The Summer of Katya

[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Summer of Katya By Trevanian – In the golden summer of 1914 Jean Marc Montjean recently graduated from medical school comes to the small French village of Salies to assist the village physician His first assignment is to treat the In the golden summer of Jean Marc Montjean recently graduated from medical school comes to the small French village of Salies to assist the village physician His first assignment is to treat the brother of a beautiful woman named Katya Treville As he and her family become friendly he realizes they are haunted by an old dark secret but he can’t help falling deeply in love with KatyaJean Marc is warned by Katya’s brother that she is delicate and that he should curb his attentions but he is young hopeful and in love The Summer ePUB Æ and he is certain that Katya returns his affections When Jean Marc learns that the Trevilles are planning to leave the village forever he insists on a final meeting with Katya That meeting and the events that follow turn what was an idyllic romance into an unending nightmare Katya’s secret is revealed in a thrilling tale that is part love story and part psychological thriller and the chilling climax will stay with the reader long after the last page is turned.The Summer of Katya

Trevanian was the pen name of American author Dr Rodney William Whitaker June Dec He wrote in a wide variety of genres achieved best seller status and published under several names of which the best known was Trevanian From to five of his novels sold than a million copies each He was described as the only writer of airport paperbacks to be compared to Zo.

The Summer of Katya PDF ☆ The Summer  ePUB Æ
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Summer of Katya
  • Trevanian
  • English
  • 06 June 2015
  • 9781400098040

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    As formative as Shibumi and Trevanian have been for me I realized just a few days ago that I hadn't read another Trevanian novel and set about changing that Out of sheer randomness I chose The Summer of Katya and was not disappointed at allHaving been away from Trevanian's writing for so long it was brisk and rewarding to find again his incisive edgy but always well crafted writing I had trouble putting the book down and the euivalent of 288 pages on my Kindle melted away in less than a week Trevanian's austere world view bites even than when I read Shibumi many years ago but his characters and his latent love of Basue life are rich rewards for your time It's hard for me to stop thinking about this elegant love story

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    A wonderfully written book Trevanian’s narration of the story as it unfolds leaves the reader in suspense and anxious to find out what the Treville’s secret is about His vocabulary and use of words is outstanding The writing and point of view of the characters is like no other books that I have ever read Very well written indeed Jean Marc Monjean a recently medical school graduate takes a position as a doctor’s assistant in a small French Basue village of Sallies The time is in the summer of 1914 One afternoon as Jean Marc enjoys a sunny day in the park a young lady approaches him and demands that she attends to her twin brother’s broken arm Jean Marc fascinated by Katya the young lady agrees to it and goes with her to her home There he meets the brother Paul Treville and her father Jean Marc becomes involved with the family and attends dinners parties and outings As the days go by Jean Marc falls in love with Katya deeper and deeper But he also finds out that the Trevilles have a secret that haunts them and forces them to leave the village Jean Marc is determined to convince them otherwise and even though he is warned by Katya’s brother that she is vulnerable and shouldn’t get hurt by his affections Jean Marc decides to have a meeting with her prior to them leaving What he finds out is shocking to him and to the reader Up until the end the reader has no clue what the outcome of this meeting might be and what is considered to be a romantic novel becomes a psychological thriller

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    A friend introduced me to this writer I must admit I have never heard of him before and I think I will read of his booksThis was a uick and exciting readI started of thinking it will be yet another story of a cruel possessive brother and a sister who can't get away because she is torn between her love for her brother and the burning desire for her lover and somehow she can't have both a cliche by now I am sure but because I did not know what to expect at all I was pleasantly surprised with everything that was thrown at me as a reader interesting characters good writing lots of suspense a real page turner some mystery a kind of psychological thriller at its best where everything gets tied together nicely at the end And it did not bother me at all that around the middle of the book I did see it coming And there were some beautiful and witty passages worth rememberingAh yes write For at that time in my life I felt capable of everything Having attempted nothing I had no sense of my limitations; having dared nothing I knew no boundaries to my courage During the years of fatigue and dulling rote in medical school I had daydreamed of a future confected of two careers that of the brilliant and caring doctor and that of the inspired and inspiring poet And why not? I was an avid and sensitive reader and I made the common error of assuming that being a responsive reader indicated latent talent as a writer as though being a gourmand was but a short step from being a chef love this oneorIt was of course the accuracy of his evaluation that irritated me We all desire to be understood but no one enjoys being obvious I am afraid my annoyance was not well concealed for he smiled in a way that told me he took pleasure in baiting meorThere was a café freuented by the lady patients as it offered a thin pallid liuid that claimed to be English tea then uite fashionable served with small cakes which as they were dry and tasteless were assumed to be uintessentially British I suggested that we take some refreshment there after her long walkor I realize that your intentions are of the best You lack the imagination reuired to be genuinely evil

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    I can't and will never forget this book

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    Surely the best book from Trevanian impactating on my mind to this day and I'm probably not alone

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    I thoroughly enjoy my french word a daytypepadcom site Blogger Kristin Espinasse mentioned The Summer of Katya as a good read I trust her judgement so I ordered it through my library's interlibrary loan program The book came in today I picked it up late afternoon and read it in one setting Difficult to put down the novel was chillingly haunting psychological thriller comes to mind with the rather unanticipated nightmare of an ending The glimpse into the Basue culture during a festival scene is intriguing France has tons of festivals I was curious as to The Festival of the Drowned Virgin in the village of Alos as described in the book Thanks to the world of googling the historical events leading to the festival really did occur in 1170 in the southwestern village of Sauveterre de Bearn I wonder if there really is a festival as such? Probably I can't wait to seek out some of Trevanian's works although I understand they are all different as can be one from the otherOn a sidenote The Basue History of the World by Mark Kurlansky is a good read to immerse onself in the Basue culture

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    THE SUMMER OF KATYA0517548291 ISBN13 9780517548295tbr busting 2012summer 2012one pennyhardbackHist FicBASUEpsychological thrillerDedication For DianeOpening Salies les BainsAugust 1938Every writer who has dealt with that last summer before the Great War has felt compelled to comment on the uncommon perfection of the weather the endless days of ardent blue skies scross which fair weather clouds toiled hazily the long lavender evenings freshened by soft breezes the early mornings of birdsong and slanting yellow sunlight

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    A simple story of a family in the Basue regionA young doctor who treats Katya falls madly in love with her despite being warned that she is of a 'delicate constitution'Then such sadness erupts and you end a limp rag of emotion The utter helplessness that you feel at the twisted ending This is a book which will stay in your mind for a long time if not forever

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    I couldn't remember under what circumstance I had been recommended this book and had not filled myself in with any details either so I began reading without any expectations Set in the comfortable Basue countryside in southern France I had the feeling I was reading another tale of tragic romance peppered with biting humour But thriller I never would have guessedAlthough there was a constant hinting at the peculiarness of the Trevilles' secrecy the first hints at the wrongness of it is given almost 160 pages into this 280 pages book And as Trevanian let young Dr Jean Marc Monjean deeper and deeper into the tale things began to get disturbing The experience was of a story being unwoven just as it was being woven which gave me flashbacks from the movie 'Shutter Island' a little toned down but with the same effect

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    Delicious prose and engrossing characters with a startling payoff for the reader who pushes through the seemingly dull first 100 pages At once both literature and modern thriller A thorough and well deserved Five Stars

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