Tapestry for Two (Callie & Dom Book 4)

When Dominic Married The Woman Of His Dreams, He Thought He D Left His Old Life Of Secrets And Regrets Behind But What Should Be A Relaxing Trip To A Familiar Montana Dude Ranch Brings Up Thoughts Of The Past, And He Can T Ignore The Fear Of What Callie Will Do If She Knows The Darker Truth That Haunts Him Not Wanting To Repeat His Mistakes, He Struggles With Whether To Live With The Guilt Or Bare His Soul Can He Make The Right Choice, Or Will Fear Blind Him Discover The Life That Shaped The CIA Agent Turned Cowboy As The Couple Enjoys A Romantic Getaway In The Next Episode Of The Callie Dom Series.Tapestry for Two (Callie & Dom Book 4)

Kathy Zebert, originally from Pearl, Mississippi, is a freelance court reporter, author, motivational speaker, dream chaser, currently residing in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee She spends her days looking for opportunities to expand her mind with knowledge and inspiring others to do the same A free spirit, she s lived all over the South She was born and raised in Pearl, Mississippi, a suburb

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 59 pages
  • Tapestry for Two (Callie & Dom Book 4)
  • Kathy Zebert
  • 12 October 2017

10 thoughts on “Tapestry for Two (Callie & Dom Book 4)

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    If you have read the Callie and Dom series this is the back story to Dom and what made him the person he is.I didn t enjoy this as much as the original books as there was none of the tension and excitement however it was nice to understand Dom a little better.I was given this book by the ...

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    Dominic had a Ukrainian mafia kingpin under surveillance and was informed that an arms shipment was scheduled for delivery His team was in place Then his CIA handler contacted him to tell him his dad may have had a heart attack and he had to return home immediately He d had an argument a few weeks before with his dad and neither had apologized He was worried that his dad wouldn t make it.Years later on a vacation to Montana with his new wife, Callie, Dom took her to his favorite restaurant to meet some old friends Then they arrived at the dude ranch Being back among friends let him reminisce about happy memories, along with the regrets along the way How will Callie react when she learns of the secrets that Dom is tormented by What I liked about this book is that you get a glimpse of a way of life that not everyone has been exposed to T...

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    I received a free copy of this book from Words in Color Publishing Loved Dom s story I laughed and cried It shows the values you should have, even it is hard to follow your values I love the way Callie looks at things and accepts that we all have our demons and we work it out our w...

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    Oh my gosh That was so fantastic I love having it from Dom s perspective, especially hearing and seeing just how much he cherishes Callie I m right there with Callie I just want to hug him tight and tell him everything s going to be alright That he needs to stop beating himself up for things that happened in the past that he can t change We already knew he was a bit of a work a holic Now we get to see that this is something he reco...

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    I loved this story It is the continuing story of Callie and Dom It fills in some of the history of this great couple even before they were a couple I love the way they support and interact with each other I felt like they were old friends and that I wa...

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    I loved the Callie Dom series And I loved this story as well Great to get to know them even better It is a story without the action of the series But it has the love they have for each other and for their fri...

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    This story is about Dom and what went on in his life before he met Callie Dom struggles with his memories and what is going to tell Callie He isn t sure how she will react to the things he needs to tell her He is getting anxious and needs to do this, but really is afraid...

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