儒林外史 (Rulin waishi)

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Wu Jingzi simplified Chinese traditional Chinese pinyin W J ngz Wade Giles Wu Ching tse, 1701 January 11, 1754 was a Chinese scholar and writer who was born in the city now known as Chuzhou, Anhui and who died in Yangzhou, Jiangsu from Wikipedia

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  • 儒林外史 (Rulin waishi)
  • Wu Jingzi
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  • 10 August 2018

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    The Scholars, I was told, was a vernacular novel which satirized the Chinese imperial examination system a rigid, fiendishly difficult essay test used by the government to staff the civil service system The book gently lampoons the examination itself and how it promotes rigid regurgitation of knowledge instead of anything that would be useful for running a country There s also the problem of superstitions and cheats, phony teachers who claim to sell the packaged answers, and intelligent and capable people who can t write under pressure to save their lives.The test itself can only provide so much material for satire, so the author turns to the social stratification which the test and civil service examinations create, and how the pursuit of power and prestige distorts societal expectations The book is not so much a novel with a single narrative, but a series of interconnected stories One chapter follows another not because of narrative continuity, but instead the author focuses on a different character mentioned in the chapter Nor is it what I would normally call satire, certainly not as a direct parody by ...

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    The six great novels of China.The ScholarsDream of the Red ChamberRomance of the Three Kingdoms, Vol 1Outlaws of the Marsh, Vol 1 4The Journey to the West, Volume 1The Plum in the Golden Vase Or, Chin P Ing M...

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    Depending on who you ask, there are either four or six so called Classic Chinese novels I strongly doubt that canon formation works any better in China than it does here and that the Eastern Canon is any reliable than the Western one, so there are likely a considerable number of less famous novels which are at least as good as those four or six but for someone who has only a very superficial knowledge of China and almost no experience of Chinese literature, those four or six are probably a good place to start The Scholars by Wu Jingzi which I read in the German translation where it is charmingly but somewhat enigmatically named The Path to the White Clouds Stories from the Forest of Scholars is among the six but for whatever reason not the four It was written early in the 18th century but is set during the Ming period 1368 1644 Supposedly it is a satire, but to be honest I would never have guessed that if it hadn t said so on the book cover There are some funny sometimes very funny moments in the novel s almost 1,000 pages but the comic aspect is only a comparatively small part of the whole and while there certainly is some ongoing criticism of the Chinese scholar class and the examination system which produces it, the overall tone did not strike me as very satirical The reason for this may very well be the distance in space and time a 21st century Western reader will invariably have to the...

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    A satire of the Chinese imperial examination system in the 18th century Qing Dynasty and of the literati it produced The examination system goes back to 200 AD and continued to 1911 Chinese officials in all that time were drawn almost exclusively from the ranks of those few who passed The odds were 3300 to 1 of passing the highest rank in the Qing Dynasty There were 9 levels and even those who failed or passed the lowest rank were respected elites T...

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    I liked this book a great deal, but I don t know anyone I would recommend it to I wouldn t recommend it to anyone who wasn t already familiar with Chinese history and intellectual discourse through to the Qing Dynasty.

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    I am a Chinese and we have one or two pieces of The Scholars in our textbooks in junior high But I did not have any feelings about this book at that time Only this year, I started reading the whole version It turns out that I like The Scholars very much The figure that impresses me the most is the young scholar named Kuang Chaoren or Kuang Chao Jen it means superman , who was very poor at the very beginning and worked really hard to make a better life for his parents It is the typical morality of filial piety that is honored as the most important quality of a person in old China and also one of the theories the governors used to educate or rule the common people Because of his ability and his filial piety, the local official took him as a promising young scholar and offered him many benefits So far Kuang Chaoren looks like a positive, inspirational and encouraging role After he went back to the city, he met some poets who did not give a damn about the imperial examination, which made them so cool to Kuang Soon after the meeting with another person Pan, Kuang realized that those poets were literally con men and braggarts Kuang decide...

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    R t n Mr Ng K nh T n n m nh vote 3 sao cho b n y Kh ng ph i do Mr y vi t kh ng hay, hay ng i d ch c v n g V n ch nh l c ch th hi n c c tuy n nh n v t c a t c ph m l m m nh m t H n 200 nh n v t trong kho ng 1000 trang s ch, kh ng nh n v t n o l nh n v t ch nh c C u chuy n c a c c nh n v t n i qua nhau m t c ch qu n gi n v nhanh n m c m nh ch a k p nh c u chuy n c a nh n v t tr...

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    Finished in 1750, this novel depicts the world of the Chinese literati, gently lampooning the corruption among their ranks and the failures of the Imperial examination system how it values certain skills over another and how certain formidable candidates are overlooked due to the caprice of individual examiners...

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    See Hadrian s review.

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    Satirisches Sittengem ldeDas Rulin Waishi hat in der Literaturgeschichte Chinas sehr unterschiedliche Bewertungen erhalten Wurde es zun chst als brilliante Satire der korrupten Bildungselite gesehen, litt man es sp ter immer weniger, da die literarische Qualit t hinter den gro en klassichen Romanwerken der Ming und Qing Dynastie doch zur ckblieb Heute wiederum sieht man es haupts chlich als unsch tzbare Quelle f r das Leben der gebildeten und in der Pr fungsh lle Chinas mehr oder weniger erfolgreichen Oberschicht.Dies ist dann auch der Hauptnutzen, den ich bei meiner Lekt re an diesem Roman gefunden habe die satirischen Aspekte, ohne Zweifel vorhanden, sind doch f r den heutigen comedy bers ttigten Menschen sehr im Hintergrund, insbesondere, da die chinesische Pr fungskultur auch ohne Satire f r uns extrem fremdartig und fast schon komisch wirkt Was einem positiv auff llt sind eben die Beschreibung von echten Menschen , nicht von gro en Helden wie in Drei K nigreiche oder h sslichen D monen wie in Reise nach Westen die Scholaren dieses Buches haben Geldprobleme, lassen sich von umtriebigen B sewichten hereinlegen und geraten auch mal auf den falschen Weg Bestechung, Betrug und Plagiarismus werden als gang und g be beschrieben, ...

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