Space Team (Space Team #1-3)

A Laugh Out Loud, Action Packed Space Adventure Series From The Author Critics Are Calling The Unholy Offspring Of Douglas Adams And Terry Pratchett When Petty Criminal, Cal Carver, Is Locked In A Cell With A Deranged, Semi Naked Cannibal, He Suspects His Life Has Hit Its Lowest Point He Is Mistaken.Abducted By Aliens And Whisked Across The Galaxy, Cal Is Thrown Into A Team Of Misfits And Criminals, And Sent On A Top Secret Mission For The President Of Space And That S When Everything Starts To Go Very, Very WrongThis Box Set Collects The First Three Bestselling Adventures Of Cal Carver And The Crew Of The Dread Ship Shatner, By Multi Award Winning Author, Barry J Hutchison Space Team Space Team The Wrath Of Vajazzle Space Team The Search For SplurtSpace Team (Space Team #1-3)

Barry J Hutchison is an award winning author, screenwriter and writer of comics Having written over 70 books for children and teenagers, Barry is now writing books for adults Space Team is his first grown up novel.Barry lives in the Highlands of Scotland with his wife, two children, and irritatingly upbeat dog.

[Read] ➵ Space Team (Space Team #1-3)  ➱ Barry J. Hutchison –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 668 pages
  • Space Team (Space Team #1-3)
  • Barry J. Hutchison
  • English
  • 05 February 2017

10 thoughts on “Space Team (Space Team #1-3)

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    As advertised, the novels strive for a Douglas Adams style of humor, but with fast paced stories that intentionally riff off of Star Trek At first, I wasn t feeling the humor the cadence of the jokes the timing if you will was a bit off But it improved as it went on, certainly by the second book The humor is punchy, character driven than what you find in the Hitchhiker books, which was focused around the matter of fact absurdity of that universe.If you can appreciate lines like it was...

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    Three stars, but almost four It s a fun diversion Some of the jokes are corny, but I ve gotten some genuine laughs It s over the top, but I enjoyed it enough to pick up the next set of three books When your mind is cooked from a day of work and you don t want to see the depressing news, read this instead of watching some mindless TV OK, the books are a little not mindless, but certainly...

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    A great book to have handy to fill in gaps in the day Waiting to pick up kids from school In doctors waiting room Pull out these books Characters interact in a entertaining way It s a lot of fun But it s pausablemaybe because it s a litt...

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    Loads of unexpected twist and a quirky sense of humour make this series compelling reading which is only let down at the final hurdle by a small error Involving matter transport and the main protagonist or lack of the former failing to extricate from ...

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    Fun escapism.I know this series will not be for everyone There are a lot of gags telegraphed from far away It borrows heavily from certain other sources But it still captivated me and kept me reading until the end It was descriptive enough without being tedious J...

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    Nice break time read.Some of the humor can be a bit low brow All in all, it was an easy read and it was enjoyable It is nice that you don t have to read a ton of bad language in this book This would be fine for your typical late ten to read.

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    What a blastoffThis set is a real hoot I LOL s my head off a couple times The action reaction grabbed my attention and refused to let me set my Fire down though unconsciousness did I am going to buy a space team tee then start saving up for the next set.

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    Often seen the term laugh out loud and thought yeah right but in this case it is actually trueOften heard the term laugh out loud funny but always thought yeah right but in this case it s true Honest

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    Not great literature, but hey, some very exciting parts The team really develops after the first book I read the first three volumes and just ordered the second three Hope all for well with the team.

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    Very funnyWhat can be said about Space team Well written, funny, enjoyable characters who you can care about and laugh at and with Pure escapism Will definitely be reading .

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