The Tragedy of Loving Jamie Clarke

Confined To A Back Brace, Tormented By Classmates, 17 Year Old April Marks Hides In Her Room, Reading, Writing And No Longer Believing She Can Find Love When Jamie Clarke, The Handsome New Kid At School, Shows Interest In Her, April Puts Aside Her Fear Of Becoming The School Joke And Risks Having Her Heart Broken By Going Out With Him.When Their Movie Like Romance Begins It Seems That April Has Found The Love She S Always Longed For And The Strength To Overcome Her Disability Jamie Has Broken Down Every Wall April Built For Herself And Helps Get Her Through One Of The Worst Days Of Her High School Life They Are Convinced That Their Love Will Last A Lifetime But When Jamie S Jealousy Threatens To Tear Them Apart April Makes A Decision That Will Haunt Her For The Rest Of Her Life.The Tragedy of Loving Jamie Clarke

Rebecca R Cohen has a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from SUNY Purchase in New York and used to write for the college newspaper She created The Conzine, a magazine that focused on the glitz and glamour of celebrities in Hollywood The content rights for her magazine was later sold to the publisher of Fan Quarterly Rebecca has been a features writer for Dudley Media Group since September.

[BOOKS] ✮ The Tragedy of Loving Jamie Clarke  By Rebecca R. Cohen –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 180 pages
  • The Tragedy of Loving Jamie Clarke
  • Rebecca R. Cohen
  • English
  • 01 February 2018

15 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Loving Jamie Clarke

  1. says:

    I felt quite sorry for the main character in this It can t be easy to be in a back brace, especially when people at school are being horrible about it The romance in this wasn t awful, but I wasn t a huge fan of it This started out okay, although I did s...

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    This is first time reading this author, and I m happy that I ignored negative reviews and gave this story a chance.this is a story of April and Jaime April has a lot on her 17yo plate w having to wear a brace contraption that she believes is defining heruntil school starts w a new student, Jaime, who not only sees past the brace, but sees the real April The characters were well written and i believe they acted realistic in how typical high schoolers would react to the situations of teen love, facing fears, and even pettiness of cliques, parties and growing up i did not give full 5 star review bc sometimes I was upset with the immaturity of April and would have loved seeing things feelings of Jaime thru this relationship, but otherwise very good read Is the developing and growing love btwn April and Jaime truly a tragedy at their age I agree with April that it would be of a tragedy if she never took a chance in loving Jaim...

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    I thought this book was good The characters were easy to relate The relationship was sweet Althought, i do feel there were some parts where the pacing seemed fast One minute she s showing him around town, then he s asking her to be his girlfriend after one date It didn t feel like insta love It just felt like intense attractio...

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    DNF at 30% and something, not for me

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