an Irish ginger who supports the MC s by running guns and ammo for them on the sly He may not be a full fledged member of the MC s but he s definitely on the inside I knew he was going to hook up with one of them eventually but I really didn t expect it to be Whip.Whip has a bag full of kink he carries that serves to both amuse his libido and comfort his soul Whip s got a rough past and could have turned into the very thing the MC fights against, but instead he s one of those strong characters who learned what not to do from his past instead of perpetuating the evil his father tried to teach him It was scary to look in a mirror and see the man you feared staring back His childhood did a number on him though The man is incapable of vanilla so needless to say, between his need to dominate and the war against oppression on Mars, poor Whip doesn t get to do a lot of hooking up Whip needs to get to Harley s place and set up a tech hot spot so he can get eyes and ears on the Peacekeepers and report back to the MC s He sets up shop in Harley s basement and at first Whip doesn t think Harley is very happy to have him there, but after checking in with his brothers he gets a bit of intel that Harley may be a little bit, nay, a lot, intere...

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    Full reviewage on Prism Book Alliance This book wasn t on par with most of the others in the series There isn t a lot of interaction between MC members, only a few moments of Cox s humor trademark, I would even venture to call it , and the usual efficient character set up wasn t there I could sense it, though, as both Whip and Harley whom we ve encountered briefly before piqued my interest Even on that point, however, they were interesting on their own than together For me, the chemistry wasn t really there It certainly wasn t compared to just about all of the other pairings in this series.There was a boatload of potential for this, with the war full on, the coalition set between the different MCs, and Wexman and the peacekeepers having finally gone too far for anyone to ignore, the breaking point had been reached Unfortunately, most of this was given short shrift in treatment Most of it was background for Whip and Harley s exploration of each other and the kink they learn they have in common.Speaking of, I do like that Cox explored something here, something new that he hadn t done previously It does spark some moments of genuine care and surprise It s so easy to see some of the greatness lurking in the characters of Whip and Harley Heck, they re not lurking, they re in plain view, like right behind a pane of glass while going unused Maybe than the fact that this is how things went down is the fact that it surprised me, given how w...

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    Book 6 of Outlaw MC is a BDSM and mm Big changes for the MC group in this one.And hot sexy times for Whip and Harley Yes we have a sweet ginger Harley for Whip to play with view spoiler Mmm Harley was gorgeous He had a nest of red pubic hair His balls were tight and nearly perfectly matched His dick was thicker than mine but not as long His shaft was curved slightly to the right with a bunching of foreskin at the end His cockhead and piss slit peeked through He was ridiculously pale expect for his cockhead which was blushed You Are Perfect Then I pushed the foreskin and the piercings down some so my head was revealed Suck the tip I loved this Just the end, sucked, licked, nipped That part just made me eager and excited I was never into deep throating No, give me an eager mouth on my penis head any day of the week and I would ...

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    Firstly I have to say that I ve never read a dedication that made me spew my coffee that I was drinking, all over my kindle James Cox you have my respect So we ve only got 2 books before this tongue in cheek but I can t get enough series finishes what am I going to do then I can feel this addiction, climbing to the surface, already wailing at the thought I m in deep trouble here and talking of deep, it brings me nicely onto Whip, whose story it is Let s me be totally honest here, Whip is waaaaaay deep not surprising, as his childhood and early adult life was totally controlled by his sadistic Peacekeeper father The legacy he left Whip was a perchance for BDSM and a love for his equipment that he enjoyed to fairly extreme levels hence his name Whip don t be put off by the mention of a BDSM storyline, it s quite mild and not offensive in any way The war is gaining momentum, Whip being their communications expert among other things lol is sent to Harley s Worksh...

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    4 Stars 5 Flames WHIP You re one kinky fooker I feel like I ve been waiting for this installment since the 3rd one I m so happy that it s been written Awesome job James Let s get down to it, stall we The war is in full swing and the MC s don t have a strong enough signal to tap into the government s technology for leverage Guess which member gets to branch out Yep, Whip He s sent to Harley s loyal MC supporter to hide out, tap into the government s technology and stay under the radar Little did he know that he s been on Harley s radar for some time now I have to admit that even THAT one surprised me Whip has his kink that has become a necessity for him Will Harley join in or be completely turned off Whip s back story is probably the worst one I ve heard so far, and that s saying a lot I really enjoyed reading these scenes They were very thought out and described in such a way that I actually felt like I was there watching Oooo, now that could get interesting Not gonna lie It took a ...

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    3.5 stars

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    This series just got better and better.Loved Whip and Harley, they are a beautiful couple.Look forward to seeing how life on Mars develops.

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    Now this is what I m talking about Flogging, whipping and paddling are three things which will turn an impact bottom into a wet puddle Add in suspension bondage, knife play and temperature play and the bottom cruising into subspace At least I would be In this latest addition to the series, Whip finds his match in sexy redhead Harley This story can be read as a standalone It works better if a reader reads the previous stories.Whip is a sadistic bastard who sleeps with his tools As a MC, one would think it would be knives and guns No, it is a whip, cane and paddle This is my kind of dominant Because one never knows in the morning if a little impact play is needed for a good morning wake up Most of the MC are hesitant to engage with Whip because of his kinks He is afraid of scaring off potential lovers with his needs Honestly, the BDSM in here is not intense or hardcore Everything is or less possible and realistic None of it is too intense It s just right to get an impact lover a good buzz and relaxation Harley is the sweetest character Redheads are a favourite of mine This blushing quiet one is su...

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    So let me start off by saying I am a huge James Cox fan This book is in the Outlaw MC Series James has put together a series about where the bad guys are the good guys And the Outlaw MC is helping the fine citizens of Mars and trying to change their ridiculous government This is Whip and Harley s story Whip has a past of violence he would like to get away from Harley owns the shop that supplies the MC with parts for their hoverbikes and bomb making parts He has a shop that supplies anyone on Mars The peacekeepers are suspicious of him but can t pinpoint him doing anything wrong.When Whip shows up at his shop so he can monitor government things on the radio and computer, Harley knows he is in trouble He already loves the bad boy biker If he is going to be staying with him, well things may get hard Extremely hard.Whip is hardcore Needs pain to get pleasure He...

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    The war has begun, indeed I longed for this installment like for every other in this series And once known it will be about Whip I got even excited Besides learning about that kinky, dark and sexy hunk and his passions and dark desires for handsome ginger Harley, we get to know and see how the MC s of Mars raise the war against the cruel government on the next level Will the People of Mars follow their way to fight for their rights They have to make their choiceThis book really is kinky, sexy and full of dark passion I loved to see the tension grow between Whip and Harley Especially when Whip shows the sexy littel Irish that he likes it rough with the men he wants to have in his bed And Harley being all excited over it and specially Whip, on whom he has a crush for a long time now As Whip was send to his shop to observe the Peacekeepers from the inside seems weird for H...

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