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➣ [Epub] ➝ She Wolf By Teresa D'Amario ➭ – A small town veterinarian has a big time problem She's not human Plagued as a child with an extra sensitive sense of smell strength and eyesight Anna Callaway always thought she was special But she di A small town veterinarian has a big time problem She's not human Plagued as a child with an extra sensitive sense of smell strength and eyesight Anna Callaway always thought she was special But she didn't understand how special until she met Kieran Hunter He insists they are True Mates but he's not human either He's wolven Kieran is a protector of his race No longer the Alpha of his pack he spends his time searching out and punishing any who may reveal their race to humans While patrolling he finds two wolven about to kidnap Anna He battles to protect her but is surprised to find himself drawn to her in a way he never expected The couple must learn to deal with their differences before they can address their similarities But when three men kidnap Anna she must decide if she is to embrace the wolven way of life or return to her uiet existence And whether to abandon the man who claims her as his True Mate.She Wolf

nd place winner of the Best First Book Prism Award Currently live near Fayetteville NC.

She Wolf PDF ò Ebook
  • ebook
  • 119 pages
  • She Wolf
  • Teresa D'Amario
  • English
  • 08 August 2016
  • 9781934069905

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    I started SheWolf about a day or so ago and I probably would have finished it yesterday if I wasn't up working late It's one of those books you start and you know you should be in bed but you can't stop reading no matter how many times you promise yourself I'll stop at the end of this chapterRight from the start the story engages you with complex characters who live and breathe right off the page I wanted to keep following Anna and Kieran around and loved being entrenched in their world Anna's struggles although otherworldly are still identifiable and you want to root for her to overcome her fears struggles and go get her man I loved how independent and strong she was while still allowing her femininity to rise to the surfaceKieran on the other hand Wooo doggie And I mean that literally Very alpha very masculine and VERY HOT I could smell his testosterone as it dripped from each word Personally I'm not one for alpha domineering males in real life but like most romance readers when it comes in the form of paranormals it is very very sexy in the hero There is one scene where the hero demands something of the heroine that nearly melted my palm pilot I'll tell ya that muchWoo Fans self Where was IAh yesThe hero and heroine very hot together and the love scenes are seriously smoking here Very well written Also what I loved about the story is how there's so much emotion One minute you're on edge with fear then excitement then anger and then overcome with sadness Not many books lately although good reads have been able to make me feel such a range I had to stop myself from finishing the book or else it'd be over And readers you know how much that sucks because of how much you've invested in the charactersIf and when this comes out in paperback I'm definitely adding this one to my keeper shelf It's currently available in ebook format and I urge you readers out there if you haven't tried an ebook trot on over to Freya's Bower and download a copyI'm also reading Blood Martyr but as it comes out in short chapter formats I must wait with much anticipation for the next one to come out Hopefully it's soon D

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    A tale of two halves First 50% 1 star The second 4 starsFive years ago when this was first published the language used in the first half in particular wouldn't have seemed so cliched The pace was slow and I didn't feel anything for the characters But when Annabelle meets the pack things start to change And then something devastating happens and Anna's emotions reached out and grabbed my throat sueezing until my eyes watered The only thing I didn't like about that part when Kieran and Annabelle reunite they don't talk about the view spoilermiscarriage hide spoiler

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    2nd place finisher in the 2008 PRISM Best First book category1httpwwwromance ffpcom

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    This book was so much better than expected I got this book for free because of a promotion action on a romance e books site The blurb sounded like it was an eroticromance book and it was about werewolves So I decided to give it a try I didn't expect any depth just a nice and simple romance story And I was really surprised when I did not only found a great romance story but also a great story and some depthWhen I started this book I was imediately intrigued Anna is a vet but always has this enhanced sense of smell and some other strange things She never thought anything of it until one night she get's attacked by two men who are actually wolven werewolfs Slowly she learns about the wolven and falls in love While the romance does happen fast it also goes a bit slowly at times Anna not just immediately accepts everything and actually takes her time to think about it The story is simple but very thought through I also liked the world building it's not a huge world to get introduced to but the things we learn where done very good I also really liked Anna she is such a strong character and takes her time to think things thorugh and she does things her way I really liked her The other character do get much less attention I actually would've liked learning a bit about the other characters The story is also pretty simple in terms of plot but I still enjoyed it I think the story could've been a bit better or elaborate and it was a bit short But the book felt longer than it actually wasI also think that the story had a very nice mix between romance and story The focus is not on one of the two instead there is a nice mix of both of themTo conclude a nice romance story with depth than expected I liked the story and world building I really liked the main character but I would've liked seeing from the other characters perspective I am certainly going to check out the other books by this author I would recommend it to anyone who likes a book with good romanceand some sex and a nice story

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    I borrowed this from a friend who knows I enjoy shifter stories It started out right into the action which I loved Nothing worse for me that waiting 5 or 6 chapters for the story to go somewhere ButI didn't love it I never warmed up to the heroine who seemed not exactly closed minded but almost too sure of herself and her knowledge to be likeable I also had an issue with her turnaround she morphs from these people are all insane to I am so glad I'm one of them literally in sentences It didn't feel right The hero of our story is a former Alpha who gave up his leadership for reasons I considered eye rolling view spoilerHe wasn't in town when his parents and wife were killed so therefore it had to be his fault they died blink blink You aren't in town and physically unable to save them yet it's somehow your fault? hide spoiler

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    In SheWolf Anna portrays a veterinarian but she’s not just any vet She’s got special abilities that have made her stand apart her whole life In one evening everything changes and things become very clear when Kieran Hunter a wolven jumps into her lifeFor the entire review please go to the Best Paranormal Review site on the web Bitten By Books for the review of She Wolf in it's entirety You won't be sorry

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    I bought this after seeing this #1 on an ebook list on goodreads This must be one of the best shifter stories I have read in a while I love the characters and the world she is creating and can only beg for

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    This was an awesome read and I can't wait until the seuel's out

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    WANT Gotta buy this for my keeper shelf Certified CDH Book Cold Dead Handsas in you'll never pry it from mine D

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    This was a fun book I love a good PNR those Alpha males are just so hot Anna is a veterinary she loves her job and her friends so when one of her assistants just turned 21 and wanted to go to a bar to watch the male show she had to go Growing up Anna had always had a sharp sense of smell She could distinguish different smells everywhere And in a closed up bar with all that smoke and sweaty people ugh She had to get out of there She finally made it outside gulping in air she was distracted enough not to notice the scent of the stranger coming towards her When she did notice him she backed up right into the arms of another stranger He tightened his grip on her and covered her mouth The guy in front Joshua told the guy in back Rayland that Anna would make the perfect mate Fear streamed through Anna as she heard the two talking Let me go But the guys just laughed at her There was nothing she could do The men taunted her a little longer before showing their true identity When Rayland shifted halfway into a werewolf she did everything she could think of to convince herself it was a special effects or she was drugged She'll make a great mother Perfect for the pack No no I don't think I will I un I can't have kids so you don't want me Go try another bar They didn't believe her but she knew the cold hard truth Even her doctor couldn't figure out why she didn't ovalate She was not able to have children Just as she started to panic she heard the voice The lady said she's not interested Joshua Rayland’s arms tightened around her waist Joshua and Kieran fought Anna fainted and Joshua died When Kieran turned to Rayland and told him to let her go He let it be known that he was not going to forget this Anna would be his Kieran took Anna home in her car Since he didn't know where she lived he took her to His home Laying her in his bed where she belonged He scented her as his true mate He couldn't believe it Their species were close to dyeing out Their females were only fertile once a year and there were few She Wolves aroundWhen Anna woke she remembered the night before She realized she was in Kieran's home He saved her from those two guys When she found him sleeping on the couch she couldn't understand the reaction her body was giving off she had never felt this way before When he awoke they talked about what she remembered last night She told him that they wanted her to bare their children but she wasn't able to have children Kieran disagreed with her In fact he scented her so strongly he knew she was going into HeatShe went home and back to work For 3 days Kieran left her alone and her body was going crazy She had started thinking about what they had talked about and was ready to try to except what was happening A Lot of time passed and Anna was getting ready to head out to Kieran's compound to meet his familyPack she was nervous But when they got there 2 wolves ran past her and then they heard shouting Both her and Kieran ran to see what was going on 2 werewolves and a regular wolf was shot Being a Veterinary she put her skills to work and helped get the silver bullets out of the wolves SOMEONE was hunting the wolves This was a great romance story the chemestry between Kieran and Anna is great Cute uick read

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