The Dressmaker

After Twenty Years Spent Mastering The Art Of Dressmaking At Couture Houses In Paris, Tilly Dunnage Returns To The Small Australian Town She Was Banished From As A Child She Plans Only To Check On Her Ailing Mother And Leave But Tilly Decides To Stay, And Though She Is Still An Outcast, Her Lush, Exquisite Dresses Prove Irresistible To The Prim Women Of Dungatar Through Her Fashion Business, Her Friendship With Sergeant Farrat The Town S Only Policeman, Who Harbours An Unusual Passion For Fabrics And A Budding Romance With Teddy, The Local Football Star Whose Family Is Almost As Reviled As Hers, She Finds A Measure Of Grudging Acceptance But As Her Dresses Begin To Arouse Competition And Envy In Town, Causing Old Resentments To Surface, It Becomes Clear That Tilly S Mind Is Set On A Darker Design Exacting Revenge On Those Who Wronged Her, In The Most Spectacular Fashion.The Dressmaker

Rosalie Ham was born, and raised in Jerilderie, NSW, Australia She completed her secondary education at St Margaret s School, Berwick in 1972 After travelling and working at a variety of jobs including aged care for most of her twenties, Rosalie completed a Bachelor of Education majoring in Drama and Literature Deakin University, 1989 , and achieved a Master of Arts, Creative Writing RMIT, M

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    4 A strange story indeed Quirky characters in what appears to be a typical, very small, country town in Victoria Tilly Myrtle has returned from The Big Wide World to take care of her mother, Mad Molly Dunnage She arrives one night at the train station with her bags and Singer sewing machine, and the only character I liked, Sergeant Farrat, drives her home to the smelly house on The Hill by the tip.Tilly was bullied at school as a bastard and is snubbed by everyone now Mum is all she has Tilly discovers her mother is a scrawny, filthy, raving lunatic, determined to cause trouble During the course of the book, we watch Tilly scrub, clean, cook and gradually clean both her mother and the house As mother gets a bit healthier, she becomes a little less crazed Still nutty, but not quite as vicious.There were too many townsfolk and connections for me to keep track of, but some stood out, particularly the despised, impoverished McSwiney family Dad is the night cart man, and one of the younger kids is Barney, who was not quite finished He was crooked, with an upside down head and a club foot There s Muriel Lipstick sat on the ends of each hair o...

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    After twenty years, Tilly Dunnage returns to Dungatar, the small Australian town she grew up in, to visit her ill mother Returning brings up memories of her unhappy childhood and the tragic accident which resulted in her leaving Dungatar as a child Trained as a dressmaker at the couture houses of Paris, Tilly s beautiful gowns entice the prim and judgemental women of Dungatar and she becomes grudgingly accepted, until another accident causes the townspeople to turn on her The thing I disliked most about this book was the malicious way the author portrayed her characters Stereotypes abound the blowsy barmade, sexually frustrated spinster, the overbearing mother in law, the nosey neighbour, etc Ham takes great delight in detailing people s physical failings in great and sometimes quite crass detail In contrast, Tilly is almost saintly in her sophistication and suffering, with her alabaster skin, abundant hair and gorgeous figure The result is a large cast of extremely two dimensional characters who are so grotesque that it s difficult to care what happens to them The premise of the book, a woman returns to the town where she grew up unhappily in to confront past demons, is an interesting one, but here it seems like a childish dream, the kind of one where you go back to high school and ...

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    2.5 starsLoved the idea but not the execution it was hard to keep track of all the characters sometimes and they weren t portrayed in a flattering way An air of prejudice and bitterness hangs over alot of the town and it made me want to shake the people there.The plot moved slowly but methodically it had its interesting points but most of the time it was blah I don t mind slow moving books most times but this one was painfully slow I did like Tilly but it was hard to understand her at times, Teddy I was so so on Mad Molly was one of my favorites for most of the story.One of those where you really don t like most of the characters but still read on to see what happens.Never felt fully connected to everyone and I didn t understand the one blurb that proclaimed this a Gothic tale It didn t feel that way to me.A fine idea but not an entirely enjoyable one Perhaps that s part of the point I am curious about the mo...

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    What a delicious book I loved the dark humour of this Australian novel The characters in the small down of Dungatar are so awful that you just have to love them I loved the writing, the links with fabri...

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    The Dressmaker was undoubtedly the surprise of the year.From the blurb A darkly satirical novel of love, revenge, and 1950s haute couture Myrtle and Molly Dunnage were the outcasts in Dungatar, Australia Paying for other people s sins were like it, but the town did not find it difficult to make these two people the culprits of the town s many secrets, meanness and bigotry Openly so With no remorse of any kind.Myrtle returns from Europe with her special dressmaking talents and turns the women into a gang of bon vivants on a haute couture high, while taking care of her disabled mother Molly was mentally and emotionally disabled by the perpetual vendettas against her Many years of neglect resulted in her physical poor health, unable to take care of herself.When Myrtle returns, she decides to turn the tables Gobsmackingly so HOLY COW, yesssss The town had some bills coming their way and it will be paid in ways they never anticipated Pain will no longer be our curse, Molly, she Myrtle said It will be our revenge and our reason I have made it my catalyst and my propeller It seems only fair don t you think This is a beautiful book Dark and sinister haute couture noir, gothic in essence, if you will However, the characters were funny, quirky, colorful, eccentric, smar...

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    25 ..

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    2.5 sWhen Tilly Dunnage returned after twenty years to Dungatar, the small Australian town she used to call home, she knew she would be shunned by the same people who had banished her as a child She needed to check on the welfare of her mother, and then she would leave again Tilly had been trained as a dressmaker in Paris her skill was second to none but that would mean nothing to the bitter and vengeful women of the town.Tilly s mother, Molly was in a dreadful state demented and filthy, Tilly was shocked at the state of the home But hard work had never worried Tilly she set herself the task of righting the house, the garden and most importantly her mother And she decided to stay in Dungatar, much to the disgust of the folk of the town Sergeant Farrat picked up his earlier friendship with Tilly, and while she rebuffed Teddy, his stubbornness kept him by her side.As the women saw the evidence of Tilly s skill, they were bemused But they also wanted to own beautiful dresses and so the competition to be the best dressed began Rivalry and resentment were rife in the town whatever would happen next The Dressmaker by Aussie author Rosalie Ham wasn t at a...

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    The premise of this book is good however, the novel involves too many characters and too many plots Really struggled to get into this book at the beginning but did get better Look forward to the movie.

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    An interesting book for sure I was initially intrigued about it when I learned Kate Winslet and a Hemsworth were going to be in the film adaptation But I really hope the film changes some aspects of the story because when I got to a certain plot point I wanted to throw the book across the room I was so upset I love the idea of this awful little Australian town and all its oddball characters that Tilly returns to But I struggled to follow all the characters and understand Tilly s motivations when they are revealed, it seemed rushed and not terribly convincing I feel like could have been done to flesh out the story and characters and make them distinctive And I would...

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    A gothic tale set in the Australian outback, the Dressmaker tells the story of Myrtle Tilly Dunnage on how she came back to her old town of Dungatar after being cast out and how she carried out her revenge on the people who wronged her and her mother.For a short novel, this was a bit slow because of the descriptive writing style of Rosalie Ham A lot of characters were involved in the story which made me lose track of the narration quite a few times but I got the hang of it as the storyline progressed...

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