Le avventure di Pinocchio

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Carlo Lorenzini, better known by the pen name Carlo Collodi, was an Italian children s writer known for the world renowned fairy tale novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio.

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    . 1881 50 ..

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    Le avventure di Pinocchio The Adventures of Pinocchio,Carlo CollodiThe Adventures of Pinocchio Italian Le avventure di Pinocchio is a novel for children by Italian author Carlo Collodi, written in Pescia The first half was originally a serial in 1881 and 1882, published as La storia di un burattino literally The tale of a puppet , and then later completed as a book for children in February 1883 It is about...

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    I don t have kids I read this for pleasure as a 32 year old man And, surprisingly, I definitely enjoyed it As I made my way through the book, though, I kept trying to picture what a kid would think It s very weird VERY weird, and kind of dark too I m not very familiar with the Disney version of this story, but I m sure Pinocchio doesn t murder that singing cricket with a hammer like he does on page 13 And things like the growing of his nose when he lies are not major plot points in the book at all In fact, it only happens twice and both times it is addressed for only slightly than a paragraph Basically, the story is about an insolent little marionette who through folly, disobedience, and naivety is subjected to a constant slew of misfortunes, each one ridiculous and over the top than the last And although the overarching moral to this tale that being GO TO SCHOOL YOU DUMB LITTLE DONKEYS is rather reductive and simplistic, the story is odd enough and the imagination of the author is unruled and unbound enough that the well worn lesson is not a hindrance.Here s a perso...

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    As is the case with many great and memorable children s tales, Pinocchio is predominated by the threat of violence and death At one point the incorrigible puppet is actually lynched by a Fox and a Cat who are after his gold coins The Talking Cricket the model for Disney s Jiminy Cricket is killed by Pinocchio, using a mallet to smash him against the wall, as early as chapter four The Cricket s primary offense Giving some lame moralistic advice to the anarchic puppet The Talking Cricket was a social conservative, apparently Later the magical fairy, a strange deus ex machina with blue hair and an even bluer temperament, is introduced as the ghost of a dead child I could go on and on, but you get the picture here If you don t behave, children, and do your schoolwork, you ll probably suffer ghastly and various permutations of misery, including but not limited to being eaten by a giant shark The tension lies in Collodi s celebration of in Rebecca West s hyperanalytic parlance transgression set against the book s explicit moralizing and voluble tsk tsking and pooh poohing Although the anonym...

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    This was a challenge and a treat reading the original story of Pinocchio in Italian It s been a long time since I saw the Disney movie, but it was obvious to me that Disney, er, Disney fied the story quite a bit The original tale is a lot darker and a lot funnier I loved the fight with Gepetto and the woodcutter at the beginning, where they are tearing off each other s wigs Pinocchio is indeed a rascal, a scamp, and all the other things they call him I think I would have throw him in the fire a long time ago I was also shocked to laughter when we meet Grillo Parlante, the Talking Cricket who becomes Jiminy Cricket in the movie, and Pinocchio immediately gets tired of his advice, throws a hammer at the cricket, and smashes him flat against the wall, killing the poor insect instantly I must say, I had the same urge when Jiminy Cricket started to sing in t...

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    I know I shouldn t feel so strongly about a children s book character from two centuries ago but PINOCCHIO IS LITERALLY ABOUT TO CATCH THOSE HANDS I was prepared for a tale full of nostalgia and heart warming moments, instead I got this clusterfuck of a children s tale I totally forgot that Pinocchio was such a stupid ass hoe or maybe his portrayal in the Disney movie is just much favorable , and thus I was annoyed than anything whilst reading about him making the same mistakes over and over again.Like, for real, Pinocchio was such a selfish and dumb little fucker, his father Gepetto truly deserved better I am aware of the fact that Pinocchio the book, that is was meant as a tale of morale and reform for children to learn from You can literally see the accusatory finger of Collodi pointing at children and warning them of the perils of disobedience and hedonism Nicki Minaj and Cardi B who are both pushing the message to their young audience to stay the fuck in school are modern day Collodis, just saying Nonetheless, Pinocchio and his unfaltering ways were a pain in the ass to read about He literally gets Gepetto into prison, then sells Gepetto s only coat to attend a fucking puppet show talk about ques...

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    I have been slowly reading a stack of children s classics to my twins thus far to combat the poor movie adaptations that are out there , but I have been less than impressed.I found Peter Pan both the character and the story insufferable Charlie and the Chocolate Factory offended me ideologically and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe was too heavy handed So I had little hope for Carlo Collodi s Pinnochio.Even though I had been slightly disabused of my belief that Pinnochio would be overly moralistic by The Old Trouts brilliant stage adaptation they re a Canadian puppet theatre company based out of Calgary , and despite the fact that Disney s Classic adaptation maintains most of the creepier elements from Collodi s classic, I approached Pinnochio with serious doubt and attitude.I almost dared it to be good And shock of shocks it actually was Yes there s a talking cricket, but his name isn t Jiminy and he doesn t sit on Pinnochio s shoulder and act as his conscience Yes there is a thread of moralism running through the book, and yes some of the things Collodi teaches, such as his focus on one s duty to obey one s parents, run contrary to what I believe, the book actually steers clear of preachiness and simply lets a fun story unfold in a fun way with a couple of decent lessons cropping up here and there.Playland known as Pleasure Island in Disney parlance is almost as creepy as Walt s uber spooky version, particularly the slimy man who rounds up the ki...

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    in fondo aggiunta 30 novembre 2017 Storia della lettura di un burattinoForse ci fu una prima lettura diretta, nella notte dei tempi, chi lo sa di sicuro ci fu il bombardamento delle revisioni dell immagine e del mito anche il film di Disney No, non mi sembra ma proprio non ricordo Ma ho detto storia, non preistoria e allora la prima lettura quella a quindici anni, al liceo.Dovete sapere, miei piccoli lettori, che chi qui scrive ha avuto la fortuna di incontrare non pochi insegnanti molto capaci Come questa maestra dai capelli turchini o forse il ricordo si sta un po confondendo che a quindicenni diceva di leggere Pinocchio E noi tutti gi a ridere sul libro per bambini Poi, voglio vedervi ad essere all altezza, nel capire bene E adesso rileggo, per motivi miei, e scopro alcune cose 1 che mi ricordo molto di pi del previsto, considerato che si tratta di una rilettura a trent anni di distanza, quindi la forza delle invenzioni certo efficace 2 che scritto benissimo nei primi capitoli si prova proprio anche questo tipo di godimento 3 che si sente che uscito pri...

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Tornagusto Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, Gioia Fiammenghi Trans Original Review, 1981 05 20 I am reading the English version of Pinocchio I read it, obviously many times in my language and the other day I found a small book with this title and I was curious to see how it was in a different language from mine I also want to invite him for dinner as it is the title of...

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