Thirteen Chairs

➳ [Reading] ➶ Thirteen Chairs By Dave Shelton ➩ – When a boy finds himself drawn into an empty house one cold night he enters a room in which twelve unusual looking people sit around a table And the thirteenth chair is pulled out for himOne by one ea When a boy finds himself drawn into an empty house one cold night he enters a room in which twelve unusual looking people sit around a table And the thirteenth chair is pulled out for himOne by one each of those assembled tells their ownghost story tales of doom and death; of ghostly creatures and malevolent spirits; of revenge and reward It is only at the end of the night that the boy starts to understand what story he must tell.Thirteen Chairs


Paperback  ì Thirteen Chairs MOBI ò
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Thirteen Chairs
  • Dave Shelton
  • English
  • 07 May 2014
  • 9781338032482

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    Inside of a dilapidated abandoned home— that is most assuredly haunted per the neighborhood children—one room appears to be in use A long table is set with flickering candles casting strange rays on the oddly assembled group gathered around Jack had heard the wicked rumors; but standing outside and seeing a soft light within his curiosity has passed piued Compelled he enters the house and follows the glow He is welcomed to the table where there is uncannily one empty chairEach person has a story to share and every one of the scary shorts could stand alone Some of narrators appear to know one another uite well while others seem less comfortable with the eclectic individuals sharing their space Jack is clearly the freshest face to the table and perhaps he has the most to fearThis mini review was written by jv poore for Buried Under Books with huge thanks for the Advance Review Copy

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    Overall a really good book kept me interested the whole time By the last 100 pages I could hardly put it down I found myself entranced by the creepy yet somehow beautiful stories embedded in the book

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    THIRTEEN CHAIRS by Dave Shelton is one of my favorite types of story collections a number of individual tales that are all part of a larger wrap around story This encompasses them each into it so that they seem as part of a novel rather than separate inclusions The main concept is of a boy named Jack and how he comes to be standing before a door in an old building that shows a sliver of candlelight beneath it And Jack is a curious boy Inside he finds twelve people of varying ages all with a single tale to tell to the grouping As a thirteenth chair is conveniently brought out for him Jack's night truly begins that snapshot moment was another crumb to fed that worm of doubt in his head to make him reconsider what is possible and what impossible in the world While the wraparound tale of Jack and the strangers was my favorite overall here are a few others that stood out to me Snowstorms In an Arctic substation a small crew begins seeing things in impossibly small snow funnels The Girl in the Red Coat A young girl bullied at school gets help from an unlikely ally her face is half covered up again ow and I think that's a shame because I think it would be interesting to see The Red Tree An old fashioned ghostly tale told in the humorous dialect of a larger than life but friendly man This all go on for a long time and wood cutter very bored Also soup is no good The Patchwork Sailor A dark story told in a dimly lit pub there should be light enough that if any man should kill another than he can be sure of his identity but no than that One of my personal favorites Beneath the Surface Another favorite of mine When a family's boat is overturned the sole survivor is like a ship lost at sea They sleepwalk from day to day Life or at least something superficially resembling it goes on Overall an enjoyable collection of a wide assortment of ghostly tales all combined into a full novel setting This book was pleasantly different from anything I've read recently and I would definitely read another novel by this authorRecommended

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    And I found that there were others like me others who persisted in this half life Others who had failed properly to depart When Jack enters the old dark house he isn't sure what he'll find in these mysterious rooms this long hallway with a sliver of candlelight beneath just one cold door Jack is curious than sensible though and allows himself into the meeting of twelve each surrounding a table each facing a candle Each will tell a story and in time Jack must tell a tale of his own too This book is a collection of short ghost stories which isn't anything particularly uniue in and of itself; however the vehicle that Dave Shelton uses to deliver these ghost stories is what made me enjoy Thirteen Chairs so much A young boy named Jack finds himself surrounded by strange adults; some kind some cold but each has a story to tell him one by one Some of the stories are simply dark and gothic in nature while others are actually fairly haunting I wouldn't call any of the stories scary but as a lifelong horror fan my views on horror may be a little bit different from someone else's so I won't say that these stories are downright incapable of frightening another readerRegardless of the lack of a substantial fear factor I thoroughly enjoyed the imagery that Dave's writing presented and I loved how each of the twelve people at the table was a distinct character; they weren't just props for the stories but actually seemed to match each of their stories I also loved the snippets between stories where we got to dive into Jack's thoughts a little bit and sense his gradually increasing unease with his surroundings Of course the ending felt predictable to me but I still liked how the writing slowly built up to the big revealAll in all I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys horror anthologies and ghost stories but isn't looking for anything to keep them up all night

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    THIRTEEN CHAIRS starts with Jack a young boy who has entered an apparently abandoned house to find a room filled with thirteen chairs thirteen candles and twelve people So he sits down and then they each start to tell storiesEach of them tells a ghost story Some like Let Me Sleep are traditional stories Others are set in the here and now with taxis and cell phones I rather liked that touch as it is harder to find ghost stories set in the present The tension builds nicely throughout the book I found the ending stories much scarier There are also interludes between each story where the people talk to each other and Jack grows increasingly uncomfortable ever worried about than the fact he'll soon have to tell a story himselfI wouldn't say that THIRTEEN CHAIRS has twists but the truth of what is going on in that old house does unfold at a nice pace There's a good balance of the frame story having a point and direction while still giving the individual stories their spotlightsEach story opens with a woodcut style illustration done by the author I believe I enjoyed all of the miniature ghosthorror stories although some did particularly stand out The macabre The Red Tree was a true delight as was Unputdownable which has an ending that bodes ill for anyone that comes into contact with a certain piece of literatureIf you like dark tales and stories that build so that you start to feel a nice frisson of terror then pick up THIRTEEN CHAIRS It's an excellent uick read with a decent amount of re read value

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    I received this book from the publisher for an honest review Jack is told about an abandon house were ghosts meet once a year Jack goes out of his way to checkout this house out that is supposedly haunted He sees nothing for months but does not give up on his uest One night Jack enters the house and the room is filled with all types of ghosts There are thirteen chairs in this roomTwelve for the ghosts and one for Jack Each ghost will tell their story Some of them are true and some of them are not After each ghosts finishes their story there is a candle in front of them that they must blow out With each story that is told Jack knows that they are getting closer and closer to his story Jack does not know what he will say but knows that he must come up with something This is a different approach to a tale of the unknown This was a creepy story that it held my interest I recommend this book

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    Even though this book was supposed to be ghost stories I wasn't scared at all I have heard most of the stories before at least similar ones and none of them seemed very appealing to me Although I do think the writing was very nice Each story was very descriptive and I enjoyed how the author uses powerful words to tell the story Overall I would give this book three stars

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    Thirteen Chairs is marketed as a collection of Halloween ghost stories I'm not sure it is though This book is full of creative stories rather than scary ones While this didn't scare me as much as I would've liked there were some interesting suspenseful ghost stories in herePossibly the best part of this story was how every story blended together The framing device used here isn't just a final touch; it's a clever bind up The ending was perfect In general this was good just not great and definitely not what it's marketed as I'll possibly add some specific notes on every story here someday

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    35 out of 5 starsSuch a uniue collection of ghost stories It takes uite a bit to scare me and this book simply didn't I do however recommend it for Halloween or when you're in the mood for a ghost story or two

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    Normally I'm not a fan of these sort of short stories in one novel or ghosts but I have to say I uite enjoyed this read There were some pictures too but I have to say they weren't the best; some of them were too simpleThe ending although I felt like it should've been an Oou moment when the reader is delighted with a good twist in the end I didn't really feel this way; I predicted it actually the page before when there was the tinniest bit of foreshadowing that I caughtI will say 11 and older simply because there are ghost stories involving blood murder insanity and yeahAll in all an enjoyable read about a haunted house and a bunch of ghosts telling stories–their stories

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