An Excellent conceited Tragedie of Romeo and Iuliet

An Excellent Conceited Tragedie Of Romeo And Iuliet Free Download Author William Shakespeare In Romeo And Juliet, Shakespeare Creates A World Of Violence And Generational Conflict In Which Two Young People Fall In Love And Die Because Of That Love The Story Is Rather Extraordinary In That The Normal Problems Faced By Young Lovers Are Here So Very Large It Is Not Simply That The Families Of Romeo And Juliet Disapprove Of The Lover S Affection For Each Other Rather, The Montagues And The Capulets Are On Opposite Sides In A Blood Feud And Are Trying To Kill Each Other On The Streets Of Verona Every Time A Member Of One Of The Two Families Dies In The Fight, His Relatives Demand The Blood Of His Killer Because Of The Feud, If Romeo Is Discovered With Juliet By Her Family, He Will Be Killed Once Romeo Is Banished, The Only Way That Juliet Can Avoid Being Married To Someone Else Is To Take A Potion That Apparently Kills Her, So That She Is Burried With The Bodies Of Her Slain Relatives In This Violent, Death Filled World, The Movement Of The Story From Love At First Sight To The Union Of The Lovers In Death Seems Almost Inevitable.What Is So Striking About This Play Is That Despite Its Extraordinary Setting One Perhaps Reflecting Elizabethan Attitudes About Hot Blooded Italians , It Has Become The Quintessential Story Of Young Love Because Most Young Lovers Feel That They Have To Overcome Giant Obstacles In Order To Be Together, Because They Feel That They Would Rather Die Than Be Kept Apart, And Especially Because The Language Shakespeare Gives His Young Lovers Is So Exquisite, Allowing Them To Say To Each Other Just What We Would All Say To A Lover If We Only Knew How, It Is Easy To Respond To This Play As If It Were About All Young Lovers Rather Than About A Particular Couple In A Very Unusual World When The Play Was Rewritten In The Eighteen Century As The History And Fall Of Caius Marius, The Violent Setting Became That Of A Particularly Discordant Period In Classical Rome When Leonard Berstein Rewrote The Play As West Side Story, He Chose The Violent World Of New York Street GangsAn Excellent conceited Tragedie of Romeo and Iuliet

William Shakespeare baptised 26 April 1564 was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world s pre eminent dramatist He is often called England s national poet and the Bard of Avon or simply The Bard His surviving works consist of 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and several other poems His plays have been tr

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  • An Excellent conceited Tragedie of Romeo and Iuliet
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    Romeo and Juliet, abridged.ROMEO I m Romeo, and I used to be emo and annoying but now I m so totally in luuuuurve and it s AWESOME MERCUTIO Okay, three things One, there s only room in this play for one awesome character and it s me, bitch Two, you re still emo and annoying Three, didn t you say that exact same stuff yesterday about Rosaline ROMEO Who meanwhile, Juliet prances around her room and draws hearts on things and scribbles Mrs Juliet Montague in her diary over and over Because she is THIRTEEN How old is Romeo supposed to be Let s not talk about that, k CAPULET Good news, Juliet I found you a husband PARIS Hello, I m a complete tool JULIET Daddy, I don t want to marry that apparently decent and unflawed guy I m in love with Romeo Montague we met yesterday and it was HOT CAPULET I WILL BE DAMNED IF I SEE MY ONLY DAUGHTER MARRIED TO THE ONLY SON OF THE MAN WHO IS MY MORTAL ENEMY FOR REASONS TOO UNIMPORTANT TO SPECIFY IN THIS PLAY JULIET stamps foot, runs off to her room to watch High School Musical again and sulk TYBALT Hey Romeo, your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries MONTAGUE POSSE Oh, snap.MERCUTIO YOU TAKE THAT BACK TYBALT MAKE ME ROMEO No You can t fight him, Mercutio because I already married his cousin TYBALT I KEEL YOU Romeo attempts to stop the fight and fails miserably MERCUTIO FUCK YOU ALL dies ROMEO Okay, forget what I said about not fighting I KEEL YOU TYBALT dies PRINCE I ve had enough of your shit, Emo M...

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    I m not sure what annoys me the play that elevated a story about two teenagers meeting at a ball and instantly falling in love then deciding to get married after knowing each other for one night into the most well known love story of all time, or the middle schools that feed this to kids of the same age group as the main characters to support their angst filled heads with the idea that yes, they really are in love with that guy girl they met five minutes ago, and no one can stop them, especially not their meddling parents Keep in mind that Juliet was THIRTEEN YEARS OLD Her father states she hath not yet seen the change of fourteen years in 1.2.9 Even in Shakespeare s England, most women were at least 21 before they married and had children It s not clear how old Romeo is, but either he s also a stupid little kid who needs to be slapped, or he s a child molester, and neither one is a good thing.When I was in middle school or high school, around the time we read this book, I remember a classmate saying in class that when her and her boyfriends eyes met across the quad, they just knew they were meant to be together forever How convenient that her soulmate happened to be an immensely popular and good looking football player, and his soulmate happened to be a gorgeous cheerleader That s not love at first sight, that s lust at first sigh...

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    THIS This is what happens when you jump into a Rebound Relationship.So, when the story opens, Romeo is desperately in love with Rosaline But since she won t give up the booty has sworn to remain chaste, he s all depressed and heartbroken Annoying emo style His friends, tired of his constant whining, give him a Beyonc mixtape He takes her words to heart, and her lyrics begin to mend his broken soul His boys drag his sad ass to a party, and across a crowded room, Romeo spies his next victimer, his really really for real this time True Love.Meet 13 year old Juliet Who is 13.And how old is Romeo Well, he s old enough to kill Juliet s cousin in a sword fight, soyeah Probably not 13 But since he s such a punk little pussy what with the whining, sobbing, and spouting off crap poetry I m going to assume he s not much older than she is and say 15 or 16 If I m wrong, don t correct me It ll help me sleep tonight.Tragically, Juliet is a Hatfield, and Romeo is a McCoy Their families have been feuding over a McCoy pig that was killed during a Hatfield moonshine run decades ago Totally true I swear.Needless to say, tensions are still running high So Shhhhh. They gotta keep their love on the down low.And it <...

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    Two things struck me during this re reading 1 From the first scene of the play, the sexual puns are drenched in metaphorical violence drawing your weapon, laying knife aboard, forcing women to the wall, etc , creating a stark contrast with the purity of Romeo and Juliet s love and language, and 2 Mercutio, the Nurse and Old Capulet are something totally new both in Shakespeare and also in English drama, that is, characters who are not only realistic but whose language ...

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    The people who dislike this play are the ones who view common sense over being rational, and prefer to view the world in a structured way One of the main arguments that come across is the meeting, falling in love, and dying all in a weekend when Juliet is but 13 We all must die in the end, so wouldn t you want to in the name of love than of an awful disease Perhaps the two lovers weren t truly in love, but their last living moments were spent believing so, so what does it matter How can one truly know if one is in love Is it a feeling In that case, what is a feeling If you believe you are in love, then you may as well be, contrary to what others might say.The argument with the weak plot Shakespeare didn t invent Romeo and Juliet It was infact a poem which is constantly being adapted over time Shakespeare did add in some aspects but the mee...

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    Romeo and Juliet The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet is a tragedy, written by William Shakespeare early in his career, about two young star crossed lovers, whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families It was among Shakespeare s most popular plays, during his lifetime, and along with Hamlet, is one of his most frequently performed plays Today, the title characters are regarded as archetypal young lovers.Romeo and Juliet belongs to a tradition of tragic romances stretching back to antiquity The plot is based on an Italian tale translated into verse as The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet by Arthur Brooke in 1562 and retold in prose in Palace of Pleasure by William Painter in 1567 Shakespeare borrowed heavily from both but expanded the plot by developing a numb...

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    Why didn t they just run away together It would have saved a lot of heart ache.

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    Happy 2018, everyone I thought I would get the year off on the right track by reading my first book for classics bingo in the group catching up on classicsand lots One of the squares on this year s board is to read a book published before the 18th century, and, because Romeo and Juliet is one of this month s group reads, I decided to mark off this square early Way back in ninth grade, I read Romeo and Juliet I happened to have a teacher who assigned us outside of the box assignments such as writing letters between the primary characters or keeping Juliet s diary Thus, this Shakespearean tragedy remains memorable to me than some of the other dramas I have read over the years Yet, the play still warranted a reread through adult eyes so here I am, beginning 2018 by reading Shakespeare.I will be the first to admit that I although I enjoy reading through modern drama, usually Pulitzer winners, Shakespeare is tough for me The language I am able to slog through however, most plots are dull and leave me with much to be the desired The only dramas I enjoy enough to want to reread is The Merchant of Venice and MacBeth for their strong,...

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    Every emo fourteen year old s dream In bullet point form fall in love with hot boy girl delete as appropriate that parents can t stand tender words and some sex gotta find out what that s like major tragic incident that really wasn t your fault, you were provoked everyone s mad at you die beautiful death in loved one s ar...

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