BOOKS Wanderers Author Chuck Wendig Truongnguyenwedding.com A Decadent Rock Star A Deeply Religious Radio Host A Disgraced Scientist And A Teenage Girl Who May Be The World S Last Hope In The Tradition Of The Stand And Station Eleven Comes A Gripping Saga That Weaves An Epic Tapestry Of Humanity Into An Astonishing Tale Of Survival.Shana Wakes Up One Morning To Discover Her Little Sister In The Grip Of A Strange Malady She Appears To Be Sleepwalking She Cannot Talk And Cannot Be Woken Up And She Is Heading With Inexorable Determination To A Destination That Only She Knows But Shana And Are Sister Are Not Alone Soon They Are Joined By A Flock Of Sleepwalkers From Across America, On The Same Mysterious Journey And Like Shana, There Are Other Shepherds Who Follow The Flock To Protect Their Friends And Family On The Long Dark Road Ahead.For On Their Journey, They Will Discover An America Convulsed With Terror And Violence, Where This Apocalyptic Epidemic Proves Less Dangerous Than The Fear Of It As The Rest Of Society Collapses All Around Them And An Ultraviolent Militia Threatens To Exterminate Them The Fate Of The Sleepwalkers Depends On Unraveling The Mystery Behind The Epidemic The Terrifying Secret Will Either Tear The Nation Apart Or Bring The Survivors Together To Remake A Shattered World.Wanderers

Chuck Wendig is a novelist, a screenwriter, and a freelance penmonkey.He has contributed over two million words to the roleplaying game industry, and was the developer of the popular Hunter The Vigil game line White Wolf Game Studios CCP.He, along with writing partner Lance Weiler, is a fellow of the Sundance Film Festival Screenwriter s Lab 2010 Their short film, Pandemic, will show at th

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  • ebook
  • 800 pages
  • Wanderers
  • Chuck Wendig
  • English
  • 23 August 2018

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    This reminds me a lot of The Stand In fact, the author admits to it within the novel What Wendig doesn t do is veer off into the cartoonish which King, at times, has a tendency to do Don t let its length deter you It reads quickly and I finished it within three days Wendig wrestles with potent questions here including the power of technology, extreme prejudice,...

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    This fucking book I love long end of the world books How it ends doesn t matter to me This book has many comparisons to other books Please, let that go The Stand, and Swan Song are different animals If you compare Stand to Swan, then you re a fucking idiot This story This fucking tale was bullshit I absolutely despised this crap I loved the rock star A.rock star I have been bored for 2 months now I quit Take this boring crap and Actually, I really don t believe that this fucking book will be one of those who last This story doesn t have the staying power,not the character development to stand the test of time This shit was a bore I need massive amounts of humor on my end of world books Duh, of.course the gay rocke...

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    It s the end of the world and I feel uuurkkkLet me tell you something, my fine folks I think I had fun reading this book than I have for ANY apocalypse book That s including the Stand, Lucifer s Hammer, or The Power And perhaps a few others that I rank higher than the rest.But let me be clear I had the most fun with this I m not saying it has MORE to gloam onto than the Stand, but I had myself a few issues with the Stand The whole moralistic good vs evil, for example And I had a bit of a rough time with some of the 70 s sexism in Lucifer s Hammer.Wanderers, however, is leagues above most of the current runs of epic dystopias No, it s not a zombie apocalypse or a big meteorite spoiling everyone s day or the ultimate reversal of the sexes It is, however, quite free of rampant female humiliation, gratuitous rape, and violence in general This book is full of heart even while it DOES have a rather usual trope of religious nutters, white supremacists, and NRA hotheads They re quite happy to be all opportunistic on humanity s ass.What sets this above all the rest Clever fundamental choices and trope inclusions, baby Very strong science, too And delightfully complex characters.But for me I love the pop culture references Wendig is like, some kind of master with pop trivia and really sharp, maybe bloody, wit His Miriam Black novels left me bloody with words In Wanderers, he tone...

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    this was arcstack before i got this beautiful 800 page beast in a slipcase, no less fancy ARC, why you so fancy about a mysterious epidemic, societal breakdown, post event survival, journeys across a shattered american landscape i.e ALL OF MY JAMS sorry, arcstack, i think we...

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    My review of WANDERERS can be found at High Fever Books.Film critic Roger Ebert once said, No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough The same is certainly true of books Chuck Wendig s Wanderers, sure to be the man s magnum opus, clocks in at 800 pages and took me roughly two weeks to get through a longer than expected number of days for me, thanks to some very limited reading time while I was busy attending StokerCon 2019 Thankfully, it s every bit as good as I had expected, better in a lot of ways even, and I never felt burdened by the large page count Wanderers never felt too long simply because of how damn good it is the whole way through And frankly, I wouldn t have minded it being a little bit longer just so I could spend some time in this world, particularly during the book s denouement.Wendig s latest has been picking up some comparison s to Stephen King s The Stand, but it s a very superficial, easy to make comparison Yes, both are door stoppers of a book, and there s some thematic resemblances, mostly revolving around a mysterious illness and a cross country trip for the handful of humanity s survivors to wage a Good vs Evil war for soul of the future Fo...

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    If you re reading this review, it means that you re interested in my individual experience with this book WANDERERS I think it s safe to say that this is a highly anticipated release this year and it s certainly getting a ton of coverage So, I m going to honor the fact that you re taking a moment to see what I have to say about it among the countless other reviews out there available to you There won t be any plot details here just my reading experiences and feelings.I want to leave all your own discoveries with this book intact, should you choose to go on this epic journey for yourself You ll find this book being compared to iconic apocalyptic novels such as SWAN SONG by Robert McCammon and THE STAND by Stephen King People will want to know, Is it as good as___ I d like to say that I will happily shelve this book right next to those two books as my favorite apocalyptic horror novels And I will recommend all three of them as such.It s impossible to compare them I think it s ridiculous to even try They are all totally different and evoke different emotions as they are all written by talented indiv...

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    I ve been hearing buzz about Wanderers for several months now and was thrilled to have Memorial Day weekend to curl up and read it Shana Stewart wakes up one morning on her family farm and notices her sister Nessie wandering down the road When Shana catches up with Nessie, she believes her sister is sleepwalking As Nessie walks through town, seemingly unaware of her own actions and unable to be awakened, another person soon joins her.Shana doesn t know where her sister and the growing number of sleepwalkers are headed but they are slowly making their way across the country with an intense determination and their number is climbing steadily The group becomes known as the flock and the friends family who follow and protect them known as shepherds.America is soon divided about the meaning of the sleepwalkers Is it a terrorist attack The beginning of Armageddon A disease Along their journey, readers meet a vibrant cast of characters, including an aging rock star, a preacher whose family and faith are in crisis, a wealthy businessman trying to escape the shadow of his family s legacy, and a group of scientists with the CDC including the disgraced Dr Benjamin Ray whose involvement...

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    My two favorite genres are sci fi and apocalypse, so when I find a book that blends the two, I m in reading heaven My all time favorite books in this type of genre are The Stand, Swan Song, The Book of M, The Passage, and now Wanderers All are epic and most are behemoth books I couldn t get enough of Wanderers A teen girl sleepwalks out of her house one night, but can t be woken up Ever Eventually other sleepwalkers join in Their loved ones stay with them to watch over them and eventually become known as Shepherds of the Flock This made for an eerie and disturbing picture in my head The premise was amazing As the miles pass by, and sleepwalkers join the flock, which means and Shepherds.Wendig then veers off to others stories such as the preacher who gets caught up with the white supremacy, at first with some hesitation His story was very hard to read A former CDC doctor starts off by investigating the cause but becomes the sleepwalkers protector The strangest storyline was the aging rock and roll star who joins as a Shepherd for attention His role was one of my favorites Shana s sister Nessie was the very first sleepwalker so Shana w...

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    DNF page 300 Yes, I m still rating this book I slogged through a third of it I ve earned the right to give it my rating.What I need you, the reader of this review, to know is this book isn t bad Chuck Wendig has crossed his q s and dotted his t s The writing is fine Many of my friends have given Wanderers a perfect score, and I can understand why If you re a fan of big apocalyptic novels in which the author seems to jerk off to some sort of quasi Springsteenian sense of America you know, where most of the people who dot the landscape are white, moderate liberals and the only thing you have to fear is cornfed hicks in MAGA hats then maybe this will work for you As for me, I m done Chuck Wendig seems to play dress up here he s trying to look a little like Stephen King, a bit like Robert McCammon, maybe a touch like Michael Crichton But in the end he looks like a big goof What is this book trying to say I made it three hundred pages, and I still don t know The epidemic the cause of the apocalypse quotation marks used to indicate there s really a whole lotta nothin going on here in this lard ass story is a bunch of characters, one day, begin slee...

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    800 pages baby jesus, help me.

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