Hand-Turned Tales

A Lady Smuggler, An Escaped Slave, A Maiden In A Gold Mining Boom Town And A Gothic Story Of A Forced Marriage And Wicked Relatives Hand Turned Tales Is Designed So That Readers Can Try Jude S Story Telling Before They Buy Her Other Books Or, If You Already Like Her Books, Enter Her Fictional World Again In Four Different Situations In The Raven S Lady, Felix Returns Home In Disguise After 13 Years He Plans To Catch A Smuggler Then Take Up His Viscountcy He Does Not Expect The Smuggler To Be Joselyn, His Childhood Sweetheart Short Story 5,500 Words In Kidnapped To Freedom, Phoebe Is Stolen Away From Her Plantation By A Handsome Masked Pirate Short Story 5,100 Words All That Glisters Is Set In New Zealand In The 1860s, A Time When Gold Miners Poured Into The Fledgling Settlement Of Dunedin Rose Is Unhappy In The Household Of Her Fanatical Uncle Thomas, A Young Merchant From Canada, Offers A Glimpse Of Another Possible Life If She Is Brave Enough To Reach For It Short Story 13,000 Words The Prisoners Of Wyvern Castle Is A Gothic Historical Romance Set In The World Of My Novels And Novella Rupert Has Been Imprisoned By His Wicked Sister, And Forced To Wed His New Wife, Madeline, Has Likewise Been Threatened Into Saying Her Vows Forced Into Marriage, They Find Love, But Can They Find Freedom Before It Is Too Late The Prisoners Of Wyvern Castle Is A Prequel To Revealed In Mist Novella 23,500 WordsHand-Turned Tales

My goal is to give you stories to transport you to another time, another place, where you can enjoy adventure and romance, thrill to trials and challenges, uncover secrets and solve mysteries, and delight in a happy ending.I ve been telling stories all my life making up serial tales to amuse my friends and children, imagining sequels to books that have moved me and left me wanting , occasiona

[Epub] Hand-Turned Tales  By Jude Knight – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 154 pages
  • Hand-Turned Tales
  • Jude Knight
  • English
  • 22 June 2017

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    A wonderful collection of 3 short stories 1 novella by the talented Jude Knight The short stories are written from ideas provided by winners of her contests They provide things they would like to read about Jude writes the story Everything from a dead viscount who secretly works for the crown investigating smugglers only to find that his childhood friend is among those labeled as a smuggler a female smuggler When the one he is looking for comes looking for her can he protect her When he reveals his true identity can she forgive him Will a raven prove to be their saviour To a tale of a slave her break to freedom the mysterious pirate who helps her escape To New Zealand tales of gold Can the owner of a mining supply company rescue the damsel who is below the status of servant in her religious uncle s home The novella is a prequel to the upcoming Emb...

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    I enjoyed some of the stories better than others My favourites, because they were unusual and well described, were about a lady who is an escaping slave in the American south and about a young woman married off to a blind peer wh...

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    A very nice collection of three short stories and one novella from Jude Knight

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    Good selection of short storiesI enjoyed this collection of short stories The characters were well developed and the plots were different from other romance novels I have read None of these short stories seemed short to me I would recommend this book to anyone looking for several good quick reads.

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    A book of many storirsEach story kept me reading Hard to put down Surprise ending to each storyline A must read if you like short stories Would love to read the book that follow

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    Short storiesA group of short romance stories, all sweet, with happy endings I enjoyed reading them I usually prefer novels, but I knew what to expect with these and they were nice for a break from y usual reading.

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    The bitsThis book is like a collection of precludes to different books Each one is very short I got bored with the tie bits and quit reading half way through.

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    Hand Turned Tales by Jude KnightThree Short Stories and a Novella The following stories are like a sampler pack for the author s writing The stories were written for winners of a contest They gave some names and ideas and the author wrote these stories from them.The Raven s LadyFelix Maddox returns home after he was thought dead Under a false name he has one last jobfind a smuggler, the Black Fox Could the villain actually be the girl he left behind eight years ago All That GlistersThomas O Bryan is in New Zealand on business When he stops in to pay his respects to his aunt, he finds a bitter couple and a beautiful young woman He would love to remove Rose from her unhappy situation but they are too different Or are they Kidnapped to FreedomPhoebe has missed several chances of being rescued from the plantation she is a slave on She has one chance to be reunited with her siblings and perhaps the young man she once loved If she...

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    his wonderful set of stories make a perfect evenings reading Each one in its way is excellent Objectively the best may be Kidnapped to Freedom s brief glimpse into slavery escapes in the American Civil War All That Glister s sweet story set against a New Zealand gold rush was my own favorite I enjoyed the characters interactions under the nose of the heroine s horrid uncle, but even i liked watching her grow until she took her life in her own hands The bird in Raven s Lady tickled me making that story a joy As to the last piece, Prisoners of Wyvern Castle, the trope of blind h...

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    Having never read Jude Knight I was anxious to try her samples of books I read through the 3 of 4 stories in one sitting I have to admit I enjoyed most The Prisoners of Wyvern Castle The story of 2 young people forced to wed and clueless on their wedding night, with how Rupert compensated and his actions without even knowing what he was doing, that was a breath of fresh air Next I liked the Raven s Lady The story of a woman smuggler and how her acti...

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