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[Read] ➯ The Silver Eyes By Scott Cawthon – Ten years after the horrific murders at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza that ripped their town apart Charlie whose father owned the restaurant and her childhood friends reunite on the anniversary of the trag Ten years after the horrific murders at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza that ripped their town apart Charlie whose father owned the restaurant and her childhood friends reunite on the anniversary of the tragedy and find themselves at the old pizza place which had been locked up and abandoned for years After they discover a way inside they realize that things are not as they used to be The four adult sized animatronic mascots that The Silver PDF or once entertained patrons have changed They now have a dark secretand a murderous agenda.The Silver Eyes

Scott Cawthon is an American independent video game developer animator and writer best known for his creation of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.

The Silver Eyes MOBI ´ The Silver  PDF or
  • Paperback
  • 389 pages
  • The Silver Eyes
  • Scott Cawthon
  • English
  • 13 October 2014
  • 9781338134377

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    Well this was a fun creeptastic ride I love books that have to do with carnivals or old diners or just old creepy stuff I had no idea this was a video game Lol I just saw it on overdrive it sounded good so I picked it up I can't say anything for the video game but the book was awesome When Charlie was young her father used to own Freddy Fazbear's Pizza where he had animatronics serving people and putting on shows Charlie's dad built all of these himself He even build some animatronics for her room She had Ella the doll Stanley the unicorn and Theodore the purple rabbit But something went wrong One of Charlie's little friends was dragged away by the fox with a hook and things just went south from there Seems there were kids taken or where they? Ten years later the friends come back to town with the exception of one family that didn't move to celebrate the scholarship fund Michael's parents were giving to a student The friends got together afterwards to catch up on old times etc Charlie John Jessica Carlton Marla and her little brother Jason They ended up at the old pizza place It was going to be turned into a mall but it was just abandoned and the kids found out that they build the mall up around Freddy's like that isn't weird They found a way in and saw all of the creepy life size dolls Freddy the bear Bonnie the rabbit Chica the chicken and Foxy the pirate fox with a hook And there is something really messed up in that place I really enjoyed the creep factory it is totally there I loved the book so much but there were a few parts where I was confused Like there was a part where John and Charlie talk about her early childhood She's getting these memories of having a brother and stuff like that well what happened to him? They moved and he wasn't around any so I'm wondering did something kill him someone uh what? I have an idea but it's never really explained Also Charlies mom just takes after after her fathers death and Charlie grows up with her aunt and that's about it Her mom is still around but not around but whatever It was so much creepy fun and some really sad sad stuff came out in the wash at then end They have this paperback on for like 6 and some change I think I will be adding it to my collection MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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    Oh Scott Where do I start with this?I bought this book on Kindle because my sister and I have been playing our way through the games recently and while searching in vain for Nightmare mode strategies I've stumbled across dozens of fan theories regarding the apparent lore of the game While I don't consider myself to be an intense fan of the series my curiosity got the best of me The working title of this book was The Untold Story When I heard that I assumed this book would be full of the lore that Scott might have included in the last game or in that box at the end of the 7th night NoThis book takes place in some apparent AU where teenagers fresh from a memorial of a friend who went missing as a child decide to break into the old family haunt pun is so intended WHERE he went missing because hey that's fun right? Things are a little weird the first two times they go and then Charlie the main character view spoiler whose father built all the animatronics and then killed himself when 5 kids go missing from his restaurant hide spoiler

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    I found this story to be enjoyable coming from someone who enjoys FNAF lore but the reader in me has to rate this book lower based on the overall uality The storytelling was creepy at times but fell flat at others It definitely cannot function well without the reader having prior knowledge of the video game series I would recommend if you enjoy FNAF lore but don't expect all of your uestions to be answered

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    This book release proves it Scott Cawthon is a multi medium geniusIf you have any inkling of what kind of human being Scott is then you should know that he is brilliant when it comes to storytelling However there is a difference in method when it comes to showing a story through a video game and showing one from a bookScott can do both with profound talentKeep in mind that Kira Breed Wrisley co wrote this book with Scott He explained on the Steam forums that she is a professional writer and he sought out her help but other than that there’s not much known about her So not knowing how much she influenced or helped with this book I’ll be referring to Scott and Kira in the plural senseWriting StyleThere are so many things that pleasantly surprised me about this book but I will lay out some key points To start Scott and Kira display a scene or moment through describing the characters’ feelings instead of going down the usual descriptive word route Yes there are descriptive scenes how can there not be it’s a book for crying out loud but they don’t overwhelm the moment or distract from the characters’ emotions Instead they put those at the front of the train and take their time to delicately continue the writing procedure They also use emotions such as panic nostalgia and sorrow to paint different scenes with a cinematic flourish I’ve said this before about few authors on how they can describe a scene in a way that instantaneously places an image or movement with a specific point of view in my head as if I am seeing it on screen like a movie I don’t know if anyone else has ever done this before or if it’s just my passion for film talking Trigger phrases like They were surrounded and All I could hear were my screams really place a shot in my head and a sense of dropping in my stomach The authors did that many times here to my greatest joyFear FactorAnother thing was how the element of fear and horror were projected to make the reader me afraid When the first sense that something was about to go wrong came up I suddenly remembered what book I was reading and for what franchise The games’ scare factors depend heavily on jump scares The fact that something you weren’t expecting happens spontaneously to give you a start and maybe a scream or two That happens only once in this book and it is or less as effective The majority of this book’s fear factor dwells on the method of suspense Expecting something to happen depending on your imagination through stretching out time and fearing the unknown through tension when the first essence of something wrong appears The suspense and tension is handled so damn well here Small things like thinking someone is around the corner and then slowly seeing them lean out of the darkness as you realize you have nowhere to run Other paranormal incidents like visions gradually accelerating before finally being soaked in blood and horrific flashbacks from a little girl’s point of view that completely sympathize with what it is like to be a child and how a child witnesses than one tragedy I found myself shying away from the pages becoming legitimately scared To put it into uick perspective this book has less of a “trapdoor spider” effect that leaps out at you and of a “there’s a black widow spider inching down from the ceiling toward my face while I’m lying in my bed frozen with fear” effectCharactersIf you’re going into this book expecting Freddy and the gang from the top don’t because it’s not about themThis is a book about a teenager named Charlie who is still traumatized from losing her father and a friend when she was a child and how returning to the town where all of it happened brings on worse things that she can’t imagine This is such a blessing Scott and Kira concentrate this entire book on Charlie and her emotions and actually make you care about her and get attached to her as a character The first time we get a taste of the animatronics with their essence from the games is uite a ways in but is done with perfect timing Just a warning though if you’re expecting an experience from the games because this isn’t a game it’s a bookmade of paperand it has its own way of dealing with charactersAll I have to say about the other characters is that they were pretty believable through most of the book There were a couple times when these teenagers felt a little like they were “acting” the moment instead of being the moment but every time I found myself feeling that way I would step back and imagine how teenagers really act and it was or less realistic No horror movie cliches involving teenagers that I could tell eitherHoly crap dat villain He was SO FREAKING sinister view spoilerI couldn’t believe it when they actually brought in SPRINGTRAP I had no idea he was going be a part of this story hide spoiler

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    I will never get the time back that I wasted on this book Despite all the negative reviews I read for this book I really wanted to give it a shot the benefit of the doubt as it were as I thoroughly enjoy the game series but in all honesty this book would have been so much better if it wasn't for the amateur spelling mistakes terrible grammar and shocking sentence construction; said he asked is a perfect example If it had been written half competently as opposed to half arsed this would have made a really fantastic book and a great addition to the series and fandom Instead you are stuck reading a book that constantly jumps back and forth confusingly between different perspectives without obvious indication dry and drab characters that have little to no personality and a book that is only somewhat interesting in the last 15 20% They break in to Freddy's they leave they break into Freddy's again they leave they break into Freddy's AGAIN and they leave AGAIN I am utterly disappointed in this book and I really wanted to enjoy it but there were uite simply too many negative elements that make it what it is The characters could have gone through a thorough process of development in lieu of mindlessly plodding through the story line before finally reaching a climactic last uarter I will give this book one bit of credit and that it does have the foundations to be a great book but it needed a lot work before it was thrown into the ocean My first solid bit of advice to anyone who wants to read this DON'T My second solid bit of advice to anyone who wants to read this and ignores the first bit of advice Just skip through to the last 20% on your Kindle seriously it's the only time the book will be good

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    There has been a lot of transitions from video game to literature Many were bizarre choices Were people really interested in the stories behind Halo? Didn’t it mainly exist for multiplayer? Even video games that had potential are mostly better off as pulp adventuresThe Freddy’s franchise has potential The game is like no other It’s not just scary but brilliantly designed and deeply psychological Shitty YouTubers couldn’t ruin what is one of the most original games the kind that doesn’t rely on advance technology It’s a prime example of how video games can be an artThankfully Cawthon isn’t an exploiter His approach to horror is uniue and not just because of the lack of gore The seuels elaborated on the themes and ideas of the games rather than just up the shock value The transition to other forms of media was inevitable There was so much you could do with itSadly The Silver Eyes isn’t the novel the franchise deserves To Cawthon’s credit it fails mainly because it reads like a first timer The novel actually does try to push the franchise into a new direction Cawthon does try to humanize the story and give us fully developed personalities He’s just not sure how to do with itIf the failure of the novel surprises you keep in mind this is completely new territory Cawthon dealt before with general psychology He never had to create specific and diverse personalities Here he’s faced with a challenge of creating a cast and giving each of them a different personalityHe tries but he stumbles It’s amazing how a novel can be at once character driven and yet not develop any of its characters The reason it takes so long for action to happen is because the story isn’t all action Cawthon is aware jumpscares weren’t what made the game greatSo he spends a lot of time with these characters having them interact and show us their relationship Sometimes it seems like it’s just postponing the moment the slasher comes alive Then you notice Cawthon lingers on it for too longHe’s not catering to the target audience He spends so many pages with these characters because he’s trying to inject a face to the franchise but nothing happens None of them come alive Our protagonist is the worst There isn’t even a hint towards who she is She’s your generic protagonist who just observes the events and acts like she shouldIt’s when the novel goes to the franchise’s main themes that it improves The main idea behind the games wasn’t horror It’s growing up realizing our childhood wasn’t so glorious It’s the difference in how children see the world and how grown ups A description of a house early in a novel how it decayed and how the toys are still there is powerful The descriptions contrast the decay with the toys They also point how the toys were never much in the first place but just robotsThere aren’t enough scenes like that The novel gets especially lost in the middle Although it never slides into cliches of horror it doesn’t know how to translate Freddy’s brand of terror into wordsThe horror of Freddy’s came from not knowing There was no gore in that series What made it so scary is the fact we never knew what was going on We didn’t know why Purple Guy killed those kids and we don’t see the animatronics moveIt may have something to do with the writing style It’s not terrible but it’s generic Sentences lack a uniue structure or tone Similes appear from time to time not too much to annoy but there’s nothing uniue about themLiterature isn’t just a collection of facts that form a story You’re also supposed to use a style of language that will fit your story It’s just like how visuals in a film don’t merely give us a setting They don’t just show us the layout of the house but how it’s decorated expresses somethingTo his credit he tries to do things his own way They hint at a romance but never work on it It wouldn’t belong anyway Characters that can die aren’t killed so we’re not given a cheap death to heighten the excitement Even the grand death of the bad guy isn’t narrated in gory detail Fans of the game know how it happens and just like in the game we only get the basic idea of it The rest is up to our imaginationThe desire to go in a new direction backfires too often Lack of cliches is fine but the novel isn’t as weird as it should be The lack of the Puppet is also disappointing He’s the most frightening and mysterious thing in the series It’s nice how the horror and mystery have a thematic importance instead of a puzzle for a reader to solve These routes aren’t developed enoughIt’s a decent novel It avoids the pitfalls of a transition The story stands on its own and it’s written in a way that’s accessible for newcomers It’s meant to be a stand alone horror story and doesn’t have fanservice The themes of the franchise dominate it – childhood and growing up – instead of the stereotypical jumpscares The novel reads too much like a first timer Cawthon needed help from someone professional Still it’s good to see him stretching himself So far he’s pushing the franchise in new direction If it fails at least it’s not because of a re hash25 animatronics out of 5Also posted on my blog

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    my review October wrap up

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    35 starsAfter finishing all the books in the Hello Neighbor series so far with my daughter we needed to choose a new series to start reading together She’s a big fan of the FNAF games and has loved all the books in the series so the novels seemed like the perfect choice We curl up together in bed most evenings and she reads aloud to me It’s something that always look forward to This first book Silver Eyes started out a bit slow for me We’re gradually introduced to the main characters as they reunite on the anniversary of the tragedy that occurred at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Charlie one of the main characters has a special connection to the restaurant as it used to belong to her family Eventually the teens decide to revisit the locked up and abandoned pizza place and lots of creepy and dark secrets start to unravel I would say the story started to really pick up around the halfway point While the first part moved slowly as we get lots of flashbacks and character backgrounds the second half was suspenseful and surprisingly dark It was towards the middle of the book that I started to become invested in the story I had a firm grip on the characters and that’s when a big plot twist is introduced The author did a good job of capturing my attention and raised enough uestions that kept me guessing until the end I’m looking forward to reading the seuel very soon

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    25 StarsAll I wanted was some evil animatronic toys I am a big fan of the video game that inspired this novel but I tend to have low expectations when it comes to novelizations of games and movies The game Five Nights at Freddy's is all about jump scares and uick reactions so I expected a fun action packed horror storyInstead the authors tried to give this story too much depth with character development I just didn't care about It's a strange criticism to have but I feel like the authors just tried too hard The book was very slow paced until the last 20% and I felt so bored reading most of it It was too long The ending had some good parts but sadly those moments came too late to redeem my reading experience

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    SETTING ASSIGNMENTThe setting of a book has a pretty big impact on the characters actions and ideas In this book the kids are trapped in a pizzeria with a bunch of killer robots hunting them down and a deranged security guard trying to attack them Of course the characters are going to be impacted hard If there were no killer robots Scott Cawthon wouldn't have went with the increasingly spooky atmosphere of the book The book would be bright and cheerful with John and Charlie having a good relationship with each other and date and get married and stuffBut no Scott went with the killer robots The increasingly spooky atmosphere of the book manipulated the characters to think desperately instead of rationally STUFF I HAVE TO SAY NOT A REVIEWThe first time I read this book I thought it was a really nice addition to the FNAF universe But after I became a hardcore FNAF fan I reread the book and realized how messed up the story is First off why is purple guy Dave? It is solid evidence that the purple guy's name is William Afton People might say that he changed his name but then the timeline doesn't make sense The story is set in about the 2000s and even if William Afton was still alive he would still be in Fazbear's Fright If Dave was Michael Afton then that doesn't make sense If MatPat's theory of the robot Michael Afton is true why is Dave bleeding when the spring locks break? Also Dave was screaming when he was dying According to MatPat's theory Michael Afton can't feel pain SO WHY IS HE SCREAMING THEN? Secondly shouldn't all the animatronics be dismantled already and made into the Funtimes? This is the 2000s and William had already dismantled all of the animatronics in 1990 Also in this book Charlie is in her teenager robot form If William had killed Charlie back in 1980 she would have already ages around 20 years It is also implemented that Charlie was with her friends at that time but it doesn't ever show Charlie's murder??? Also at that time the security puppet was a thing Why did they never mention it in the book? If Samuel was taken by Spring Bonnie how come the gravestones at the end of FNAF 6 not have one that says Samuel? Is it safe to assume that the Michael is Michael Afton? But then Michale would be dead already and he wouldn't be the one to push his brother into Fredbear's mouth Also if the last gravestone doesn't say Cassidy then what would it say? Do i have to assume becuase of this book that the last gravestone is Michael? And what about the other kids? How come there was no mention of a Susie or Jeremy when the murder victims are restated? I personally think that this book isn't in the same universe as the original FNAF because nothing lines up If Charlie and her friends kill the purple guy are they symbolizing the souls of the dead children? If so then how come there is 7 of them while the soul count in the original FNAF is 5? If the story takes place in the 2000s then why is purple guy still intact? He should be inside spring trap 247 and he also should be inside Fazbear's Fright The purple guy is basically the only setback to the book and it is pretty darn big

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