Fågelguiden : Europas och Medelhavsområdets fåglar i fält

Traduzione Italiana Della Collins Bird GuideLa Guida In Assoluto Pi Completa Sugli Uccelli, Indispensabile Per Chiunque Pratichi Birdwatching.Fornisce Tutte Le Informazioni Necessarie Per Identificare Qualsiasi Specie In Tutti I Periodi Dell AnnoTesti Dettagliati Descrivono Dimensioni, Habitat, Areale Di Distribuzione, Identificazione E CantoMappe Di Distribuzione Aggiornate Forniscono Informazioni Sulle Aree Di Nidificazione, Svernamento E MigrazioneInclude Pi Di 4.000 Illustrazioni Dei Pi Eminenti Artisti Di Uccelli Del MondoGli Aggiornamenti Riguardano Prevalentemente I Silvidi.Fågelguiden : Europas och Medelhavsområdets fåglar i fält

Lars Svensson born 1941 is a Swedish ornithologist, who received an honorary degree from the Uppsala University in 2004 He specialises in the identification of passerine birds In 2008 he published a paper on the poorly known Large billed Reed warbler Acrocephalus orinus which dramatically changed ornithological perception of the Large billed Reed Warbler

[Ebook] ➮ Fågelguiden : Europas och Medelhavsområdets fåglar i fält ➭ Lars Svensson – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Fågelguiden : Europas och Medelhavsområdets fåglar i fält
  • Lars Svensson
  • Italian
  • 18 June 2017
  • 9788866940326

10 thoughts on “Fågelguiden : Europas och Medelhavsområdets fåglar i fält

  1. says:

    Wow this book really is everything everyone says about it To say its thorough is a bit of an understatement Its not for the casual back garden birder but definitely a must for anyone serious It lists not only all the birds you might expect in th...

  2. says:

    This is the best field guide to birds that I have yet encountered It covers all of the species found in Europe effectively than any field guide covers North American birds While the focus is on Europe, this guide could be useful for North American birders, especially ones living on the East Coast.

  3. says:

    Probably my bible The best bird book I ve ever come across Great art work and descriptions I enjoy how some drawings show two similar birds together to illustrate the differences between the two species gulls, godwits stuff like in the field.

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    Amazing field guide I appreciated the author s passion for birding that comes through in the descriptions, it s fun and also detailed well researched.

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    Just as with a dictionary, it s hard to finish a field guide I haven t had a chance to use Birds of Europe much yet, but I m very pleased with the ease of use, information and general presentation that I ve seen so far There is a color plate opposite each page of text, much easier to use than the guides that concentrate the color plates in one section The little range maps for each species are very helpful There is a wealth of information in the Introduction on Taxonomy and Terminology and Symbols as well as other topics The front and back covers have sketches showing bird topography the terms for plumage markings, head markings, etc.The book is meant to be a field guide, to be taken with ...

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    Lovely, accurate illustrations, with range maps appearing on the adjacent page with the pictures The text is there too rather than separated from the plates, which likely encouraged the text descriptions to be concise Nice to see small illustrations of similar species in their respec...

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    Recommand et test in situ par les b n voles de la sympathique ADEV l Association pour la D fense de l Environnement Vend en, qui g re l Observatoire des oiseaux du marais d Olonne , ce guide bien complet est devenu un nouveau et appr ci compagnon de marche et de nature watching, m accompagnant en l espace d une semaine, la fin de l t 2012, sur les traces de go lands, mouettes rieuses, blanches aigrettes, avocettes l gantes, rapides gravelots collier interrompu et autres beaut s ail es des rivages, soufflant des noms sur mes rencontres de hasard et d merveillement, telle la huppe fasci e au beau ramage d ploy au d tour d un sentier de c te Pr sence improbable, il s av ra pr cieux jusque sur les aires d autoroute, pour permettre la ci devant illettr e de la nature de savoir qu elle pourchassait de sa curiosit un bruyant pinson des arbres, ou que le cercle de piafs qui l entoura au coeur d une haie pour commenter ou insulter son art de pisser dans les bois tait compos de chardonne...

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    Najlep ia kniha na ur ovanie vt kov v Eur pe, na hony vzdialen od druhej najlep ej Popisuje v etky mo n druhy aj zabl dilcov vo v bornom detaile a nepou va fotky, ale ilustr cie cez 3000 tak e lep ie v kreslenom obr zku priemeruje charakteristick rty jednotliv ch vt kov Takisto rozmery knihy a m kk obal s vynikaj ce akur t do ter nu T to kniha vznikala roky a bolo do nej vlo en ho ve a silia ilustr torov, ornitol gov Pre slovensk ho itate a je jedinou nev hodou nutnos ta v angli ine, alebo v eskom preklade Pt ci Evropy, Severn Afriky a Bl zk ho V chodu, Druh vyd n , ev k 2016 ...

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    I keep getting remarks from fellow ornitho geeks how good the illustrations are in this guide compared to theirs The content is indeed brilliant amazing illustrations and very good text This is a good candidate for the best field guide covering Europe A bit on the bulky side for a field guide because the paper used is top quality It ...

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    Best bird guide ever.

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