Death Masks

[Epub] ❥ Death Masks By Kim Richards – Computer geek Bill Cristo finds himself on the trail of a serial murderer when he takes up jogging at the local metro park First serendipity and then curiosity prod him to begin an unofficial investig Computer geek Bill Cristo finds himself on the trail of a serial murderer when he takes up jogging at the local metro park First serendipity and then curiosity prod him to begin an unofficial investigation Who is murdering young men in this park Is it the loony old guy who hangs out at the old cemetery or the creepy park ranger Bill's investigative skills bring him to the attention of this killer and the people near him become targets including his live in girlfriend Dixie To confront this killer before it gets to her Bill faces his own meekness and fear but not before becoming a suspect himself.Death Masks

Kim Richards lives in Northern California with her husband and pets She loves the genres of horror science fiction and fantasy Her hobbies include reading writing sewing LARPing and listening to music.

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  • 10 February 2014

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    Normally I don't read e books; I don't find electronic reading of extended texts pleasurable But since the author graciously sent me this one by e mail I printed it off and used a 3 hole punch to put it into a notebook; so the reading experience was much like a conventional bookAs a rule thrillers where in contrast to the traditional mystery the focus is on mortal danger to the protagonist and serial killer thrillers in particular aren't my cup of tea either However I do appreciate the literary exploration of good and evil in which the essential nature of all evil is revealed sometimes by the bald exposure of very extreme forms of it; and in the hands of a writer who does not in Dame Edith Pargeter's words take pleasure in evil which clearly Richards doesn't serial killer fiction certainly can do that It does so here and I have to admit that the story here is uite gripping and suspenseful At novella length it's also a uick read The image of the titular death masks a centuries old form of funerary art that Bill's girlfriend Dixie practices is used very effectively Most readers will guess the killer's identity long before the climactic revelation of it I did but that isn't necessarily a flaw; matching wits with the author to solve the mystery before it's revealed in this genre as well as with traditional mysteries is part of the pleasure of the read and knowing something that Bill doesn't adds to the suspense Bill himself is an average guy with an everyday job and a fairly typical life foible ridden but with basically good instincts; his Everyman uality makes him a protagonist that most male readers will easily identify withMy impression is that sex violence and bad language are often major problematic elements in this type of fiction Here there are a certain amount of swear words and vulgar language including three uses of the f word but it didn't become intrusive enough to be a prohibitive irritant IMO Also Richards doesn't go in much at least here for gory or directly described violence; the killer's victims are usually dispatched by being buried alive while sedated with an injected drug Bill and Dixie cohabitate but references to their lovemaking aren't graphic enough to make the reader feel like a voyeur and the fact that Bill loves her and wants to marry her induces a different reader reaction than if he were dallying with her as a sex toy It's also worthwhile to recognize that not every behavior an author depicts even on the part of sympathetic characters is being advocated; depicting human behavior in various forms that it sometimes realistically takes in an imperfect world is a very different thing from actual advocacy and readers need to recognize that factThe major justifiable criticism of this work are the various instances of slipshod grammar and punctuation omitted commas rarely fragmentary or run on sentences misused words belied is used several times in the opposite sense of what it actually means incorrect use of the pronoun them etc Some of this may be due to the publisher's lack of concern for proofreading but the author also has some responsibility which is clear in cases where a couple of minor characters' last names get changed from one page to the next and various instances of tangled details as when Bill puts his money on the counter in one paragraph and gets it out of his pocket in the next This kind of thing isn't freuent enough to ruin the book but it's freuent enough to irritate However if Richards can develop the patience and attention to such details that mark the disciplined literary craftsperson she could be a writer to watch in this genre

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