Flying Frogs and Walking Fish

KINDLE Flying Frogs And Walking Fish Author Steve Jenkins A Red Lipped Batfish Waddles Across The Sea Floor On Its Fins, Searching For Small Sea Creatures To Eat Other Animals May Fly Or Glide, Or Jet Propel Themselves To Get Around These Creatures Come Equipped With Legs, Wings, Or Tentacles, And They Often Move From Place To Place In Surprising Ways In The Latest Eye Catching Escape Into The Kingdom Of Animalia, Caldecott Honor Winning Team Jenkins And Page Show How Animals Roll, Fly, Walk, Leap, Climb, Swim And Even Flip This Fascinating And Fun Illustrated Nonfiction Melds Science, Art, Biology, And The Environment Together In A Detailed And Well Researched Book About How Animals Move In Our World Today.Flying Frogs and Walking Fish

Steve was born in 1952 in Hickory, North Carolina His father, who would become a physics professor and astronomer and recently his co author on a book about the Solar System , was in the military and, later, working on science degrees at several different universities We moved often Steve lived in North Carolina, Panama, Virginia, Kansas, and Colorado Wherever he lived, he kept a menagerie of

[Epub] ↠ Flying Frogs and Walking Fish  Author Steve Jenkins –
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Flying Frogs and Walking Fish
  • Steve Jenkins
  • English
  • 16 May 2018
  • 9780544630901

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    Have you ever heard of a walking octopus or tiptoeing bat A crab that can climb trees or a jet propelled fish Caldecott honor winner Steve Jenkins and co author Robin Page have once again found fascinating and unusual elements of the animal world to share with the youngest animal enthusiasts Flying Frogs and Walking Fish focuses on animals that move in unusual ways Written in expository nonfiction, Jenkins uses his signature torn and cut paper collage illustrations to bring each animal to life in great detail and with vivid colors In their familiar writing style, Jenkins and Page have divided the book into sections by type of movement Each section is introduced with a full page spread dedicated to one animal followed by a page featuring several other animals that also move in similar ways The nonfiction ...

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    Steve Jenkins can do no wrong Ever.

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    I keep wondering if Steve Jenkins is ever going to run out of ideas for his amazing nonfiction picture books, but he shows no sign of stopping In his most recent title, he and his wife Robin Page have teamed up to explore the many ways that animals get from one place to another The book is organized according to the way animals move, starting with walking and ending with jetting with brief stops along the way to meet animals that leap, swim, climb, fly, and roll Choosing to begin with walking, the most familiar way of locomotion for youngsters allows the authors to provide some surprises for readers since the first walking creature depicted is an octopus Six other unusual walking animals appear on the next two pages, including my personal favorite the red lipped batfish Each section or type of movement is introduced with a two page spread featuring one animal, and then followed with two pages featuring others who get around using that type of movement Not only are the animals celebrated through the torn and cut paper collage that Jenkins uses for his illustrations, but the text provides nifty details about each animal Other outstanding illustrations include a swimming elephant consider how many other images of elephants have them standing still or walking on lan...

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    Another great nature study for younger readers from these consistently excellent collaborators.

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    I really don t know how Steve Jenkins does it this guy is a nonfiction book making machine

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    Category InformationalFlying Frogs and Walking Fish is an informational book about animals that walk, fly, swim, roll, and etc This book teaches about the different animals that we would never think flies or swims but they do Overall, I really liked this book and I actually learned a lot about animals that I never knew could do certain things I loved the vocabulary that it used like not jus...

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    I absolutely loved this book I use it with my preschool class when we are talking about animal movements and they love being surprised by things like a flying snake and a walking octopus The mixture of common animals with the uncommon or not as well known animals is fanta...

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    My 6 yr old and I both learned new things about many animals from this book Even though I don t think it was the intention of the book it seemed like a good reminder that things aren t always what they seem and everyone has different talents too.

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    This book is a great source for use with younger students and exploring many of the different features of our worlds creatures I would love to use this book as a source during a science or biology lesson with my students.

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    An accessible nonfiction picture book by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page that uses striking collage illustrations and a highly informative narrative to explore animal mobility A great addition to science units looking for accessible overviews on animal locomotion.

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