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Read The Lady Bornekova Author Sara R Turnquist The Red Headed Karin Is Strong Willed And Determined, Something She Inherited From Her Father She Tries To Keep Her True Nature A Secret To Avoid Being Deemed A Traitor By Those Loyal To The King Karin And Her Father Butt Heads Over Her Duty To Her Family And The Czech Crown She Is Then Sequestered To The Royal Viscount S Hunting Lodge.Not Aware Of Everything That Is Happening, She Becomes The Target Of An Individual With Murderous Intent Her Heart Soon Becomes Entangled Though Her Father Intends To Wed Her To Another The Turmoil Inside Karin Deepens And Reflects The Turmoil Of Her Homeland, On The Brink Of The Hussite Wars.The Lady Bornekova

Sara resides with her family in Middle TN Though she has enjoyed her career as a Zoo Educator, Sara s great love of the written word has always drawn her to write An avid reader, she has been, for many years, what she terms a closet writer Her travels and love of history have served to inspire her to write Historical Fiction Sara has made several trips overseas to the Czech Republic for shor

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    Find this and other reviews at began Sara R Turnquist s The Lady Bornekova with absolutely no knowledge of the Hussite Wars My imaginings were shaped by the author s descriptions and the atmosphere she created within the narrative I found the initial chapters vague in terms of plot, the author s deliberate attempts to manufacture intrigue lacked polish, but I felt reasonably confident in my understanding of Karin s situation and the period in which her story took place That is, until I googled the Council of Constance I didn t have an exact date of reference, but my rough estimate is that the story began in late October 1414 To put this in perspective, Joan of Arc is two and the battle of Agincourt is barely a year away Neither of these facts have anything to do with Turnquist s story, but they do add a certain perspective for those with any knowledge of the age Most, if not all, of Turnquist s descriptions of social custom, fashion, architecture, and interior design were appropriate to a Victorian romance She mentions wallpaper, empire waists, settees, drapes, a breakfast buffet and a four poster carriage, none of which are a characteristic of life in the early 1400s Taking a few deep breaths, I steeled my nerves, and set about finishing the book, but my enjoyment dissipated as I noticed and historical anachr...

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    Bohemian NightmareLooking for something, anything, as far removed from the glut of Tudors, de Medicis, Borgias, and Regency era novels as possible, I found this debut novel about the early 15th century Hussite Wars in Bohemia By the time I d reached the fifth page in the first chapter, I was already missing Anne Boleyn.I generally concentrate on dissecting historical inaccuracies, but I should first point out some glaringly improbable plot issues The daughter of an earl no such title in Bohemia , the heroine, Karin, has embraced the heretical teachings of Jan Hus Unfortunately, we never know how Karin had access to Hus s writings except through some acquaintances, nor why she was compelled to adopt his religious philosophy Then we get the implausible solution to her dangerous Hussite beliefs her father ships her off to the hunting lodge of his friend, the amazingly and incorrectly titled Royal Viscount Vlastik Dvorak apparently named after a pickle and a composer , where she will be isolated and come to her senses No early 15th century nobleman in any part of Europe would do such a thing An unmarried daughter with unconventional ideas about religion, marriage, or any other important issue of the day would be sent to a convent if she co...

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    copy received from Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours.The minute I heard about this book and saw it s cover I was interested I couldn t wait to read it and learn about the Czech Crown, although I love the Tutors it was a nice change to learn about the Hussite Wars, which I unfortunately knew very little about At first, the pacing of the story seemed a little slow but once it picked it I was instantly interested in Karin and her struggle to be her own person but at the same time hold true to her duties to the crown I absolutely loved Karin and found her to be a very interesting heroine She was strong and vulnerable which I thought was a great combination This is the first time I read Sara R Turnquist but I would be interested to read by her Finally, I m not sure if the author plans to add to this story but if she did I think I would feel better about the ending Ove...

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    I ll be honest I do not know much about the history of Kingdom of Czech, especially during the Hussite Wars I have heard of it, but my knowledge was limited That is one of the main reasons I wanted to read this A new location and an interesting part of history This takes place shortly before the Hussite Wars Many people are tearing themselves away from the Roman Catholic influence over the government and following the teaching of Jan Hus Karin is one of these followers However, it is quite dangerous to be noble and believe these thoughts To protect her, her parents have taken her to exile to the Royal Viscount s hunting lodge and away from society Honestly.I would not complain about that exile Could be a lot a nunnery Maybe they should have done that instead.Poor Karin She had a lot of issues throughout the book with getting hurt and almost dying Unlucky, I say Also, she falls in love with someone, but she is meat to marry another Truly unlucky and I felt bad Plus, she is pretty much in prison at the lodge and is being watched and tattled on by her poor maid I felt bad for the maid in a way too.I wanted to kick Stepan, but he di...

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    The Lady Bornekova is a delightfully entertaining read It has a great plot, interesting characters and the just the right touch of romance as well as a unique historical backdrop I had never heard of the Hussite Wars prior to this book and after finishing it, had to resort to Google and Wikipedia to learn I thoroughly enjoyed reading a book set in a country you don t normally see in historical fiction and set in an era that is new to me It s so refreshing and exciting to read such a good story that is so out of the box in comparison to other works of historical fiction.Lady Karin Bornekova is the main character of the novel and she was such an intelligent and likable character In a time when women weren t allowed to have opinions, she had strong convictions that were outside the mainstream and she was willing to sacrifice everything for those convictions I definitely admired her strength and tenacity as she stood up to her father and other people in her life who tried to prevent her thinking and believing the way that she did.The story had a bit of a mystery to it and while I could easily see who the perpetrator was, I still enjoyed the strange occurrences that seemed to plague Karin Even whe...

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    Going into this book, I didn t know anything about the Hussite Wars When I finished this book, I didn t know anything I had no idea WHERE this occurred, WHEN it took place, and only a passing understanding WHY it happened Although I don t expect historical romances to be heavy with the historic details, I should at least be able to get an idea of SOMETHING about the time period written.There were modern phrases that made me flinch...

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    I cannot say enough good things about this book, I loved it I loved Karin and Pavel and the deep belief they shared that bound them together How they loved one another with a love that endured The book has action, suspense...

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    I have never read a book about the Kingdom of Czech, which is actually part of my heritage That s why I really had to read this novel.First let me say that the cover for this book is beautiful It really drew me to the story I only wish I liked the story as much as the cover sigh Karin was a likable character She was a strong heroine and her story was fascinating This story involves a time when many people are breaking away from the Catholic church That always makes for an interesting story, except that Karin didn t really come across as very devout, nor did Pavel, both who were following Jan Hus beliefs.There was telling of the story than showing, which made things difficult at times, when it came to character development If I heard the Royal Viscount referred to as The Royal Viscount a few time...

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    Excellent blend of suspense, romance, and historySet in the Czech Republic just before the Hussite Wars, this novel provides a masterful blend of history, romance, and suspense The mystery elements were well crafted and intriguing The characters...

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    I really enjoyed the love connection as well as the little bit of mystery in it.

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