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❮Ebook❯ ➮ Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine ➯ Author Gail Honeyman – E17streets4all.co.uk Librarian's note An alternate cover edition can be found hereNo one’s ever told Eleanor that life should be better than fineMeet Eleanor Oliphant she struggles with appropriate social skills and ten Librarian's note An alternate cover edition can be is Completely PDF Ê found hereNo one’s ever told Eleanor that life should be better than fineMeet Eleanor Oliphant she struggles with appropriate social skills and tends to say exactly Eleanor Oliphant Kindle - what she’s thinking Nothing is missing in her carefully timetabled life of avoiding unnecessary human contact where weekends are punctuated by frozen pizza vodka and phone chats with Mummy But everything changes when Eleanor meets Oliphant is Completely MOBI î Raymond the bumbling and deeply unhygienic IT guy from her office When she and Raymond together save Sammy an elderly gentleman who has fallen the three rescue one another from the lives of isolation that they had been living Ultimately it is Raymond’s big heart that will help Eleanor find the way to repair her own profoundly damaged one If she does she'll learn that she too is capable of finding friendship—and even love—after allSmart warm uplifting Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is the story of an out of the ordinary heroine whose deadpan weirdness and unconscious wit make for an irresistible journey as she realizes the only way to survive is to open your heart.Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Gail Honeyman wrote her debut novel Eleanor Oliphant is Completely PDF Ê is Completely Fine while working a full time job and it was shortlisted for the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize as a work in progress She has Eleanor Oliphant Kindle - also been awarded the Scottish Book Trust's Next Chapter Award was longlisted for BBC Radio 's Opening Lines and was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize She lives in Glasgow.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine Epub Ô Oliphant
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
  • Gail Honeyman
  • English
  • 28 November 2016
  • 9780735220683

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    My reviews can also be seen at THE STARS I won an advanced copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway Thank youTo be honest I'm not sure if this book would have been on my radar if I hadn't won it Although the great reviews may have pulled me in At any rate I am so happy I read itI LOVED THIS BOOK Just like it says in the title of the book Eleanor Oliphant is completely finewell she thinks she is She is honestly not worried that she may be missing out on anything She is content with her lifeEleanor is a little bitodd She's very intelligent and well spoken with impeccable grammar thanks to Mummy but she lacks the ability to filter what she says and therefore she will tell you exactly what she's thinking This can lead to very awkward situationsEleanor is comfortable with her routines She's worked at the same job for nine years She starts work at 830 at lunch she buys a newspaper which she reads from cover to cover and then does the crossword She finishes out her day leaving work at 530 Eleanor listens to the Archers as she makes a simple dinner usually pasta and salad one pan one plate watches TV or reads for a little while then off to bed at ten Her weekday routine only changes on Wednesday when she talks with Mummy for ten minutes Weekends are a bit different After work Friday she picks up pizza wine and two big bottles of Vodka for the weekend She drinks the vodka over the weekendin a state where she's neither drunk nor sober waiting for Monday to come No one comes over and she doesn't go anywhere to visit She sometimes wonders if she's a figment of her own imaginationBut she's fine with it She's fine There's nothing missing she doesn't need anyone else Well that was what she told herself But then it happens He was light and heat He blazed Everything he came into contact with would be changed I sat forward on my seat edged closer At last I found him Now Eleanor is on a mission First she decides a make over is in orderand where she starts is both shocking and hilarious I really want to write about what happened but I think I would spoil a very funny moment for many readersThings don't go exactly as plannedWhen her computer at work stops working she meets Raymond from IT An easy going guy Raymond is intrigued by Eleanor but she's just not interested She's busy trying to re create herself for the man of her dreams But after work one day Eleanor and Raymond come across a man who has fallen on the sidewalk Together they help the man Sammy and so begins a friendship along with the start of many changes in Eleanor's lifeThe story is told from Eleanor's point of view We go along for the ride as she navigates her way through her life learning to stand up for herself But it won't be easy Secrets and memories that have been tucked away for many years can be painful to rememberWhen you have trouble with social skills I can see how it would be easier to refrain from situations where things could go wrong so fast It would be easier being alone As I mentioned there are many funny moments throughout the book I really like how the author wrote these parts I never felt like I was laughing AT Eleanor but at the things she said or the situations she ended up in However there are also many sad and painful moments Times where I felt terrible for EleanorSome of the funniest parts came out of nowhere the phone doesn't ring often but if telemarketers call Eleanor whispers I know where you live and hangs up Often it was what she would be saying to herself that was funnyAn incredible read that had me bouncing from one emotion to the next The author did a tremendous job bringing these wonderfully uniue characters to lifeIt's hard to believe this is the author's debut novelThere are so many words that can be used to describe this novel hilarious uniue heartwarming heartbreaking charming hopeful inspiring and COMPLETELY unforgettableHIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    5 Stars“Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine” but after finishing this novel I am not I was completely unprepared for the life of Eleanor Oliphant and that of her ‘Mummy” To be frank I was ill euipped to deal with it much like Eleanor And it wrecked me At thirty years old Eleanor Oliphant is alone in this world She always has been actually In and out of foster care since she was a little girl she has never been touched by anyone in a loving way and doesn’t even know what that would feel like but that’s ok All of her physical needs are met you see and she has never had any emotional needs Seeing as she doesn’t have any friends Eleanor is uiet and socially awkward Everyone thinks she is fairly strange if you must to know Not that she minds since people’s behavior makes absolutely no sense to her She is good at being alone and she does not feel sorry for herself Not even when ‘Mummy’ calls and viciously tells her daughter off and berates her for being being “naughty” Eleanor however wears a coat of armor and does her best to let her mother’s words bounce off of her Eleanor has no aspirations though she has done accounting at an office for the last 9 years Every day of her life is the same and she would be nothing without routine One night all of that changes rather abruptly After work she and a coworker named Raymond whom she just met and who happens to be leaving the office at the same time as her find themselves in the exact right place at the right time Both Eleanor and Raymond see a man named Samuel go down on the sidewalk and they go have a look see and discover that he needs an ambulance This incident ends up tying the three together and becomes one of the most significant in Eleanor Oliphant’s life It forges a bond of friendship between them which is something Eleanor has never experienced before in all her thirty years During this time Eleanor also ends up finding him The man she has been waiting for all of her life The man she is meant to be with Now she just has to get him to notice her In trying to do so Eleanor grows bolder and confident She also learns to lean on and open herself up to her new friendsThroughout the book Eleanor slowly experiences a metamorphosis one that often makes you smile laugh and of course cry She is damaged and uirky but oh so special I loved her dearly For reasons than one I identified with Eleanor Oliphant you see and for that I was unprepared I did say that this book wrecked me right? I get why Eleanor is Completely Fine She had no choice Unfortunately Eleanor’s ‘Mummy’ is someone I recognized fairly well When I heard her voice in a Scottish accent on the audiobook and the way she spoke to her daughter my chest got tight and my throat closed up and I sobbed Unlike Eleanor's “Mummy” however mine happens to be British instead of Scottish though the accents are close thus I therefore guess that listening to the audiobook had an even profound effect on me I’ve had similar conversations in case it wasn’t obvious and I felt Eleanor’s pain deeply as it related to her ‘Mummy’ for at certain times in my life it mirrored my own All that aside however Eleanor does not go uietly into the dark goodnight and neither did I for what it’s worth Though it affected me greatly “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine” is without a doubt one of the most incredible profound and beautifully well written novels I have absorbed in ages It wrecked me in the best and worst ways possible In case it’s not obvious it will stay with me for a long time I think I came across it on purpose as both Eleanor Oliphant and I needed something from it and I think we were both lucky enough to receive it Published on Goodreads and on 62617

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    Eleanor Oliphant is completely 100% fine She goes to her office job five days a week and then treats herself to a frozen pizza and a bottle of vodka on a weekend She lives alone and doesn't have any friends but that's okay She's doing real well thank you very much Except maybe she isn't Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine caught me completely unawares I'll be honest I picked it up because it got some buzz and the author is British but it actually turned out to be one of those perfectly balanced sadfunny books Maybe like some combination of The Rosie Project Me Before You Finding Audrey and A Man Called Ove It takes a serious traumatic issue and weaves it into a warm funny and yes sometimes sad taleI read a lot of books and many characters come and go Some are well developed and interesting others less so But on a rare occasion I find one of those truly memorable characters that will stay with me a long time Eleanor is one of them She is socially clueless in a way that puts my teen self to shame She is literal to a degree that everyone finds odd It's painful to witness and yet so so endearingI think I like this book so much because it is actually really sad but never manipulative On a surface level it's a very funny novel about a socially inept twenty nine year old woman Her attempts to become normal and integrate into society by having manicures and waxes are sources of hilarity But it is very sad It's sad when we see her coworkers talking about her but Eleanor is oblivious to their scorn It's sad how alone in life she is It's sad when she falls in love with an idea of a personIt's not a romantic book and I'm glad There are hints that the central relationship will eventually develop into romance but this is really a book about Eleanor I am thankful that the author didn't cure Eleanor and lead her out of the darkness by having her fall in love Being happy and achieving greater self worth should in my opinion never be linked to romanceI really enjoyed it It's great to find a book so packed full of emotion without seeming overly sentimentalBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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    No No No No No NoAll apologies to my lovely Goodreads friends who have liked or loved this book but it's not for me And it's sad because I wanted it I waited for it and I was finally able to start it It's Mother's Day and my family handed me bath salts and my new book and told me to go for it They know I'm just crazy enough to read an entire book in one bath and I was ready to do itAnd I prepared my bath and I began reading and I was very uickly almost in physical pain I don't mean to be rude to the author; I know how hard it is to write a novel and get it published but this would not have made it past my eyes if she had handed it to meAgain ALL APOLOGIES but this is Mother's Day and you have one annoyed mother on your hands You have ruined my bath and in doing so you have released the Kraken MUST the reader be invited in to experience every one of Eleanor's bowel movements and meals? MUST we suffer through every not interesting in the least observation on life?And how must we EVER believe that a woman this bizarre would be able to function in the world andor experience a friendship or a romance? According to Eleanor she has white contours of scar tissue that slither across my right cheek Here's where I just about threw the book Explain No seriously Explain how scar tissue slithers across a face Do you mean as you are speaking or making funny faces? Did you attend Hogwarts? Are you a Slytherin? Help pleaseAlso somehow Eleanor hangs up phones uietly But it's 2017 and we all just use that little button now There's no loud there's no uiet there's just that one button ExplainOh and when she hangs up the phone with her Mummy choke and gag It was only when the air went dead that I noticed I'd been cryingHow does the air go dead? No I'm not kidding Please explain what that sounds like what it looks like How does the air go dead?If you want to read about a WAY adorable person with Asperger's go find Don Tillman If you want to read about a WAY delightful curmudgeon go find Olive KitteridgeI saved myself from drowning by stopping at page 50

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    If someone asks you how you are you are meant to say FINE You are not meant to say that you cried yourself to sleep last night because you hadn't spoken to another person for two consecutive days FINE is what you say Ohhh I could not wish for a perfect bookEleanor Oliphant is an office manager at a company She's worked there for years and yetshe's never fit inThe other girls at the office like to whisper and giggle oftentimes at Eleanor and the rest of them just think she's plain weird These days loneliness is the new cancer – a shameful embarrassing thing brought upon yourself in some obscure way But all that changes when she meets Raymond an IT guy at the officeThey certainly don't hit it off but they do have a connection of sorts Raymond manages to get a peek at what's underneath Eleanor's shelland he might just be able to pull her back before she really goes too far I have been waiting for death all my life I do not mean that I actively wish to die just that I do not really want to be alive Whew After reading this one I feel like I need to sleep for a weekGail Honeyman expertly weaves a story steeped with humor and love Eleanor was such an off the wall character never over the top but always just enough to be an absolute delight LOL could go and take a running jump I wasn’t made for illiteracy; it simply didn’t come naturally I adored Raymond's gentle prying and Eleanor's slow acceptance of other people This story is just so perfect everyone needs to pick up their copy Right Now In the end what matters is this I survived YouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads

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    45 What an incredible story “These days loneliness is the new cancer a shameful embarrassing thing brought upon yourself in some obscure way A fearful incurable thing so horrifying that you dare not mention it; other people don’t want to hear the word spoken aloud for fear that they might too be afflicted” Eleanor’s story hit me so much harder than I expected it to She is thirty years old has worked at the same job since she left university speaks on the phone to mummy once a week and drinks two litres of vodka every weekend Eleanor Oliphant is fine One day Eleanor and a colleague help assist an elderly man who’d fallen over on the street From there we follow Eleanor and Raymond’s budding friendship and we realise just how ‘not fine’ Eleanor truly is “I’d tried so hard but something about me just didn’t fit There was it seemed no Eleanor shaped social hole for me to slot into” Eleanor is painfully relatable her awkwardness at social encounters reliance on alcohol and the burying of all feelings and past grievances is something I feel on a personal level It’s as if her story came to me at just the right time in my life It was heartbreaking honest and powerful “I was thirty years old I realised and I had never walked hand in hand with anyone No one had ever rubbed my tired shoulders or stroked my face” All of us have felt alone at some point in our lives Eleanor’s story serves as a reminder that we are a lot alike than we realise A bit of kindness can go such a long way friendship can truly be life saving

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    As you can deduce from the title Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine Or so she thinks But by most people’s standards I’d say notWhen you first meet her it’s hard not to feel overwhelmingly sad for Eleanor Maybe even to pity her a bit Eleanor is simply existing in a lonely and somber life without friends or family And let’s be honest at times her bluntness is sort of off puttingEleanor is just fine living by her own self imposed routine The hour long lunch spent with the same sandwich and the daily crossword puzzle The nightly pesto dinner recipe The Friday treat of frozen pizza and wine And the vodka lots and lots of vodka—her coping mechanism for the long and lonesome weekendsThe epitome of socially awkward Eleanor is oblivious to social cues and norms uninhibited by a filter uite literal and extremely frugal At thirty she’s set with her one and only job—no ambition for anything better or challenging on the horizonLaying eyes on “husband material” sparks her desire for a metamorphosis of sorts She figures landing her soulmate is going to reuire some work—new hair clothes and maybe even a little makeup to hide her facial scarring After all being with a musician reuires a certain poise There are scars on my heart just as thick as disfiguring as those on my face I know they're there I hope some undamaged tissue remains a patch through with love can come in and flow out I hope It’s actually a happenstance run in with one of her coworkers and the ensuing friendship that inspires the most change in Eleanor—her outlook on life and interactions with people It’s comical that Raymond doesn’t seem fazed by Eleanor’s stunted social skills In fact his mellow attitude and companionship go a long way to smooth her edgesWhen things don’t go to plan Eleanor is forced to stare down her truth To succumb to the reality that everyone has problems and no feeling is insurmountable That eventually with time—not vodka—things will get better It's the why behind it all that broke my heart Gail Honeyman balances the heavy—and there’s a lot here so be prepared—with humor and hope; taking readers on a journey right along with Eleanor My own feelings skewing from odd to charmed uirky Eleanor managed to chip off a piece of my heart stowing it away in her trusty shopper for safekeeping With a pair of pom poms in hand I stood on the sidelines cheering Eleanor on as she discovered what life is truly about— living Connecting with others Taking those much needed pauses to drink in her surroundings And the potential for in each and every aspect of life From broken soul to a woman on a mission to live life Eleanor's is an inspiring story one I know I’m better for reading And naturally the part that sueezed the awww out of me—the healing powers of Glen ^^

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    5 STARSThank you Eleanor Oliphant Thank you for picking me up out of my reading slump Thank you for being so funny so sad so smart so blunt Thank you for being a literary character that will live forever in the hearts of most anyone that reads you Oh and a big thank you for enriching my own personal vocab My Kindle dictionary has never had such a workout What a nice perk Effortless writing that flows naturally fast even though Eleanor O prefers to use crossword type clues as actual everyday language She is a piece of work And I adore herI didn’t want this book to end No seriously did not want it to end so why did I devour it as fast as ice cream melting at a picnic? Because it is that good My black black heart doesn't always have to read about murders and mysteries I love a feel good story as much as the next guy I just need it to be the right kind of writing GOOD NOT cheesy The right kind of character layered uirky UNIUE I have to admit I wasn't a huge fan of A MAN CALLED OVE Ove did not strike me as a real person He felt artificial and a bit contrived Made up Eleanor O on the other hand is realThis is the right kind of everything Thank you Ms Honeyman for writing it I actually feel sad for other books that try so hard to achieve the big feels and don't even come close to Eleanor Oliphant I've meant to read this for at least a year now and finally was nudged into it by my bookclub IRL If this is on your TBR and you haven't read it yet ahhhhhhh I envy you Don't wait a minute longer Do it now

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    Here is a novel at the exact room temperature everyone likes not too cold not to hot just right it’s like Goldilocks finding the right bed everybody jumps in and goes right off to sleep no one has a bad word to say the Guardian loved it the Irish Times said it “hits the accessible literary sweet spot” Costa Book Prize Reece Witherspoon to star in the movie five stars rain down upon Eleanor Oliphant on Goodreads until she can no longer be seen buried beneath tons of billowy love If The Beatles could reform they would issue a single immediately called “All You Need is Eleanor Oliphant” Our story is a simple one Eleanor is the poster girl for loneliness and social isolation caused by having a frightful childhood resulting in a truly traumatic event no spoiler a house fire Eleanor is 30 and has zero friends less than zero family a poorly paid job doesn’t speak to her co workers doesn’t even have a cat or a dog or a budgie or a little worm as a pet Not even a little tiny worm Eleanor has a ridiculously pompous conversational style So unfamiliar with normal human interaction is Eleanor that she has not realised that most people do not want to be spoken to as if they are in a posh drawing room in the 1950s It’s like she has lived without tv or radio or newspapers or magazines or anything Example number one “Let us retire to an inn or public house Raymond – a uiet one – and please allow me to buy you some beer in recompense for this wasted evening”Example two “You don’t need to stay long – just show face; have a cup of tea eat a sausage roll – you know the drill” Said Raymond “Well I hope they’ve at least got a high meat content and friable pastry “ I saidExample three when she gets a cat oops spoiler she says I will assume the mantle of care This creature will be looked after assiduouslyExample four “You’re a good worker Eleanor” he said “How long has it been now – eight years?”“Nine” I said“Nine years and you’ve never had a day off sick never used all your annual leave That’s dedication you know It’s not easy to find these days”“It’s not dedication “ I said “I simply have a very robust constitution and no one to go on holiday with”Yes it’s uite funny but now come on Gail Honeyman no one is as loopy or brusue or unaware as that Even Eleanor would know her remark was inappropriate embarrassing too much information – even if she meant it to be funny which she didn’t because like any Vulcan she has no sense of humour She is the source of the humour but never understands why anyone is laughing It did occur to me that Eleanor was somewhere on the autism spectrum but that is never alluded to in the novel Has Gail Honeyman created an Asperger Syndrome character without realising it or is she just playing Eleanor for some pretty easy laughs? As well as not knowing how real people talk to each other Eleanor has no knowledge of popular culture She has not heard of Laurel and Hardy “the film was about a fat clever man and a thin stupid man who’d joined the Foreign Legion They were patently unsuited to it” ; and yet she namedrops J D Salinger and the Unabomber She doesn’t know what parking meters are “I’ll need to run Eleanor – the car’s on the meter and you know what those wardens are like if you go a minute over”I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about but I let it passAs you see there are some nice comedy moments Here’s another favourite we all know about product placement on tv and in movies How about reverse product placement? This is where you aggressively badmouth a specific item uite gratuitously Eleanor is observing someone else’s basket of purchases in a supermarket Eggs bacon orange juice and Nurofen tablets I had to stop myself from leaning forward and explaining that he was wasting his money – this branded non steroidal anti inflammatory drug was in fact ibuprofen 200 mg the generic version of which was readily available for sale at perhaps one uarter of the price For 70% of the time this novel is gentle comedy of the sort you can find in sitcoms like Not Going Out or The Vicar of Dibley if the Vicar had a brain injury But then begins the process of Eleanor thawing out and assuming a “normal” shape The great thing about this novel now emerges This novel believes in ordinary human kindness as the thing which can save us and not romantic love and that is a great message which is very rarely heard But the normalising of Eleanor has some disturbing aspects uite often it’s like a rerun of Georgy Girl the folksy hit by The Seekers from 1966 Hey there Georgy girl Swingin' down the street so fancy free Nobody you meet could ever see the loneliness there inside you Hey there Georgy girl Look at all the boyfriends you don’t get Never had a real one yet just look at the clothes you wear You're always window shopping but never stopping to buy Just shed those dowdy feathers and fly a little bitAnd the dowdy feathers are indeed shed – cue humorous sketches involving bikini waxes new hairdos and new clothes “But Miss Oliphant you’re beautiful” is almost said by at least two characters Well I absolutely don’t want to kick this novel down the cellar steps and have it look back up at me all begrimed with cobwebs and sing Where is Love? through big blobby tears I love the gospel of ordinary human kindness here even though it’s wrapped up in some fairly disgraceful looksism and evangelical therapyspeak towards the end I argued myself up down and sideways about Eleanor Oliphant and finally copped out with a rueful three stars This is a nice novel I should be nice to it

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    Eleanor Oliphant lives a fairly secluded life due to her lack of social graces and crippling self esteem and anxiety issues She works at a graphic design firm in the finance department and spends the rest of her time at home usually drinking Her social life consists of a phone call with her mummy every week Then one day she goes to a concert for which she won tickets in a raffle and falls in love at first sight with a musician Eleanor decides to make some changes to herself as part of a plan to get her dream man Meanwhile a new hire in the IT department of her company Raymond strikes up a friendship with Eleanor As things change for Eleanor she is forced to confront the past and confront the real reason for her recent desire for I really enjoyed this oh man Eleanor is so uirky and endearing Her inner monologue was excellent and I could really relate to her I had an especially visceral reaction when view spoiler she is at the concert and suddenly feels disgusted with herself when she realizes she's been projecting this whole time and created a fantasy in her head and just feels foolish hide spoiler

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