The Twenty-Four-Hour Bride

And The Bride Worematernity Nick Colter Can T Forget The One Night He Spent With Dani Sheraton Neither Can Dani Their Baby S Arrival Is, Wellimminent But, For Nine Months, She S Kept Her Pregnancy A Secret From Him, Knowing That Nick S Past Has Left Its Scars He Doesn T Love Her, Doesn T Seem Capable Of Loving Anyone Within Twenty Four Hours Of Nick S Return, Dani Finds That She S A Wife And A Mother Now All She Has Is A Lifetime To Teach Her New Husband About Love WHIRLWIND WEDDINGSWho Says You Can T Hurry LoveThe Twenty-Four-Hour Bride

Wacky comes naturally to Day Leclaire It always has Or maybe she s just a trouble magnet Like the time she taught all the kids in her kindergarten class how to lock the bathroom stalls and slide out underneath Or when she became the first kindergartner in the school s history to get suspended, after starting a glue war to the tune of one carpet, ten emergency haircuts, fifteen shirts, three pa

[Reading] ➬ The Twenty-Four-Hour Bride ➳ Day Leclaire –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Twenty-Four-Hour Bride
  • Day Leclaire
  • English
  • 10 January 2017
  • 9780373034956

10 thoughts on “The Twenty-Four-Hour Bride

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    I liked it SweetAndCelibateHero StrongHero Heroine PerfectlySafe LotsofFunnyMoments.

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    I enjoyed this book as well even though I wanted to yell at the heroine to see how awesome the hero was even if he couldn t comprehend or verbalize his feelings.When the hero comes home after months he finds the heroine Dani pregnant and he is overjoyed over the chance to have a family, since he never had one, his parents as we learn later were never there...

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    Lady, you and this book i don t have words beyond amazing Im in love with this book and especially Gem I ve never really been one of those sci fi fans, yeah i really do think computers like Gem will end ...

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    I suppose it was meant to be cute sweet but honestly, the security system, the H, the h s parents all conspired to make me wonder about the h s intelligence for remaining where she was after the death of her husband Or, for that matter, remaining where she did when she realized her husband was a schmuck I mean why stay married to a guy who doesn t care Oh Right Her family.I actually checked the date on this to see when it was written the family pressuring her to marry, etc., just seemed so dated.I m not touching on the H s parents the absentminded geniuses who apparently left their brilliant son to his own devices Yeah right, ok I m trying to figure out how it was that he wasn t included on their projects...

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    Love this book I still have the original book with the original cover Its my feel good and pick me up read I stopped counting how many times I have re read this book

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    From the book blurb AND THE BRIDE WORE MATERNITY Nick Colter can t forget the one night he spent with Dani Sheraton Neither can Dani their baby s arrival is, well imminent But, for nine months, she s kept her pregnancy a secret from him, knowing that Nick s past has left its scars He doesn t love her, doesn t seem capable of loving anyone Within twenty four hours of Nick s return, Dani finds that she s a wife and a mother Now all she has is a lifetime to teach her new husband abo...

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    Nick and Dani nearly destroy their happily ever after, but Fate takes over to save the day.

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    Gem is hilarious And, yes, it s a she.

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