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Tor Ulven 1953 1995 was a Norwegian poet He is considered one of the major poets of the Norwegian post war era, and he won several major literary prizes in Norwegian literature.His early works, consisting of traditional modernist verse poetry, were heavily influenced by Andr Breton and the surrealist movement As the 1980s progressed he developed a independent voice, both stylistically an

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    What you ve got to understand is that meaning can be found in meaninglessness, and that these meaningless words hold all that you need to know. Every moment, we are moving forward on a collision course with death Everyone and everything will eventually disappear on it s own, not partially, not selectively, but completely and all inclusively disappear, a grim fact that we must all come to terms with Tor Ulven s only novel, Replacement, addresses the difficult facts of life, not only that we must all come to an end, but that we must make peace with the time spent while alive Ulven pits the reader toward the feeling of sorrow felt looking back at a life that is empty of all the basic necessities, or, to put it another way, it s full, full of everything but the one thing it should be full of Embracing and garnishing the human condition in a robe of intensely emotive figurative language, Ulven dives into the dark recesses of troubled consciousness and resurfaces with pearls of wisdom and hope.Often cited as one of Norway s greatest poets, Tor Ulven 1953 1995 left behind an impressive poetic body of work Replacement, written just two years before Ulven s suicide, is difficult to analyze without tripping up into an Intentional Fallacy as the narrative pr...

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review There s no point trying to tell yourself that darkness changes nothing maybe she believes that, maybe she doesn t, but in any case it s wrong, because darkness happens, it fills a space, and it could also be full of something like the way a drawer is full of silverware, or the earth is full of insects that scatter in panic when you lift a rotten log, even though darkness could also be a balloon, a balloon filled with black air In Replacement by Tor UlvenBecause of its brevity and yet countless fathoms deep complexity coupled with what is not easy text I tend to consider Replacement as an example of a novel that sifts the casual reader from the committed enthusiast In the same vein as Heart of Darkness by Conrad and Wild Highway by Bill Drummond Mark Manning in terms of seriousness of theme in a small expertly packed parcel, but providing a rather difficult text to engage with, Replacement is an significant novel on many levels Replacement carries a matching authorial mood of darkness that is perhaps the seeds of meta fiction you are aware that the style of the telling of the tale is intricately woven into the fabric of the tale itself The clarity and simplicity of the authorial voices in the two books above men...

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    The mid afternoon breeze lingers over the traces of burnt up lavender oil As the heady scent fans out the pleasing Camille Saint Sa ns symphony swirling on a loop nearby my heart slowly awakens to the thought of an early spring , the currency of which now seems to be a piece of fiction amid this dreary winter The flaky skin on my forehead smoothens with a dash of coldcream, the lonely curl tucked back in my bundled hair The looking glass pondering of a time when the opulence of a soft skin , the raven tint coiffure, render into becoming another pipe dream , the supple visage resigning to its eventual cascading fate Take an apple, for example, or any other fruit or vegetable that rots, that withers, shrivels, and wrinkles, as human bodies wither, shrivel, and wrinkle and as they age, so that rotting can be considered the lowest common multiple of all fruits or vegetables , just as people too are only really revealed in decline the recurrent words of Ulven putting me in a trance In the descent of a living soul, lay bare the gospel truth of years gone by, magnifying every infinitesimal detail of a quavering time stamp that seem to be hidden beneath the illusive youthful mirage, perpetually trickling down to a forgotten interlude that seem to have dissolved in the passage of life The fading confines of fact and fiction searching for a glimmer of...

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    From time to time I ll have the argument about why I don t stay up to date with developments in fiction Some bewildered fellow reader will wave the latest water cooler talking point at me and act offended when I don t promise to read it straight away I ll counter that I read mostly older books 20th century, let s say , that I like to wait for the dust to settle before taking these hits and runaway sensations too seriously and that if the book in question is by an Anglo writer, which it almost invariably is in any case I prefer to read in translation Why Because those other, popular, Anglo titles the ones that everybody reads I ll absorb by osmosis anyway I don t need to read them I don t need to adopt or even pay much attention to the official Anglo history of literature I d rather help engender an alternate history And if I miss something, never mind, if it s one of those popular sensations then it ll be floating around for years to come.Cue Tor Ulven s Replacement Judging by the afterword and the quality of the book bears it out , in Norway this is, already, canonical Not only that, but if as those readers with their water cooler recommendations assure me it s important to keep up , this is a book worth keeping up with A significant bending warping refining of the novel form And thanks to translator Kerri A Pierce a step forward in prose style too informal yet precise, immediate yet expansive, heir to an exactitude bordering on its own parody ...

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    Read this because of a mention in Oslo August 31, a highly recommended recent Norwegian film that mentions Proust currently streaming on Netflix Put down on page 86, than midway through Wrong book, wrong time Too elusive, too recursive too many...

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    This novel is built around a bold formal conceit the unity of character, as well as the usual unities of time, place and action, appear to be in a continuous state of flux It is very difficult to say whether the character perspective shifts across numerous disparate people or a few or one separated by time and circumstance There are no chapter breaks, but rather a series of long paragraphs of fairly constant length From one paragraph to the next, the scene may shift abruptly, or the scene and subject remain constant but the contours of character appear to shift As a result, at the most basic level, most readers will find that this novel frustrates their expectations and simply is not worth the effort Fair enough Life is short one of the novel s core themes I liked the novel overall, and even I found my mind wandering and losing its connection to the task of reading at many points So why is it worth the effort I think Ulven gets some traction here on a thought that I have often had but which is necessarily very difficult to express It is the thought that despite our obvious and vital weaving of all life experiences into a unified narrative of individual identity, our lives are also incohe...

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    If Karl Ove Knausgaard has done nothing else for me, he s helped me find some interesting looking North European writers The hipper hipsters probably didn t need KoK s help finding Tor Ulven, who s apparently very well respected in Norway But this is the only work of his in English so far Replacement was precisely what I needed when I started to read it, so keep that in mind when considering my recommendation But this is really freaking good, despite sounding really boring apparently the Norwegians specialize in sounds really boring but isn t kind of books To begin with, we re in the head of a lonely old man, at night, thinking about his past Then, with no obvious signposts, we re no longer in his head, but in the head of a younger man And so it goes for the rest of the text Each man all men do something fairly unimportant, and reflect on their almost uniformly sad lives This should be awful It s the kind of thing I hate But here, it works perfectly The form is the most interesting thing going on, but there s also a surprising amount of emotional heft, as if Ulven really wanted to make sure we saw every possible minute variation of the blues regret and nostalgia fear of the future and delusions of grandeur based there loneliness and agoraphobia Again, usually this would go ...

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    I have absolutely no idea what the fuss is about this book I gave it a good try, but I must give up A book, for me, totally devoid of feeling The words hollow as any I have ever read I got nothing, nothing at all, from reading any of this Nothing A complete waste of time.

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    Almost definitely worth the full five but as it s a book of complex stories from different stages of life it will require a dire reread Until then, four it is.

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    Tor Ulven was, primarily, a poet, though he transitioned into prose mostly short stories and essays later in his life Replacement, written in 1993 two year prior to his suicide was his only novel.It s difficult to really nail down a decent description of this book I think even the back cover does it poorly even, possibly, incorrectly though the afterward, written by Stig S terbakken, does a decent job of illuminating some of the connecting strands that hold the work together If you believe the back of the book then what you re presented with here is a stream of successive unconnected narrators, in a chain leading nowhere The book itself in some of its recurring motifs and repeated details and syntactic structures doesn t really appear to support this, or, if it does, it does so weakly with a stronger interpretation being supported The afterward appears to recognize the possibility that the voices are all connected as they all or most belong to the primary protagonist And that, the story then becomes one of endless searching for an early lover, and that each successive woman in the book are merely replacements for her, and that all is held together through this thread The final perspective shifts in the book seem to allow f...

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