The Reckless Club

From Award Winning Author Beth Vrabel Comes A New Middle Grade Breakfast Club Drama Set In A Old Folks Home On The Last Day Of Middle School, Five Kids Who Couldn T Be Different Commit Separate Pranks, Each Sure They Won T Be Caught And They Can T Get In Trouble They Re Wrong As Punishment, They Each Have To Volunteer One Beautiful Summer Day The Last One Before School At Northbrook Retirement And Assisted Living Home, Where They Ll Push Creamed Carrots Into Toothless Mouths, Perform The World S Most Pathetic Skit In Front Of Residents Who Won T Remember It Anyway, Hold Gnarled Hands Of Peach Fuzzed Old Ladies Who Relentlessly Push Hard Candies, And Somehow Forge A Bond With Each Other That Has Nothing To Do With What They Ve Done And Everything To Do With Who They Re Becoming All The Action Takes Place In The Course Of This One Day, With Each Chapter One Hour Of That Day, As The Five Kids Reveal What They Ve Done, Why They Did It, And What They Re Going To Do Now.The Reckless Club

Beth Vrabel is the author of Cyblis nominated Caleb and Kit, ILA award winning A Blind Guide to Stinkville, JLG selection A Blind Guide to Normal, and The Reckless Club and Pack of Dorks series She can t clap to the beat nor be trusted near Nutella Beth loves traveling around the country to meet with young readers and writers, sharing a message of grit, resiliency and heart.

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  • The Reckless Club
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  • 08 May 2018

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    I recently watched The Breakfast Club with my teenage daughter I had forgotten how wildly inappropriate that 80 s movie was, but I still loved the story of teenagers learning to look beyond the stereotypes that they hated, but also hid behind Plus, the dance sequence is still awesome Reading Beth Vrabel s THE RECKLESS CLUB was like revisiting the best parts of the movie, without the rated R aspects Without spoiling anything, there are some well crafted references and scenes that are reminiscent of TBC, but don t expect a remake of the movie This story goes to a whole new level with its personalities and themes.Written for the middle grade and up audience, the story follows five teenagers on the last Saturday before they begin 9th grade They are serving detention all day at a nursing home for what We aren t told right away, and they don t seem to know what the others did either The narrative shifts between each student though all in 3rd person , and we view them all at first through each other s eyes stereotypes and all Our five kids are much complex than those labels, of course, and nothing brings that out than the setting of the nursing home Paired up with senior citizens, they soon see that there is to these elderly residents and one another than first meets the eye Reading this story is like peeling the layers of an onion we gradually get to know each character, their connections to one another, and their crime As we reach the conclusion, the...

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    Thank you kidlitexchange authorbethvrabel and runningpressbooks for the review copy of this book All opinions are my own Available today 10.2 This middle grade book is a retelling of The Breakfast Club Five students are serving detention for various pranks they pulled at the end of the year You have Jason the nobody , Lilith the drama queen , Wes the flirt , Ally the athlete and Rex the rebel However, the setting does not take place on school grounds Instead, this group is spending the day volunteering at the Northbrook Retirement and Assisted Living Home The story takes place over one day and each chapter is told from alternating perspectives The older residents definitley bring quite a bit of humor and comedic relief throughout the book The stereotypical excitement over tuna casserole and offers of hard candies are very present Just wait until you meet Agnes She s a hoot and a great reminder that you should take the time to really listen to those stories that seem repetitive and boring People who have been blessed to reach that age have lived through a lot and will often shock you with their tales I enjoyed the various personalities and interest of all of the students Even though the story took place over a few hours, I felt like each character was really well developed It was great...

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    In this homage to the Breakfast Club, Vrabel digs deep inside her characters, shining light on their pain, fears, and flaws exposing varying degrees of teen angst that divides this group of five before the author poignantly...

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    A novel for middle grade readers, this story is told from the perspective of five almost high school students who are spending their last day of summer vacation in detention at a nursing home Each character has his her reason for serving, but no one including you, the reader knows why until the near end of the book, where the stories blend together Like the movie The Breakfast Club, the group has its labels the jock, the flirt, the drama queen, the rebel, and the nobody Of course, these characters are complex than the labels they re given, as the reader eventually learns of the daily struggles each one faces The setting of the story is perfect as the addition of the n...

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    I just finished reading Beth Vrabel s newest release, The Reckless Club I ve been a big fan of Beth and her former books, and have really enjoyed them all There was no doubt in my mind that her 9th book would be just as amazing One of my favorite movies growing up was The Breakfast Club one that I ve watched many times As I read The Reckless Club, it was easy to correlate the two I even was able to picture the characters in he book with who they were most similar to in the movie The Breakfast Club In Beth s newest release, five students are told by their principal that instead of being suspended, that they must spend a day in an assisted living home as part of their punishment for what each of them did previously As each of the five students are forced to interact with the elderly residents, they begin to better understand themselves and each other I enjoyed this book by Beth Vrabel and I recommend it to you as well I also look forward to introducing this boo...

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    What I appreciate about this middle grade novel is the author s loving attention to her characters and their struggles, to her story an homage to the 1985 movie The Breakfast Club , and to her themes of standing up for yourself and embracing your experiences T...

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    Really interesting, with a twist I didn t expect.

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    I received an electronic review copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own I wish I could give this than five stars I absolutely adored this This is not to be missed It s The Breakfast Club for middle grade The characters worked their way into my heart and I didn t want the book to end This had everything I l...

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    DISCLAIMER I received a digital copy of THE RECKLESS CLUB via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review4.5 StarsWOW WOWOWOWOWOWListen, I didn t really know how much I d like it when I first downloaded it I started reading it and thought, oh, this is going to be just alright Oh, how wrong I was.LITTLE BIT OF BACKSTORY WITH ME AND THIS BOOK I may not have been born in the 80 s, but I love THE BREAKFAST CLUB So, one day, I was surfing through NetGalley, and I see this beautiful cover I click on it, read the summary, and download it right then and there Unfortunately, I was in the middle of like, 3 other books at the time, but the minute I finished them I started reading THE RECKLESS CLUB And I think it did a fantastic job of bringing back the charm of THE BREAKFAST CLUB, complete with that iconic essay we all know and love.I can t really say too much about what I loved about it without spoiling the whole thing, but I will say this this is a very important and charming book that I think everyone should read I will also try and talk about the characters without spoiling anything, so here goesJASON the nobody Jason starts out as kind of your typical emo artist who s always drawing a certain girl in the group , but as the story progresses, he turns into a much complex character than that.LILITH the drama queen Lilith is an Indian American thirteen year old girl, is in the drama club at school, and pretty much makes a b...

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    I received a digital review copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.The Reckless Club is The Breakfast Club for a new generation I must admit, this book made me feel old as I saw The Breakfast Club in the movie theater I think it would probably resonate better with the middle graders that it is aimed toward which is why I m giving it 4 stars instead of 3.The concept is great, get a group of kids together and make them realize that even though they are completely different, they all share a common ground They are seen as the Rebel , the Flirt , the Drama Queen , the Nobody , and the Athlete by their teachers and each other But each of them also has issues and could really just use friends, true friends Rather than locking them in detention on a Saturday, they are sent to an assisted living facility and have to spend the day with the residents and put on some kind of show Rex, the rebel also has a subplot that she is trying to catch one of the nurses in the act of stealing jewelry from patients By the end, they share a Breakfast Club style confessional circle which explains a lot of why each of them behave the way they do which was probably my favorite part of the book.Through an interesting story, Vrabel manages to impart a number of good lessons that all come back to the important concept of listening and being kind to others We see that listening to the elderly and e...

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