Only His Touch

I Panic Every Time I Think About Getting HurtKurt Was A Beautiful Man, But Now He Can Barely Look At Himself In The Mirror One Night, Years Ago, He Had Let His Guard Down, And A Sadistic Group Had Taken Advantage Of The Situation The Assault Wasn T Sexual, But Kurt Is Reminded Of It Every Time He Sees The Scars He Knows That, No Matter What, He Can Never Let Anyone Else See The Tapestry Of Abuse On His BackI Would Never Hurt You, KurtJames Already Has A Busy Life Between His Son Moving Back Home During College, Trying To Help A Jilted Ex Boyfriend Get Back On His Feet, And His Thriving But Stressful Ownership Of A Wine Bar, He Knew He Didn T Have Time For Any New Drama But When He Saw The Beautiful Golden Haired And Golden Skinned Kurt, He Knew He Had To Make Time, No Matter What Baggage Kurt HadHow About I Don T Touch You You Can Touch Me, Kurt I Won T Touch You I Won T Move An Inch Unless You Tell Me ToDespite A Series Of Missteps By James, Kurt Feels His Resistance Start To Break Down Still, Even Though He Feels Like He Can Touch James, He Can T Seem To Make That Final Leap Of Trust However, As James Opens Up His Life To Kurt, Kurt Realizes That James Is Just As Emotionally Vulnerable As He Is James Tries To Hide The Scars Of His History As Fiercely As Kurt Hides The Scars On His Back Will Kurt Allow James To Make Him Whole Again, Or Will He Never Allow Himself To Be Touched AgainOnly His Touch

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    DNF 49%I only found this because I five starred a book this author writes under another name But this was a mess The basic plot was interesting enough but the story was so overworked Too many characters with backstories and most of them were horrible people or had ulterior motives, too much miscommunication, too ...

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    Kurt can t find his last name, I don t it s in the book runs a catering company with his best friend Ricky Two years prior he suffered a horrendous attack at the hands of others It s put him off the hopes of ever being in a relationship or finding someone who can accept him with his issues.James Jones owns a wine bar and enlists He s holding an event and when the caterers are late he s pissed, wanting deduct a 10% fee from their pay But when he catches sight of Kurt that all goes out the window The magnetism he feels towards Kurt results in him tipping them 15% and giving Kurt a six month free membership to his exclusive wine bar.James is drawn to Kurt and is determined to win himself a date with the man and using whatever is at his disposal to reach out to him But when he does get Kurt to agree to a meet up, it doesn t go so well Ex lovers are coming out of the wood works and getting between him and any relationship he hopes to have with Kurt But James isn t one to give up on the things he wants most and he s hell bent on showing Kurt that he wants than a lay.I really enjoyed the story even though it was over sixty eight seventy chapters long depending on format and about 400 pages Some chapters were longer than others but all filled with awesome goodness The...

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    3 3.5 5 It wasn t bad, tho it does drag While the author managed to keep the plot suspended over the length of the book, there were still crease here and there that needed to be smooth out view spoiler Like James past and questionable psychopathic traits, and Kurt s incident hide spoiler

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    Great.This is a great story There s so much depth to the characters, in fact I d love to read a prequel of both their lives In particular there are facets of James character I d love to explore obviously his past work but the hand on thigh i...

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    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book I didn t hate this book, but I didn t really like it either.For one thing, I think the author had just too many side stories going on in this book There was James and Kurt s budding relationship, Ricky and Kurt s friendship wanna be lovers relationship, Sadie and her many conquests, Neil and Sadie, James and Alex, Alex and the waiter.Do you see what I mean The build up to finding out what really happens to Kurt was really disappointing He had been living for 2 years with no memory of what happened and dreams of pain But then at the end BAM He has a dream and all the pieces fit together and he s now a happy man who won t let his past define him Really Just like that We get all these jumbled bits and pieces of Kurt s past, but we get to know absolutely nothing about James There s men...

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    This had so much potential but it turned out a mess I didn t like 1 character in this story, they all seem psychotic at times The secondary characters were not supportive or likeble Alex staying with James was ridiculous, made no sense Before Kurt, James was a fuck em and leave em and bc he now feels guilty ab it he lets Alex stay with him although the guy keeps filling Kurt s head with crap Why didn t James bring all his ex s since he felt so guilty Kurt s running at every word got old fast and his need for Ricky was annoying The book should be called only Ricky and James s touch The reader is suppose to feel some heartbreak for what happened to Kurt but I actually felt like he was manipulating everyone around him and using his situation to explain all of his tantrums The whole plot is a build up to what happened to Kurt and ...

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    Great blurb wish I d stopped there

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    Only His Touch 2017 by Elsa Winters is a great book I loved it from page 1.Kurt runs a catering company with his best friend Ricky His world collides with James when he and Ricky are asked to do a job for James bar Kurt is holding back a huge secret He was viciously attacked by a group of men and has sustained horrific injuries to his back The incident has led him to fear intimacy Meanwhile James has a certain amount of secrets of his own In short, he is a cad who charms men, shags them and runs for the hills Add into all this, Ricky is secretly in love with Kurt and James ex lovers keep turning up.Both Kurt and James are fathers I liked reading about Kurt s young children coming to visit him and I really liked Cole who is James teenage son He seems a very straight to the point young man.Kurt and James definitely have chemistry That is very obvious from even the first scene they are in together They have great humour together too and in general the book is littered with humour which was a huge reason I thoroughly enjoyed reading i...

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    Kurt is a Chef and runs a catering business with his best friend A few years ago he was in a horrible situation and has the scars to prove it He now cannot handle other people s touch except for a couple of close friends Then one night his business provided refreshments for an event at a wine club There he meets the owner James and sparks fly James is a busy club owner but when he sees Kurt when wants to get to know him better James is ready to be patient and be understanding to get his man Kurt is afraid but drawn to James Their relationship has lots of bumps and Kurt runs away a few times The big question is c...

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    Got from Hidden Gems Romance ARC Club, for a honest review.When first started reading about James Character, I thought what a temper he has It made me think all kinds of things about him He had temper against other people but when came to Kurt it was gentle and soft Thought maybe he was hiding something But kept reading because the book snagged me and wouldn t let ...

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