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[Ebook] ➧ Shadow of the Wolf By Tim Hall – Forget everything you've ever heard about Robin HoodRobin Loxley is seven years old when his parents disappear without a trace Years later the great love of his life Marian is also taken from him Driv Forget everything you've ever heard about Robin HoodRobin Loxley is seven years old when his parents disappear without a trace Years later the great love of his life Marian is also taken from him Driven by these mysteries and this anguish Robin follows a darkening path into the ancient heart of Sherwood Forest What he encounters there will leave him transformed The Shadow of ePUB Æ first book of a trilogy Shadow of the Wolf is a breathtakingly original and utterly compelling retelling that will forever alter the legend of Robin Hood.Shadow of the Wolf

In his work as a journalist Tim Hall has written for the Guardian the Daily Telegraph and various magazines His debut novel Shadow of the Wolf is a fantastical re imagining of the Robin Hood legends His second novel Earth Swarm is a sci fi thriller He is currently working on a seuel to Shadow of the Wolf called Winter's Teeth He Shadow of ePUB Æ lives in Gloucestershire England with his wife and thei.

Shadow of the Wolf Epub ☆ Shadow of  ePUB Æ
  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • Shadow of the Wolf
  • Tim Hall
  • English
  • 10 February 2014
  • 9781338032505

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    The story of Robin Hood has captivated crowds from Disney fans to lovers of Mel Brooks’ “Men In Tights” Mr Hall breathes fresh furious berserker air into the fable Although this telling is like no other there are scenes and scenarios that are spot on similar to my fondest recollections Shadow of the Wolf is Robin Hood maiden Marian the evil Sheriff of Nottingham; but with back story that explains so much yet reveals so littleSympathy for Robin comes uickly In his own village and on every encounter; it appears that no one is completely honest with him Reactions rage from wary to fearful to furious; nowhere is welcoming to the young boy banished to Summerwoods The story of his beloved bow is just one of many secrets shared We become painfully privy to how Robin Hood was raised then abandoned Acutely aware of the actions that shaped him as he struggled to survive; alone except for the bewitching young Marian and the half mad goddess and god of the foreboding forestThe first blow of finding out he isn’t who he thought—his family origins even his birth date—are false; paled when compared to the remarkable revelation that he is being actively pursued by both the Sheriff of Nottingham determined to destroy all Winter Born and Sir Bors who claims to be the only haven for those creatures born in the cold months among the terrifying treesMr Hall teases doling out morsels of mystery in tiny tantalizing tastes to thoroughly whet the appetite Content to keep us guessing one part of the puzzle begins to take shape while a brand new picture appears to emerge Enveloped in action Robin Hood actually fights for his life and tickled by fancy moved with magic he learns to acknowledge accept and adapt I believe that fans of fantasy adventure mystery and magic from high school students to senior citizens will relish this retellingThis review was written for Buried Under Books by jv poore

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    This turned out to be one of the best books I've read this year It's also one of the best high fantasy books I've ever read It takes the legend of Robin Hood and turns it completely on it's head There are elements of the original Hood legend woven throughout Marian the merry men the sheriff but this book is thick with fantasy elements from a dozen different books and films And that is not a bad thing Tim Hall's writing is some of the best I've ever read rich in detail and some of the most engrossing and imaginative I've come across His fantasy world does need expanding but what is created here is rich in atmosphere The story is a cross between the Studio Ghibli movie Princess Mononoke and a simple tale of revenge But there is a lot to the plot than that Hall plants clues and foreshadowing throughout and ends on a teasing cliffhanger The characters are well developed and a plot twist halfway through is unexpected and original Overall this is a addictive engrossing read that does slump in the middle for a few chapters but uickly picks up into a stirring climax that left me eager to read the seuel Highly highly recommended

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    A Robin Hood story so original it could have been written first Forget swashbuckling and merry men this tale is filled with sinister magic ancient prophecies possessed sheriffs reluctant heroes and savage damsels that are far from distressed Breathtaking imagery and lyrical writing create one of the most sophisticated stories I’ve read in a long time I was captivated from the first page

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    this looks so crazy it's gotta be some level of good

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    Well this has been one of the most interesting and original robin hood stories I've ever read ive read a lot so that's saying something Now it's not just a robin hood story There's tons of fantasy in here Some mythology loved the forest gods parts Some horror sorts of stuff that would have been right at home in an episode of supernatural Its an interesting mix and works really well as a wholeN mystery Lots of that I'd have to get the next book just to make sense of it all shadow of the wolf has wonderful writing I love the style It's very pretty I bets the audio version would be great The dialogue was good Especially when people were scared the characters Robins awesome in a seriously messed up kinda way Marian is the kick ass sort of gal I love reading about The sheriff Well he seems flat but I'm hoping the next book will expand on his characterNow even though I really enjoyed shadow of the wolf I did have a couple little issues with it so that brought down the rating from 5 to 4 Such as? Well the pacing was a bit odd It'd jump ahead years at a time or sometimes just months or days Idk how old robin and Marian are by the end Not vital but it was a bit annoying N there were the names So many minor characters to keep track of but don't worry these things don't take away from the overall experience Just worth mentioningActually my bigger issue was the hood part I bet you could change all the names like Marian and robin and much n will n the whole story would b just as solid Just minus the robin hood part There just wasn't to much of the whole noble outlaw thing going on It was really focused on robins inner struggles Which isn't a bad thing it adds lots of depth to the plot But even if you say forget everything you know about robin hood people are still going to come in expecting at least some of the standard legend stuff Mainly the rob from the rich and give to the poor part It just didn't happen here and I missed itBut we did get a evil sheriff abusing helpless peasants n some pretty cool rescuefight scenes so I'm not really complaining Just observing I think the woodland god stuff might've made up for it n the wolf creature Uber scarykudos to Mr Tim hall this is freaking epic Great work for a 1st time book Can't wait 4 the next one Its pretty gritty n dark so not for kids Older teens and up would be best Recommended for fantasy fans of course my fellow hoodies D

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    Can someone please tell me WHAT this has to do with Robin Hood? Completely bizarre not in a good way story that makes no sense It is 471 pages long about 371 pages longer than it needed to be I wish there were a negative number of stars I could give this because this book is about a 5 in my book Epic Fail

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    Shadow of the Wolf by Tim Hall is an incredibly dark supernatural and gore filled retelling of Robin Hood which almost reuires the reader to throw out their previous conceptions of the folktale I thought it was a new perspective on this old story to an almost uncomfortable extent I enjoyed the read in the sense that it was unlike anything I had ever read previously but I would not recommend it for younger readers Death and violence is prevalent and there isn’t a ‘happy go lucky’ feel to be found for the majority of this story Robin was abandoned in the Winterwood an overgrown and untamed portion of Sherwood Forest at a young age Left to fend for himself he slowly learns the ways of the woods and befriends a young girl named Marian along the way The two of them are almost inseparable becoming fast friends who adventure together However when she is taken from him Robin begins on a long trek to get her back and encounters myriad barriers and must engage in several battles and come back from the brink of death multiple times He learns how to shoot his arrow becomes deft at the art of killing and will do anything to get his Marian back It does get off to a rather slow start but I thought it was worth the wait The character development was incredibly well done and the descriptions were so vivid you could almost see the locations If you are looking for a book that will have you guessing what comes next a book that is not like any other that you have read I suggest that you read Shadow of the Wolf It is truly uniue Reviewed by Siddharth T age 15 North Jersey Mensa

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    I was expecting this to be about werewolves which I hate but my desire to consume any media connected with Robin Hood knows no limits The good news it's not actually technically about werewolves Instead the supernatural powers at work come in the form of mythological elder gods of the forestThe bad news it might as well be about werewolvesThis book somehow managed to be both dull and also grotesue When looking for something to describe as boring usually things like violence madness supernatural incest cannibalism bloodrage and torture don't spring to mind Shadow of the Wolf is consistently dripping in gore and grime and yet also is mind numbingly tedious With the strong human tendency to be fascinated by the horrifying it would almost take actual skill to create a yawn fest like this out of such carnage

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    This was an amazing retelling of the Robin Hood story and also not what I expected at first It was really grisly I don't think I've ever read a book with this much torture and gore in it and even if I did I for sure wouldn't have finished it But this story and re imagining were so good that I didn't even care The horror isn't put in just to shock but it actually an integral part of Robin and Marian's journeysI can't wait until the next book is available

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    First I have to take a moment to talk about how beautiful the book cover is I bought this on my Kindle but I want to buy the hard copy just for the amazing coverThis is a book which is hard to put into a category I will call it a historical supernatural fantasy OR high fantasy It follows a boy Robin Loxley over a series of about 8 10 yrs of his life I am not sure about how much time has lapsed in this book so that is an estimate The other main Protagonist is Marian Delbosue She is a hard girl to like in my opinion The supernatural elements in this book were very uniue I have not read anything like it I do feel as though they were a little confusing and we do not fully know what the special power is I hope that this will be straightened out in the next book Like most YA fantasy book that I have read there is one main enemy figure but there are also others which are evil and cruel The Sheriff was the main enemy and he really is evil and twisted This again i hope will be taken further in the next book because there is so much that can be done with this character and there is so much that is unknown about him Edric if The Sheriff is evil this guy is truly psychotic I loved the way this character was portrayed It was just right I sometimes find that characters like Edric are over dramatised but here it was not The writing in this book was second to none I had never read anything by Tim Hall so I didn't know what to expect and I LOVED THIS BOOK Definitely one of my favourite YA books of all time Please read it 55 starsPS If you do not like cliffhangers do not read this book It is not a WHAT ON EARTH type of cliffhanger but it is still there

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