The Singing Bones

[Reading] ➹ The Singing Bones By Shaun Tan – Well now dear children who brought you here Just come inside and stay with me Nobody's going to harm youWicked stepmothers traitorous brothers cunning foxes lonely princesses There is no mistaking the Well now dear children who brought you here Just come inside and stay with me Nobody's going to harm youWicked stepmothers traitorous brothers cunning foxes lonely princesses There is no mistaking the world of the Brothers Grimm and the beloved fairy tales that have captured generations of readers Now internationally acclaimed artist Shaun Tan shows us the beautiful terrifying amusing and downright peculiar heart of these tales as never before seen With a foreword by Neil Gaiman and an introduction by renowned fairy tale expert Jack Zipes this stunning gallery of sculptural works The Singing PDF/EPUB or will thrill and delight art lovers and fairy tale aficionados alike.The Singing Bones

Shaun Tan born is the illustrator and author of award winning children's books After freelancing for some years from a studio at Mt Lawley Tan relocated to Melbourne Victoria in Tan was the Illustrator in Residence at the University of Melbourne's Department of Language Literacy and Arts Education for two weeks through an annual Fellowship offered by the May Gibbs Children’s Liter.

The Singing Bones PDF/EPUB ¼ The Singing  PDF/EPUB or
  • Hardcover
  • 185 pages
  • The Singing Bones
  • Shaun Tan
  • English
  • 11 October 2015
  • 9780545946124

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    An absolutely stunning book of art It's a hard book to categorize and my shelving is somewhat misleading It's neither graphic novel nor fairy tale retelling exactly though it does contain both graphics and fairy tales Shaun Tan has crafted 75 beautiful sculptures to represent 75 Brothers Grimm fairy tales with little snippets from each fairy tale on the adjacent page Each sculpture is uite simple but thoughtful and perfectly atmospheric I must admit that I don't check out that many books of art so I don't know what to expect from this world but to me at least this was unlike anything I've ever seenBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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    THE WHITE SNAKE i have never said this before and it goes against all my readers' advisory training but anyone who gives this book fewer than 5 stars is just flat out wrong it is an absolutely stunning bookFOUNDLING apparently not only can shaun tan draw and paint real good but he is eually skilled at three dimensional art and here he has created 75 sculptures ranging in size from 2 14 16 inches illustrating various grimm's tales reminding us how very dark they were in their original undisneyfied form and also how very few of them we actually know THE MOON i mean seriously HE JUST SAT DOWN ONE DAY AND MADE THISTHE LITTLE SHROUD in addition tan also photographed and digitally edited all the pieces appearing in the book himself which is just showing off at that pointTHE BOY WHO LEFT HOME TO FIND OUT ABOUT FEAR the sculptures are perfect haunting evocative textured suggestive occasionally unfinished or raggedy looking but they all embody a tone or mood so perfectly compatible with the dark weirdness of the talesFITCHER'S BIRD the detail in some of these is remarkableTHE OLD MAN AND HIS GRANDSON SIMELEI MOUNTAIN excerpts taken from this specific edition of the tales The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm accompany each sculpture on the recto and the book supplies a summary of each tale in its backmatter so you can see what you've been missing i know i am not the only person who after reading this is determined to familiarize myself with some of the obscure grimm tales if anyone has suggestions for the best collection i'm all ears otherwise i'm just gonna buy this pretty onefrom neil gaiman's introduction There is a tactile uality to the Shaun Tan sculptures They feel primal as if they were made in a long ago age of the world when the stories were first being shaped and that perhaps the sculptures came firstand Shaun Tan makes me want to hold these tales close to rub them with my fingers to feel the cracks and the creases and the edges of them He makes me want to pick them up inspect them from unusual angles feel the heft and the weight of them He makes me wonder what damage I could do with them how badly I could hurt someone if I hit them with a storyThese pictures make me want to put the stories in my mouth knowing that I will eventually have to spit them out again reluctantly in wordsTHE FOX AND THE CAT all of these things are true for me too and additionally i want to find a picture that shows all of the sculptures at once on a bunch of shelves or something just to appreciate the scope of his accomplishment but internet has not provided this visual for me yet the closest i could find is thiswhich is frustrating than anythingall these review pictures were taken by me from the book with my little camera and are much impressive and detailed in the actual book with its tricky to photograph glossy paper or in any professional type photos that can easily be found online use your googler here's one for those of you who don't google wellthere's also a cool step by step description of process herejust one hundred percent impressive in every way this book is a treasureTHE RIDDLE shaun tan you are great at all thingsand if you are ever moving home and cannot fit all these sculptures in your cardboard boxes i will take them off your handscome to my blog

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    I found Shaun Tan’s THE ARRIVAL fascinating so obviously I couldn’t drive by this beauty without picking it up along the way Thank goodness I did Woah What a book So this isn’t a novel Or a graphic novel Or a collection of poems Or a compilation of short stories Or anything you may think reallyOn one page there is an excerpt from one of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and on the next one an image of a sculpture Shaun Tan madeAnd let me tell you they are INCREDIBLE Worthy of being put in a museum for everyone to admire And I’m not even exaggerating I wish this book could come with one of them because I really really want one to keepShaun Tan is of an artist than an author of literature which is fine by me Everyone has their style and Tan’s is a uniue one I seriously think I’ll forever be super curious about what he will come up with next His works are powerful and touching and meaningful and so so memorable I don’t even need to be told to stay tuned That’s my constant state when it comes to Shaun TanOne cannot finish THE SINGING BONES and forget about it the next day No no pouting I want a sculpture Pretty please? Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    I thought this was going to be of a storybookbut it's definitely focused on art And you know what? That's awesome Pictures are great Petition to have books full of pictures and photos because I aM A CHILD and need visualsIt's set out like this one page has a snippet of a fairy tale and the next has a weirdly dark photo to go with it The photos are kind of creepy?? Which is 5000% awesome Although some of them were a bit dull but most I liked Some of the artistic representations of the Grimm tales were just the besssst I really loved the one for The White Snake story #8 and The Twelve Huntsman story #58Also it introduced me to so many Grimm tales I didn't know??? I LOVE THATNOTABLE TALES• There's this one story about a dude who's eating and he turns into a donkey from the food But he keeps eating because what's done is done folks And food should nto be wasted #relatable• Then there's this epic one where a princess gets jilted so she disguises herself and her women as an army and goes to work for her ex fiance and he thinks they're the best of ever• Also there's one where a woman turns her kids into soup• OH And there's a snippet out of one that says Snow White Rose Red would you beat your suitor dead? And IDK mate that just seems sensibly relatableGrimm stories are SO dark and twisted and I love them I just wish the whole tales had been in the book not just a snippetOh Mother please stop weeping Otherwise I won't be able to get to sleep in my coffin M little shroud is all wet from the tears you've been shedding on it

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    Shaun Tan is a real artist and this is a gorgeous book of art A little hard to explain what it is exactly definitely not a graphic novel as it is described in many places Rather it's an album of Tan's miniature clay and papier mâché statues accompanied and inspired by 75 of Brothers Grimm fairy tales I am not sure Tan can take any credit for the fragments of the tales he uses did he interpret or rework them in any way? I have no idea but his work is absolutely beautiful Very often the pairs of fairy tale pieces and statues create perfectly contained art pieces invoking a certain fully formed mood that reuires no further explanation But sometimes you want to reach out to find out about the stories Luckily there are recaps of all fairy tales at the end of this tome And oh boy a bunch of them are a weird mess I didn't fully comprehend

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    I am a huge Shaun Tan fan but this book was not my favorite It did not speak to me as a reader I like uirky and I like art ish things and I like fairytale stories and I thought I would love this and I didn'tThis is 74 fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm This is like a 'drop needle test' in collage when I was a music major It was reuired to know a piece of music so well that the test was the professor would put on a piece of music and drop the needle on the record player in a random spot and you had to identify the work from whatever period we were studying Shaun takes 2 3 paragraphs from the story and that is all there is He has made a statue from that passage and then it's on to the next story In the back of the book is a synopsis of each story of about 4 5 lines It's not about the story it's about the sculpture The sculpture is nice it's ok but it's didn't blow me away It was creative I guess I expect a little than this from Shaun and his work but this is what he need to put out there so there it is I'm glad to see people enjoyed it but this wasn't for me I am excited to read different Shaun Tan book Who knows what I'll find there?

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    My ViewWhat a beautiful collection Shaun Tan has captured the essence and emotions of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales with his deceivingly simple yet evocative sculptures The works are elouent and are beautifully paired with edited extracts from The Complete Fairy Tales translated introduced and annotated by Jack Zipes Vintage Books 1987; these sculptures and extracts are truly memorable and have succeeded in replacing any childhood images I had of the tales So many emotions fill these pages; the sculptures are pared back raw and often confronting others are charming and delightful I particularly loved the sculptures that are paired with these extracts The Thumbling The Stolen Pennies and Faithful Johannes I think Faithful Johannes is my favourite the emotions etched on Johannes face are sublime and powerful so little says so much the other two I selected are just so simple and yet so beautiful But don’t be confused by my selection of beautiful evocative sculptures Tan also captures the essence of evil just as magnificently with brooding haunting images I choose to ignore these – they are truly fearful A beautiful collection that anyone will be proud to have on their bookshelf or coffee table

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    Ever since picking up The Little Red Tree in a Melbourne bookstore I have loved the illustrative style of Shaun Tan His sepia toned book on immigration The Arrival I think is a masterpiece So when this book appeared with Tan's distinctive take on illustrating the Grimm fairy tales there was no way I was leaving it in the bookshop So many great illustrators have been associated with the Grimm folk tales Arthur Rackham Edmund Dulac Walter Crane and recently Daniela Drescher and Andrea Dezso These earthy stories really do lend themselves to varied artistic interpretations What sets The Singing Bones apart is that rather than detailed two dimensional drawings these are simple photographs of three dimensional sculptures Tan explains his work I was much inspired by Inuit stone carving and pre Columbian clay figurines These exhibit a wonderful blend of whimsy and seriousness and a well considered marriage of earthy material stone and clay infused with weightless and magical ideas I agree with Phillip Pullman in his foreword to this book These little figures of clay with their simplified features their single attributes are perfect realisations of the strangeness of the characters they represent This is a beautiful collection of 75 mini sculptures and for full enjoyment it is worthwhile to get a copy of the Complete Grimm's fairy tales to read alongside There were actually 15 or so stories I didn't have in my companion edition but handily this book has a short synopsis of all the tales in the back of the book as well as a nice introduction to Grimm history by Jack ZipesIllustrated book of the year and 5 stars ; Edited to add This also makes reference to only my second Trudy that I have come across in literature The first was in Ian McEwan's Nutshell and now I discover an evil witch namesake who turns a girl into a block of firewood

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    What do you get when you put Shaun Tan's artistic bend and have him interpret Grimm's fairytales? A whole lot of fun I was raised on the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perreault so I absolutely enjoyed the darkness of the tales Although I do have to say that the Rapunzel representation looked like a phallus with golden hair Other than it was a great read

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    This book is STUNNING which is exactly what I would expect from Shaun Tan author of The Arrival one of my all time favourite ever graphic novels This is of an art book than an actual story but it's so whimsical and creepy in all the right ways and it ties very strongly to The Grimm Fairy Tales What Tan has attempted within the pages of this book is to condense each of the Grimm tales down to its rawest and most primitive form Using sculpture as a medium and various materials he has managed to create some visceral raw and honest pieces which real give a sense of every tale whether you know them already of notI adored this I read it in one evening and I know it's one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen I would say this is totally age appropriate for kids and adults and it's hauntingly beautiful besides I'd strongly recommend picking it up asap 45s overall

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