Dark Angel Series Books 1 3 Dark Angel #1 3

[Read] ➲ Dark Angel Series Books 1 3 Dark Angel #1 3 ➮ Hanna Peach – E17streets4all.co.uk This is a box set of books 1 3 of the Dark Angel YA fantasy series Angelfire Angelstone Angelsong A gifted mortal His angel Guardian A love written in the starsForget everything you know about angelsY This is a box set of Series books Kindle Ô books of the Dark Angel YA fantasy series Angelfire Angelstone Angelsong A gifted mortal His angel Guardian A love written in the starsForget everything you know about angelsYou'll likely Dark Angel ePUB Æ find Alyxandria slicing demons with her blades rather than plucking at harp strings Whether it's with weapons unarmed or with the borrowed magics of distilled angel blood tattoos she trains harder than any other Seraphim warrior to prove Angel Series books eBook ↠ she is nothing like her parents who abandoned her to become Rogues When Alyx starts displaying the signs of a strange new magic most don't believe her and no one has answers for her The web of lies Angel Series books 1 3 MOBI :ò she uncovers will shatter her world and she'll be forced to risk everything for Israel a gifted mortal she barely knows Alyx and Israel will soon realize that their destinies are inexplicably tied and that their choices will determine the fate of Earth itselfIt begins in Angelfire The series is now complete Angelblood Dark Angel and Angeldust Dark Angel and both out now not included in this box set.Dark Angel Series Books 1 3 Dark Angel #1 3

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Dark Angel Series Books 1 3 Dark Angel #1 3 ePUB ✓
  • Dark Angel Series Books 1 3 Dark Angel #1 3
  • Hanna Peach
  • English
  • 23 June 2014

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    I received a copy of the ePub from the Goodreads group Lovers of Paranormal LoP in exchange for an honest reviewIt is refreshing to read an original urban fantasy series about an angel’s journey Hanna Peach has created an exceptional fantastical world Dark Angels is a character and story driven series Alyxandra or Alyx as she is referred to is unlike any other angel She is an angel but knows how to battle like a warrior And Israel and Jordan add such depth Is this a love triangle? If so what a combination of strong and distinct characters—Alyx Israel and Jordan The secondary characters also add depth to Dark Angels Their individual voices and names are so imaginativeThe points of view are clear and move flawlessly throughout the novels Alyx’s journey uickly takes on many unexpected twists and turns The visually explosives scenes create powerful images The books truly come to lifeAlyx Israel and Jordan’s journey is not over What is Alyx’s destiny? Looking forward to reading the next book in this must read urban fantasy series

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    Angelfire #1 Alyxandria AKA Alyx is a Lightwarrior not particularly gifted but nonetheless she is an exceptional fighter She has a troubled past is stubborn and kicks ass often than not Still its nice to see her flaws and weaknesses Though Alyx has a very strong 'voice' throughout Angelfire she can be indecisive and too trusting at times Even within this low class system of Angels she is an outsider Abandoned by her rogue parents she feels she must always work harder than every one else to prove her worthAlyx has been having visions of a man who is going around killing Darkened demon spirits who possess human bodies and through this link she develops a bond later on in the book we find this is called a Guardian BondThis bond is a rare thing to happen and with that comes emotions and feelings she doesn't understand The night she feels him in danger and flies to rescue him marks the night that everything in Alyx's world is turned upside down She finds out that those she has trusted all her life have lied to her and in the biggest way possible She learns that the teachings her EldersLeaders have taught her have been fabricated and beneath it all is she starts to uncover an evil plot and betrayers are found in every cornerAlyx is at the very centre of itThe Blood Tattoos were an interesting concept that I really liked The angels tattoo themselves with the ink of another Angel so that they can use different magics that may not be in the bloodline The author even writes small paragraphs in between chapters to detail the use of each magic and I found it really helpful in grasping the whole Angelmagic ideaAlyx is strong brave and fights to do what she feels right at the time Peach has developed her character incredibly well here we have a delicate little warrior who is beautiful inside and out She stands tall in the middle of chaos and runs head first towards challenges who is loyal and passionate about every decision she makes who inspires others around her to become betterIsrael the guy she is Guardian Bonded with is entwined with her destiny completelyI enjoyed this book from cover to cover There are plenty of lies deception action and of course lust Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen BAM Peach would throw in a twist which would take us in a different direction There were times I was saying “Don’t do it” and the characters would of course do it Totally frustratingAngelfire was an entertaining read and I can’t wait to see what happens next because that ending left me craving Angelstone #2 Angelstone is the second instalment of the Dark Angel Series and one that I'm hooked on and I get happy 1clicking when I'm hooked on a series so much so I've gone and bought the final 2 books to end this series Although I can't wait to finish this I'm apprehensive at the same timeAlyx Israel Jordan Mini have all escaped with their lives but not to safety not yet for their battle is only at the beginningAlyx is struggling with her feelings for Israel and even though she ended it at the end of book one she finds it hard to shut her emotions down Whilst Israel’s heart and attention seems to be solely on Adere – thus leaving Alyx to believe Israel can never truly be hers – tangling her thoughts and emotionsJordan further complicates matters when he reveals he wants Alyx for himselfWho will Alyx choose?The mortal vs The Rogue SeraphimDealing with robberies around the world black stone seems to be the only thing missing from those places this of course is lethal to the seraphim as it slows down the healing process they have On top of that Samyara is planning something huge with his army and he wants the Blood Prophecy to take place soon it would seem he will stop at nothing to get what he wants and by no means will try any trick in the trade at getting itThis was a great seuel the action and plot really got into the swing of things and kept my interest all the way through I really liked Alyx Israel’s progression as characters both as a pair and alone Alyx whilst still kick ass showed a softer vulnerable side as her emotions came to the forefront she is finally realising and coming to terms with the depth of her feelings she has for Israel she even took on a maternal role towards little Minimaybe they will be little pitter patter of feet in future books ;I really really really look forward to the third book with anticipation Angelsong #3 Angelsong picks up exactly where Angelstone left off Israel is very close to death due to the demon poisoned blade he took to the back for his old friend Adere as an act of love this would free her of the darkened who was possessing her body Unfortunately this now leave Alyx desperate She has to find a cure to the poison that is slowly killing IsraelIts all becoming too much for Alyx and while she is distracted by her fear and helplessness her memories of loving Israel are stolen At first it helps her to make tough right decisionsbut it also opens the door to other feelings to manifest for another person the rogue seraphim JordanJordan has always cared for Alyx always wanted her and now Alyx is noticing him She seems to be seeing him clearly why the sudden change in her feelings?Their feelings for each other are believable and Alyx gets from him the opposite of what Israel offered Where Israel longed to be the one that protected Alyx longed to be the strong one the hero Jordan understands her strength and trusts it He doesn't hold her back but encourages her to embrace itWhen so many things can go wrong the life of her beloved on the line can Alyx make it?Can she overcome the many obstacles in her way?Angelsong was remarkable to put it uite simplyIt has everything I love from the paranormal worldWe travel to numerous destinations and into the dreamscape once again The characters are great and the plot was well planned outA great and must read

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    This is by far one of the BEST SERIES I've EVER read Since the first book is free everyone should give it a try I bet you'll be hooked as well I hope to write a review soon

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    I was so pleasantly surprised by this booktrilogy 45 starsHanna Peach builds an excellent world with interesting characters that you will love I couldn't put my Kindle down I was that involved in the storyGod has sealed the gates of heaven the angels unable to return The archangels have separated their society into different cities and segregated the population into classes Fraternising is forbidden and if an angel cannot follow the laws or has differt ideas about how things should be run they are banned from society criminalized and labeled a ''RogueMeet Alyx An 18 year old orphan who's parents turned Rogue She's a trained warrior who posesses no magic But when Alyx begins to have visions that revolve around a specific human she is branded a charlatan amongst her peers Alyx finally meets the human Israel from her visions and discovers not just that she is his bonded Guardian a role that hasn't been assigned for thousands of years but also there is a prophecy that fortells of a guardian and human who fall in love and will be the key to opening the gates of heaven or hell Alyx is branded a traitor for actions she didn't commit while discovering the dark secret plans of Archangel Michael On the run as a Rogue she must protect Israel at all costs from demons and angels alikeThere is a love triangle in this book between Alyx Israel and Jordan What surprised me was I liked Jordan than I liked Israel despite the fact I knew Alyx would never chose the angel over her charge They had chemistry and just worked better together than Israel and Alyx Plus Israel and Alyx have so many problems and misunderstandings since the first book Their relationship was immature I really hope that Hanna Peach delivers another book centered around Alyx and Israel soon so they can have a chance at a normal relationshipBasically this book was so good I immediately purchased the next novels in succession so I could see how the prophecy was fulfilled It was free on so try it out if you like paranormal dystopian romance This book is definitely YA but had the feel of an adult novel The only thing that's missing is the graphic descriptions of sex Not a big deal IMO

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    AUTHOR PROVIDED COPY FOR HONEST REVIEWWhoa If you are even remotely interested in this genre you MUST read this series One twist after another surprises galore satisfaction without ruining the next one and TWO major twistssurprises at the end you NEVER see coming at the very end I can't say enough about this series and I almost never write reviews Happy readingUpdate 6916 WOW I can't say enough great things about this series AND AuthorThe writing was so engrossing and intense that I could NOT put it down for ANYthing It was so elouently written that I could see it in my head like a video I LITERALLY let everything else sit aside so I could finish this series I was TRULY ENTHRALLED and tell everyone about this series and the author's way of writing If you want to feel invested GET THIS SERIES I am still dying for Happy reading people

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    I received this book as an ARC with an exchange of an honest review It took me a while to start the book I loved the author and read all of her books I loved her writing and I always look forwards to her ending When I realize I was ready into a fantasy world with powers and warriors This out of the box for me I wasn't sure I would like it In the beginning it took me a while to understand this world but Alyxandra character kept me going When she meet Israel and she was his guardian The book had my interest The following books kept you going into this adventure I then couldn't wait Now that I finish the set and didn't realize there's to this series I can't wait but to download the next book Loved the story and glad that I continued Thank you Hanna you did it again

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    I love it so farThese books were great Had a lot of action and of course romance and so much going on I didn't want to stop reading once I started This book does have a lot of characters but as you continue reading you won't get confused Going to download the next book

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    Fingernails Down a BlackboardI kind of enjoyed the stories and the action If you were trying to build up to the sex scene you failed Do you have Spellchecker or own a dictionary? You need them There is no such word as keye or patrole They don't exist never will Weaved cannot be used as an adjective weaved wood only as a verb The created words became real stopping points and destroyed continuity of my story immersion Please get some reliable beta readers and listen to them I will not be purchasing further books by this author for several years

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    Downloaded these uite a few years ago for free on the Kindle store and hadn't gotten around to reading them until nowWow what a ride so far It took a few chapters to get into this but it's a rich world full of organic history and lore with likable charactersVery much enjoyed these and I went on to buy the last three books as well because I definitely needed some Israel x Alyx content in my lifeThese will stay on my kindle to be read again

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    She was already in s basement and flew down to someone? Must be a big ass basement if you can fly in it And a misspelled word on page 2 of chapter 2 Let's not talk about the unexplainable miracles If it was explainable it wouldn't be a miracle Good thing it was free Going into the DNF pile I don't have time to proofread a published author's work

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