Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies, Behavior, and Brains--the Science Behind Sex, Love, and Attraction

[Reading] ➸ Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies, Behavior, and Brains--the Science Behind Sex, Love, and Attraction ➮ Jena Pincott – How long does it take to decide if a person is hotIs your lover likely to get you pregnant than your husbandCan men tell when a woman is fertileIf you’ve ever wondered how scientists measure love— How long does it take to decide if Really Prefer Kindle Ò a person is hotIs your lover likely to get you pregnant than your husbandCan men tell when a woman is fertileIf you’ve ever wondered how scientists measure love—or whether men really prefer blondes over brunettes—this smart sexy book provides real answers to these and many other uestions about our most baffling dating Do Gentlemen Epub / and mating behaviors Based on the latest research in biology evolutionary psychology neuroscience and cognitive science Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes dares to explain the science behind sex—and opens a fascinating window on the intriguing phenomenon of love and attraction Covering the areas of bodies brains and behavior this eye opening guide reveals the genetic hormonal and psychological secrets behind what Gentlemen Really Prefer Kindle Ò makes us tick sexually For example do you know why a man’s body chemistry and behavior change when he’s in a committed relationship And why when he becomes a daddy his testosterone level seems to plummet And did you know• When a couple first fall in love their brains are indistinguishable from those of the clinically insane• You can tell a Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies, Epub / lot about a person’s sexual chemistry just by looking at his or her hands• Your genes influence whose body odors you prefer• Being around breast feeding women may increase a woman's sex driveViewed through the lens of science and instinct your love life might be seen in a completely different way Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes provides both an in depth exploration into our sexual psyches—and fresh advice for men and women who want to discover the secrets of successful relationships.Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies, Behavior, and Brains--the Science Behind Sex, Love, and Attraction


Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies, Behavior, and
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies, Behavior, and Brains--the Science Behind Sex, Love, and Attraction
  • Jena Pincott
  • English
  • 15 August 2016
  • 9780385342155

10 thoughts on “Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Bodies, Behavior, and Brains--the Science Behind Sex, Love, and Attraction

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    I’m a black sheep Always have been Study after study has proven that men actually DO prefer blondes Also study after study has shown that women are attracted to men like their father and men to women like their motherI'm a guy and my mother is blonde So yeah man Most guys are likely to prefer blondes and they’re likely to prefer women like their mother so I should totally be into blondes But I’m not I dig brunettes What the hell? Is this book crap? No it's not And I'll explain why laterBut firstThe book's format is simple but effective It poses a uestion one of a hundred total about attraction sex and love and then gives the answer Here are some of my favorite examples All things eual the symmetrical a man is the likely he is to give a woman an orgasm during sex Men often think that women are interested in them when they are not It gives them an evolutionary advantage to think that they are being smooth when they aren’t; the lower the inhibitions and the attempts the greater the chances are of him finding a mate Similarly men often think women are flirting with them when the woman is just simply being nice Men and women tend to prefer those of their own ethnicity The only race that comes out as “very low” on the interest scale is the female preference for Asian males Many antidepressants make it difficult to fall in love Being in love typically involves low serotonin levels mixed with very high dopamine levels Because SSRI’s think Prozac Zoloft and many raise serotonin levels people on these drugs are less likely to feel the intoxicating effect of being in love 95% of people think their partner is above average HA When a man is away from his woman his level of attraction to her greatly increases From an evolutionary standpoint this is explained because he unconsciously believes that she could be cheating on him being impregnated from a rival’s seed Now GET THIS Upon the man’s return to his lover he produces sperm AND thrusts harder than if she had been around the whole time More sperm is produced because of course it increases your chance of winning the baby over rivals and the harder thrust is explained because the harder one goes at it the greater the likelihood that he scoops away often up to 80% of his rival’s semen When in the early stages of dating the worst thing you can do is reveal too much information Also make your date feel comfortable with you by displaying similarities A ton of attraction exists in the eyes people that stare at each other automatically feel attracted and attached Straight females are easily turned on by romantic female porn while straight males don’t get turned on by gay porn at all Yet 70% of bisexual men are turned on by gay porn than by straight porn Sex has extremely valuable calming effects no surprise there But get this that calming effect can last up to a full week after the last time you had sex Ingested semen whether through the vagina mouth or anus releases mood enhancing chemicals and hormones that last for days Often people unknowingly go through semen withdrawal because of this Women are far desirous of sex just before and during ovulation Studies show that they appear attractive to outsiders during these times as well Men and women are attracted to those with opposite MHC levels which is mainly found in scent When a woman is on the pill she becomes attracted to men with similar MHC levels You can imagine the problems this can cause Women view men that have front vowels in their name such as “Ben” as attractive than men with back vowels in their name such as “Ron” Penis size has nothing to do with ethnicity The only statistically significant indicator was actually the individual’s height the taller the man the likely it is that he has a big wiener Also few women care about a man's size and a large majority are happy with their man’s size despite tons of studies showing that the majority of men wish they were “larger than they are now” When it comes to finding a long term partner we tend to prefer someone that looks similar to us When we’re looking for a fling we tend to look for someone that looks different from us So now Why did I start this off by telling you of my preference for brunettes? Because while this book is jam packed with fascinating and useful information about attraction sex and love; no two people are identical human beings are complex organisms and we can’t be easily grouped and defined But we can be generalized because we all are whether we care to admit it or not heavily shaped by evolution and the psychological ramifications of culture One can generalize without pigeonholing and there are often exceptions to the rules posed in this book The author is sharp and is careful to throw in proper ualifiers giving multiple possible explanations for her answers At the same time she gives plenty of scientific backing with a plethora of studies backing up her generalizations Outliers such as myself and my preference for brunettes will always exist and she’s clear about thatOf course much of love attraction – and to a lesser extent sex – will remain a mystery But to better understand these factors is to improve our chances of avoiding pitfalls and finding happiness And hell that’s all we really want anyway Isn’t it? Attraction LOVE SEX WEEeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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    Very interesting and well written Sometimes science books are written too dry and poorly which is a shame since they do not do justice to their topic which is not saying that the style should dumb down the way information is conveyed just keep it interesting This book was a great read with lots of information that was not only interesting but uite useful if you are wanting to maximise your tips as a waitress or scientific explanations for attraction I definitely recommend it

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    Very interesting read I picked this book up originally thinking that it was going to be a spoof book on relationships which it isn't and ended up really taking an interest in the genuine scientific studies within Like many of the other reviews I found that this book WAS for women readers but was still interesting to read nonetheless

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    I loved this book Every uestion answer was fun interesting

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    I reread this in combination with why it takes 12 frogs to find a prince attached the science of compassionate love it's not you it's biology rewire your brain for love and love sense All of them are garbage This is trash too but it's thinly veneered with a coat of credible academic citations like 20 minutes of surfing for the raciest pubmed articles you can findI can respect trashy The author knows her audience and there's nothing wrong with that If you're a middle aged aunt who doesn't know how hyperlinks works and wants a bound volume of Cosmo subheadings to put next to your collection of Maxine™ mugs and novelty wine corks you'll adore this bookIf you're like me and interested in learning about the hard science of sexuality but somehow haven't yet read The Red ueen Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature do that instead Matt Ridley run circles around Ms Pincott and his dry information dense academic writing is really a bit sexier too

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    I love this book Do Gentle men Really Prefer Blondes has helped me maintain a fun dialog while on dates and get togethers Not to mention choosing the right look that's gives me that slight edge Its a great conversation starter when I mention I'm reading Do gentlemen actually prefer blondes people are actually curious to know if they do and ask for examples of scientific studies Since the studies are fun and interesting I actually remember them like the Law of Excitation Anyway great book to own

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    All the latest science behind sexuality and sexual attraction etc Everything you ever wanted to know about chemistry biology genetics reproduction competition natural selection of the fittest monogamy anthropology etc on this subject ha

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    The title of the book is what initially intrigued me to read it This book does an excellent job debunking myths about attraction and the thought process of men and women Author Jena Pincott explained the reasoning behind all of these myths from a scientific explanation and proved the details about performed experiments The first chapter explains the science behind and attractive face She discusses the idea that eye contact can make a person appear attractive how symmetry and attractiveness correlate and many other concepts Later in the book she describes how great of an impact your smell has on your level of attractiveness She goes into detail about MHC compatibility and how often times successful relationships have variants in MHC levels Personally I found the nose chapter the most fascinating as she explained the phenomena that a certain smell can be linked with a distinct memory If the smell of cologne turns you on it may remind you of a positive sexual experience you have had or trigger other associations 57 The next few chapters explain the influence of a person's voice and what makes a person seem sexy The second part of this book explains the behavior behind a person's attraction She starts by explaining the dramatic effect hormones have on a person's attractiveness For example men are subconsciously attracted to a woman when she is in the fertile stage of her ovulation cycle 119 Chapter 6 describes the subtle signs and signals a person makes which make them seem attractive This chapter emphasized the effect of body language and facial expression Chapter 7 dives into the sexy stuff The author explains myths behind sex such as why men have casual sex and if good dancing translates to being good in bed The last section of the book fixates on the chemical makeup of the brain and the mindset of individuals Both chapter 8 and 9 explain what the datinglove mindset looks like and how powerfully it affects a person's life She explains what couples look increasingly alike over time which is due to the habitual and subconscious act of mimicking your partner's facial expressions The author also discusses that the brain grows when in love it changes the way a person processes information and stimulates unconscious associations about the world Overall Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes? is an extremely well written and fascinating book While the author includes the scientific explanation behind each concept the writing style is lively and keeps readers engaged I would recommend this book to anyone who is fascinated by the psychology of love and why humans respond to love in a certain way

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    This book was such a fun read I kept finding myself reading excerpts aloud to my husband because I found so much of the material fascinating I especially liked the chapter on pheromones It definitely added strength to the nature side of the nature vs nurture debates on human sexual attraction It also gave me a new argument to use against people that believe homosexuality is a chosen trait since gay men and women actually emit different pheromones to attract each other It turns out that gaydar probably has a biological basis Finally the book used a lot of scientific explanations for everyday human interactions but was still written on a level for a layman like me to understand

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    I really wanted to like this book as it covered an interesting topic and I usually enjoy scienceexplanation books However this book rubbed me the wrong way for two things the author seems to be implyingA That we're all just acting on instinct and subconscious drives and that in actuality we're all superficial when it comes to choosing our significant others rather than being a uniue species that chooses our partnersmates based on emotion and connection and things like common interests and similar values and goalsB That your average guy one without a large paycheck or toned physiue doesn't have any really chance at findingkeeping a nice and loyal woman because deep down every woman wants either the macho guy or the rich provider

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