Faust. Eine Tragödie

Excerpt From Goethe S Faust, Vol 1 The German Text, With English Notes And Introductory Remarks For The Use Of Students Of Modern Literature The Greatest Poem Of Modern Times, As Faust Has Been Styled By Lewes, Demands A Careful Exami Nation, As Regards Its Structure, Origin, And Contents, Than An Ordinary Drama Or Romance It Is Our Purpose About The Publisher Forgotten Books Publishes Hundreds Of Thousands Of Rare And Classic Books Find At Www.forgottenbooks.com This Book Is A Reproduction Of An Important Historical Work Forgotten Books Uses State Of The Art Technology To Digitally Reconstruct The Work, Preserving The Original Format Whilst Repairing Imperfections Present In The Aged Copy In Rare Cases, An Imperfection In The Original, Such As A Blemish Or Missing Page, May Be Replicated In Our Edition We Do, However, Repair The Vast Majority Of Imperfections Successfully Any Imperfections That Remain Are Intentionally Left To Preserve The State Of Such Historical Works.Faust. Eine Tragödie

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer George Eliot called him Germany s greatest man of letters and the last true polymath to walk the earth Goethe s works span the fields of poetry, drama, literature, theology, humanism, and science Goethe s magnum opus, lauded as one of the peaks of world literature, is the two part drama Faust Goethe s other well known literary works include h

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  • Faust. Eine Tragödie
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • 09 December 2018
  • 9781334522680

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    Faust First Part Goethe s Faust 1 , Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Peter Salm Translator Johann Wolfgang von Goethe s Faust is a tragic play in two parts usually known in English as Faust, Part One and Faust, Part Two Although rarely staged in its entirety, it is the play with the largest audienc...

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    This is not a review.I cannot attempt to write a review of Goethe s Faust It is a much too personal experience, growing with each time I reread it Since high school, I have been thinking at least five times This is the perfect Goethe moment, his work is written for ME, NOW, it can t get any better, deeper, or any satisfying Well, apparently it can After maybe three or four years, I picked up Faust again, and found that I had finally grown up enough to identify with his most famous quote, the one I had reverently learned by heart as a student.Banging my head against the wall today while marking papers, trying to figure out how to explain the developments in the world to my own children and the adolescents I am in charge of, I looked up and literally felt Mephisto s presence in the room Unable to get rid of the feeling, I looked at my shelf with my all time favourites, picked up my Faust, with its almost broken spine, and opened it to read my own life the struggle to find answers, the longing for knowledge and understanding, the futile hope that my teaching will make a ...

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    First impression Goethe could write his tuckus off Rarely have I encountered prose that commingles in such bounty the trifecta of being, at once, gorgeous to the eye, imbued with passion and saturated with depth and meaning Faust has all three and I was pulled into the seductive narrative from the momentous opening wonderfully titled Prologue from Heaven through the final dramatic climax I must briefly pause here to add a qualifier to my comments which relate to the version I experienced and not to my enjoyment of it. Audible.com, usually a professional, high quality purveyor pulled a bit of a bamboozle on me in this case I acquired the unabridged reading by full cast which came in at 4 hours in length Now, that is just about right for Part 1 of Faust and so I thought I was in for a treat as I listened along with my own copy of the novel Turns out, much to my chagrin, that the 4 hours was an adaptation of both Parts 1 and 2 Thus, as wonderful as the experience was, I did not get a chance to absorb all of...

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    I read Johann Goethe s Faust in English and partially in German during a college course many years ago It had a huge impact on me as a person and me as a writer Due to it being somewhat out there, I held back a full 5 rating however, I cannot stress how much this book makes you think Beware, it s a little heavy on the literary side, but it s still worth a read, even if you just read the first portion That said, 4 out of 5 starsDetailed Review about 1 3 of a paper I wrote about it a few years ago When I first picked up Goethe s famous masterpiece Faust, I was hesitant about reading it I read Goethe s work while lying on my bed a few hours before I went to sleep My room was quiet because everyone else was already asleep I was able to read and consciously take in the contents of the work I generally don t like to be told what literature to read however, after reading through the Prologue in Heaven, I was intrigued by the plot of Faust As I began reading the first part, I was a bit disturbed by the fact that it was not in prose, but that it was in poetical verse I have never been a great fan of poetry as a genre of literature Thus I had mixed feelings when it came to reading Goethe s famous literary work Faust from the beginning.I wanted to learn something from the ...

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    Preface NotesChronologyIntroductionTranslator s NoteThe Writing of Faust Further Reading Faust, Part I Notes

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    A summary Faust I WANT TO EXPERIENCE EVERY HUMAN EMOTION,I WANT TO GAIN THE KNOWLEDGE OF ALL FOUR ELEMENTS,I WANT TO FEEL THE PLEASURES OF THIS WORLD Mephistopheles Yeah,sure thing bro,but before you do that I want to take you to this weird...

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.To Plug the Mighty Hole Withal Faust First Part by Goethe original review, 2004 I m planning on spending a few weeks on Goethe s Faust in multiple translations and as much of the German as I can manage, supplemented by hundreds of pages of notes and comment...

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    Dear friend, all theory is gray, and green the golden tree of life.What else to say Towering as an archetype, akin to Hamlet, the Inferno and White Whale this tale of pact has been absorbed into a our cultural bones, like an isotope It is telling to consider that I listened to Tavener while reading this I recently gave Pandora a spin but found that I owned Schnittke than was afforded by my station but if I leave such, will I miss those Penn Station ads I will say that I should ve read my Norton critical edition, well actually, my wife s copy the one I bought for her in Columbus, Ohio ten years ago I went with a standard Penguin copy and I m sure many of the historic references were lost for me No one should consider that I regard Faust ...

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    There s something discomforting about the vague moral convictions of Goethe s Faust character One would assume, that even a scholar living in Goethe s time would find the typical preoccupations of Christian morality somewhat boring, if not basically delusional and overzealous After all, the cacophony of self doubt racing through his mind is not initially brought on by anything that resembles religious guilt He s a man plagued by the hermetic stuffiness of a lifestyle of perpetual deep thought All of his forced questions about the complexity of the universe have not been adequately revealed to him in the immense amount of reading and study that he has undertaken throughout the course of his life Something is missing In the opening soliloquy he desperately gropes out loud in an attempt to locate the source of his emptiness He intones What theatre Oh, but nothing .Where can I grasp you, never ending Nature Breasts, where You founts of all of life,That earth and heaven hang upon loveAnd where the parched soul craves to be,You flow, you give to drink, but not to me Of course, much of this monologue does hint at the power that God might potentially have to grant this wish, but Goethe is ambiguous at best In the beginning it s difficult to tell whether Faust harbors any faith in God The question of God s abilities and or existence is a c...

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