Blessed Are the Misfits

Warning If Modern Church Culture Makes Perfect Sense To You, And You Always Fit In Seamlessly, Don T Read This As For The Rest Of Us While American Church Culture And American Culture At Large Seems Largely Designed For The Extroverted, It S Estimated That Half Of The American Population Is Introverted, And They Re Often Left Wondering How, Even If, They Fit In The Kingdom Of God As One Of Them, Popular Radio Host Brant Hansen Brings News It S Wonderful, Refreshing, And Never Been Said This Way Before Good News.In His Unique Style, Hansen Looks To Answer Questions That Millions Of People Carry With Them Each Day If I Don T Relate To God As Emotionally As Others Do, Is Something Wrong With Me How Does One Approach God, And Approach Faith, When Devoid Of The Good Feelings That Seem To Drive So Much Of Evangelical Church Culture How Does God Interact With Those Who Seem Spiritually Numb Is The Absence Of Faith Based Emotion A Sign Of That God Has Moved On Or Was Never There What If We Aren T Good At Talking To People About Our Faith, Or Good At Talking To People At All What If I M Told I M Too Analytical, That I Think Too Much Where Does A Person Who Suffers From Depression Fit In The Kingdom Is Depression A Sure Sign Of A Lack Of Faith This Book Is Good News For People Who Are Desperately Looking For It And For Their Loved Ones It S Also For Those Who Want To Believe In Jesus, But Inwardly Fear That They Don T Belong, Worry That Don T Have The Requisite Emotion Based Relationship With God, And Are Starving For Good News.Blessed Are The Misfits Is Going To Generate Discussion, And Lots Of It It S Simultaneously Highly Provocative And Humbly Personal It S Also Leavened With A Distinct, Dry, Self Effacing Humor That Is A Hallmark Of Hansen S On Air, Writing, And Public Speaking Style.Blessed Are the Misfits

Brant Hansen is a radio host who has won multiple National Personality of the Year awards He also works with CURE International, a worldwide network of hospitals that brings life changing medical care and the good news of God s love to children with treatable conditions Brant currently lives in Northern California with his wife, Carolyn his son, Justice and his daughter, Julia He can be found

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  • 10 June 2019
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    Some Christians can go through life with all the rituals and constructs with no question or pause Then there are the rest of us who do not always feel as if we belong We notice the assumptions and quirks.This book offe...

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    This book ishard to describe Funny, honest, heart breaking, and hopeful Profoundly awkward and utterly profound If you don t get modern, western church or Christianity, but you still want to follow Jesus, this book is a good place to start.FYI I received a free ARC from the publisher in ...

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    Reviewed at my blog Babbling Books Pretty sure I ll be seated at the misfits table Pretty sure there won t be any non misfit tables, now that I think about it I was having a low point when I decided to click Read Now on this book on NetGalley, and I m glad I did You know those books that make you feel like someone has reached deep into that lonely, aching place of your heart and given it that extra special squeeze it so desperately needed, well, this is one of those books.I didn t know anything about the author, Brant Hansen, before choosing this book to read I found out through reading it that the author is speaking from many of the perspective s he s writing to, he s a misfit just like us Dealing with Asperger s syndrome, nystagmus and being an introvert, he s able to come alongside the misfit believers and talk to us in a way others cannot It was clear from the title that the misfits were meant to represent those who struggled to feel that they were connecting with God spiritually They didn t understand emotional worship, they thought they were missing som...

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    Like an honest conversation with an old friend, long into the night Grab some toast and brew another pot of coffee, you need to hear this

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    I loved this book for the most part Some things bothered me so I was going to give it 4 stars, but I changed my mind because the positives than made up for it.But first, here are the negatives I thought it talked about unemotional people than I expected Not all misfits are unemotional I mean, I m an overly emotional person so I couldn t relate Secondly, I thought it stated a lot of opinions like they were facts, which I kind of didn t like.But there are way positives This was engaging and it s written in a way that you d write to a friend I also really like the author s personality He s awkward, funny, and kind three of my favorite personality traits If you re a Christian, but sometimes you feel like you don t belong if you re introverted, awkward, skeptical, poor, depressed, bullied, or just different in some way then this book is for you Brant Hansen offers insights, advice, and Scripture to help the spiritual misfits He offers a sense of belonging to Christians who sometimes feel like they don t belong anywhere.I consider myself awkward, shy, introverted, and sometimes depressed I ve made poor choices in my past and been told by fellow Christians that I can t be a Christian because of those choices But God says something different This book is a great source of...

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    4.5 RTC

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    I read this book because my sister asked me to Which makes sense, because I m a misfit, an introvert, AND a spiritual struggler, which is probably why I came to mind Possibly it s also because the author and I share the same rare ish visual impairment, nystagmus I ve always got time for someone who understands what it s like to be me on that score, and I love my sister, so, okay.This book is intended for believing Christians who feel like they re doing something wrong because they don t feel the presence of God Hansen s main argument is that there are a lot of different ways to experience God, and as long as the ones you re having line up with what s spelled out in the Bible, you re fine He s also worried about a church that glorifies the worldly and wealthy while its nominal leader asks for focus on the poor and outcast But mostly he s writing for people who don t feel like they belong in their Christian communities, for whatever reason the non faithful are not addressed, though if Hansen wrote a book about that, I d probably read it, too.Hansen is a popular Christian radio host who also sounds ...

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    This is one of those books that will challenge you towards wisdom and grace This one is a must read.

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    What a relief Someone finally wrote a book daring to discuss some of the things I ve wondered about for a long time As believers in Christ, we cannot and are not supposed to be built the same We were created with different strengths, interests, and ways of expressing our thoughts and feelings Yes, evangelism is a wonderful thing It isn t the only thing though Some of us are comfortable talking to other people about Christ and about our experiences with him Others write stories, serve in hospitals, or rebuild bridges after an earthquake Our culture values extroversion with its chatter, small talk, and social media interaction If you read the Bible and study the character and personal lives of church historians and leaders, I think you will find God values service in a much broader sense That is what this book is about Its message is refreshing, honest, and can lead to some wonderful discussions with friends and family It has also prompted me to do some in depth pri...

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    ARC received courtesy of Netgalley and the Publisher, in exchange for an honest reviewTo say that this was simply a good read, would be an understatement IMO, this book was a refreshing breath of air, given by an author who is unpretentious in his musings and than relatable to his audience of misfits, square pegs, ragamuffins, and other weird folk, who don t quite fit in with popular church culture As a self proclaimed ragamuffin chica, I loved reading this book, so ...

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