The Longevity Code

Medical Doctor And Researcher Kris Verburgh Is Fast Emerging As One Of The World S Leading Research Authorities On The Science Of Aging The Longevity Code Is Dr Verburgh S Authoritative Guide On Why And How We Age And On The Four Most Crucial Areas We Have Control Over, To Slow Down, And Even Reverse, The Aging Process We Learn Why Some Animal Species Age Hardly At All While Others Age And Die Very Quickly, And About The Mechanisms At Work That Slowly But Definitely Cause Our Bodies To Age, Making Us Susceptible To Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Pneumonia And Or Dementia Dr Verburgh Devotes The Last Third Of The Longevity Code To What We Can Do To Slow Down The Process Of Aging He Concludes By Introducing And Assessing The Wide Range Of Cutting Edge Developments In Anti Aging Technology, The Stuff Once Only Of Science Fiction New Types Of Vaccines, And The Use Of Mitochondrial DNA, CRISPR Proteins, Stem Cells, And.The Longevity Code

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Longevity Code book, this is one of the most wanted Kris Verburgh author readers around the world.

!!> EPUB ❃ The Longevity Code  ✾ Author Kris Verburgh –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Longevity Code
  • Kris Verburgh
  • 06 October 2017
  • 9781615194131

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    This well researched book provides the most recent medical findings to help you change your lifestyle in order to have a long fulfilling life Though technical, it s easily understood.

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    This book overpromised and therefore underdelivered The author, it turns out, can t resist going on a rant about nutrition and how poorly the west eats several times throughout the book Diet is a crucial aspect of health and I would have been concerned if he didn t talk about it But that ended up being the whole book It s not a book on aging It s a book on the diet that helps us live longer with a few, non specific comments about the other faster The lifestyle factors of aging got a few pages and they are really important He spends a lot of time telling us why exercise isn t important than diet, but then throws in a comment at the end that it s still good for aging but doesn t say what it s good for or what kind of exercise is most useful for...

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    The end of chapter summaries can make this a quick read, but the overall lack of endnotes can distract into the web searches A medical doctor tried to write a popular book and succeeded in entertaining and of course given the topic reassuring, but lost a little too much medical rigor for me Even though only 300 conversational pages, the text repeats itself and needs re editing 4 stars since profoundly accurate on advice, and in the end, eminently useful despite its flaws and lack of polish I deeply regret that when I was younger, I completely fell for and even spoke favorably of, the calorie is a calorie dogma.The initial why section of aging, feels highly original and creative to me.The small collection of recipes at the end clearly reveal to me the author s overall wisdom, and make me want to think twice about the areas of the book on which I initially disagree with him, such as the clinical effectiveness of metformin or rapamycin p256 7 What do you want to be 120 and still look like you were 30, with the same level of fitness, health, and vigorous a 30 year old As we have seen, the latter scenario may not be as far fetched as it seems, when cross link breakers, anti aging vaccines, telomere therapies, stem cell therapy, lysosomal enzymes, and other therapies become available p218 every day, thousands of billions of mi...

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    The Longevity Code, covers the biological roots of ageing and gives an overview of new research that advocates discoveries that will reverse the ageing process Actually, for me, it is a diet book, with lots of valuable information to understand the role of our food choices in healthy ageing.Most of the book describes the science of the impact of nutrition on the ageing process and ageing related diseases The author is doing it in a very methodical way of explaining how poor food choices age us faster and cause age related diseases The begging of the book covers proteins, carbohydrates, and fats The second part deals with complex topics like how diet affects the structure of our cells and of our DNA as we age The third part presents breakthroughs that are apparently coming that may reverse the ageing process not fully convinced The most useful part of the book explains the role of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in the ageing enabling the reader to make better d...

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    This book is all about the science of aging and what we can do to slow down and reverse it There are lots of science involve as well as practicalities when it comes to the recipes The author also made courageous effort to explain how food industry influence what we eat.There are also many claims in this book that sound contrary to popular opinion and the author tried to do his best to provide explanations for each of them Nevertheless, reade...

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    I had high hopes but this book just regurgitates the same advice science you ve seen before eat a Mediterranean diet, limit red meat and sugar, exercise, deal with stress Good advice just nothing new.

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    It began very strong Explain so well why we have to die We are looking gone by accident, infection, or eaten as dinner before our expiry date due Nature this has no reason to make us genetically able to live ten thousand years But once a species manage to escape danger by learning to fly move to place with no predator, etc, it s lifespan dramatically increase The calculation is roughly the lifespan of a species is six times the age reaching sexualized maturity.Causes of aging 1 Protein agglomeration, both inside and outside the cell2 Cross linking of proteins by sugar3 Any hormone that promote growth insulin, insulin like growth factor, growth hormone Growth means everything pile up faster, this aging faster.Others interesting facts 1 Insulin stimulate ILGF Protein also stimulate IGF 2 Str...

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    I picked up the book, looking for a synopsis of where the most recent scientific findings and conclusions of longevity research lie This book did not disappoint in summarizing the various causes of aging, and...

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    Why do we age, why we need to die What determines our estimated lifespan what causes aging, how to slow the process down The answers are all in this book And they do not include free radicals nor making room saving resources for little humans

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    ExcellentGood explanation of aging and so the factors that need to be explored and explained Includes health information and newest studies as well as recipes of what to eat to lengthen your life.

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