Layers of Smoke (The Lies Trilogy #1)

PDF Layers Of Smoke The Lies Trilogy 1 Author Jacqueline Noir Where There S Smoke, There S Fire And Nothing But Destruction Comes In It S Wake Addilynn St James Has Learned That Loyalty Is Just Another Pretty Word To Cover The Dirty Things People Do In The Name Of Family.They Re Still WatchingAnd Now He Is Too After Her Own Family Is Broken Beyond Repair, She Finds Herself Trading In Her Tennis Lessons For Tattoo Time, And Her College Degree For An Easel And Oil Paints They Still Want To Control Her While He Wants To Know Everything About Her Breaking Out Of Her Golden Cage, Addilynn Forces Herself Out Of Her Bubble By Going To A Party For The First Time Since Her Life Was Pulled Out From Under Her A Year Ago.They Want To Crumble Her World He Would Never Let Them Seeking Normalcy In Dating, Going Out, And Discovering Her Own Independence, She Thought She Had Taken Control And Thought Every Decision She Made Was Her Own.She Couldn T Be Wrong He Would Burn Down Their Whole Fucking World For Her But, Will She Let HimLayers of Smoke (The Lies Trilogy #1)

Jacqueline Noir lives in Phoenix, AZ with her loving husband, three pups, and her small and tiny humans.She loves everything paranormal from the movies, television, books, and adventures to haunted places When she isn t dreaming of werewolves, witches, and all things that go bump in the night, she is busy creating hot and romantic stories that bring to life all these creatures in their most alp

[Epub] ↠ Layers of Smoke (The Lies Trilogy #1)  Author Jacqueline Noir –
  • Kindle Edition
  • Layers of Smoke (The Lies Trilogy #1)
  • Jacqueline Noir
  • English
  • 12 June 2019

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    4 Mi Amour Stars For a short and sweet story, this book had everything you could want in an hour or under lunch break read And I loved it Addy is a struggling artist who moves into the pool house owned by her best friend s sexy steamy brother, Marcus The chemistry and the passion was sizzling, and although I would have LOVED for this book to be three times the length that it was, it was amazingly well written and packed ...

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    With likeable characters and a quickly moving plot, Layers of Smoke is a delightful read Addilynn is a real and fun heroine, Stephanie is a delightful and perfect best friend, and Marcos is deliciously intense I found myself able to hear the silky, almost poetic voice just as though he was speaking to me instead What starts off as a whi...

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    Loved this Love the simple possessiveness from Marcos I am excited for the next part

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    This book was given to me for an honest review.4 starsI m not a big fan of short books I like ones that give detail and the story comes to life, but I have to say this author did a great job Not only did I love the book, I really liked all the characters in it Its extremely fast paced and you have to keep up with it, but it is well worth it It is a cliff hanger which doesn t make me happy only because I can t wait for the next one to come out, but the story line is something that is worth reading I want to start and say I love Addilynn, she has some things in the past that they only touch on, so I think this back story from her is going to be something to really dive into She is a sweet, innocent, and sheltered girl that is rooming with Stephanie, our high spirited girl from school One party that Stephanie invites her to, changes everything Addilynn meets Marcos, Stephanies brother and she falls for him Marcos, I know there is a story with him also and you get glimpses of it through the book, but after this meeting Addilynn and Marcos seem to have a strong connection You feel the chemistry through the book with them, so when an opportunity arises Marcos puts a plan in play I don t want to give too much of the story away because of how fast pace it is, but I have to tell you it is worth the read...

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    A fast, sensual rideAddilynn is a college student who has had some kind dramatic break with her family, is struggling for money, and is instantly attracted to Marcos Marcos is very nearly the epitome of the mysterious stranger other than that he has a car customization business and is the brother of Addilynn s best friend, we know little about him Well, and that the chemistry he has with Addilynn is off the charts.First of a trilogy and my first book by this author, Layers of Smoke left my head spinning The title is extraordinarily appropriate, as there are a lot of layers to this story and almost nothing is spelled out crisply and clearly I was le...

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    Interesting I felt like I was jumping into a story that I never quite got all the details about or book 2 of a series that I haven t read book 1 from Some specifics were missing and I filled a lot of them in myself, but never received confirmation through my reading that I was corrector incorrect The cliffhanger ending just about did me in, so I am still trying to guess on too many things.get me book 2 pronto I liked both Addilynn and Marcus Their meeting the first time was interesting Stephanie is her best friend, but she had never even seen pics of him or knew who s house the party was at Oh well Sit...

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    Layers of Smoke is a fast paced, mysterious, and sensual page turner We receive just enough about the characters to hook us but also leave us wanting He is like fire, untamed and alluring Marcos is strong, an alpha, and has a dangerous aura about hi...

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    This book was great and held my interest through out the whole thing I loved the dynamic between Addy and Marcus This book is from Addy s POV so Marcus is still very mysterious and intriguing The sexual tension between the two almost sets the pa...

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    Very quick and easy read The book was very short it it caught my attention quickly The story was very intriguing and kept my interest I was so disappointed when it ended I wanted to know so much I hope she continues with the ...

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    Oh my God is all I can say This book was insane right from the get go I got chills reading this book If you love alpha males who are in complete control then this book is for you My God the cliffhanger had my stomach dropping to my feet Fantastic book Very well written Can t wait until the next one

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