In Vibe, Bestselling Author Robyn Openshaw Reveals The Difference Between Low Vibration Emotions Fear, Anger, Inertia And High Vibration Emotions Love, Inner Peace, Gratitude And Helps Readers Dramatically Impact Their Physical And Mental Well Being By Raising Their Vibrational Frequencies.The Great Austrian Scientist Nikola Tesla Is A Household Name Among Today S Scientific Community, Known For His Finding That All Matter Has Vibrational Energy, Or Electrical Frequency, And That We Are All Electrical Beings, Made Up Of Rapidly Vibrating Cells Most Of Us Are Vaguely Familiar With This Concept, But We Don T Realize The Powerful Implications This Has For Our Choices Every Day Which Foods To Eat, How Much Water To Drink, What We Think About When We Re In The Car Or The Shower, What Our Risk Of Disease Is, And How We Feel At Any Given Moment Are All Affected By The Power Of Vibration Everything In Health And Wellness Should Revolve Around The Basic Concept That What We Choose To Eat And What We Choose To Do Lowers Or Raises Our Vibration And That Makes All The Difference Vibe Explores The Foods, Natural Substances, And Lifestyle Practices That Can Raise Our Vibrations Robyn Openshaw Reveals Evidence That Shows How Drinking Green Juice, Using Certain Essential Oils, And Engaging In Yoga And Meditation Raises The Frequency Of The Human Brain And Other Organs Living In A High Vibe State Can Make Us Resilient To Illness, Fatigue, Burnout, And Depression Readers Will Learn All About The Low Vibration Emotions Fear, Anger, Inertia And The High Vibration Emotions Love, Peace, Gratitude And How To Achieve Higher Vibrations In Everyday Living Openshaw Explores How The Smallest Changes In Our Life From What We Eat To How We Think Can Radically Improve Our Mood, Overall Health, And Quality Of Life.Vibe

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Vibe book, this is one of the most wanted Robyn Openshaw author readers around the world.

[Ebook] ↠ Vibe  Author Robyn Openshaw –
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Vibe
  • Robyn Openshaw
  • English
  • 10 June 2019
  • 9781501163289

10 thoughts on “Vibe

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    Very little here was new to me Unfortunately, I think Openshaw went too wide with this topic and often rambled.

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    Having received a 3 month Audible membership for Christmas, I decided to get this audiobook, not so much because I am interested in the topic, but because the author, Robyn Openshaw, was a college professor of mine, and I found that the things she has to say are often worth listening to.I m all about tricks, habits, and life hacks to improve quality of life and improve overall health, frame of mind, personal operations, and state of being This book has much to offer on that front The nutrition points are probably the most salient, after all, this is her main shtick as Green Smoothie Girl I was a bit less convinced about the advice on feng shui not that I don t value effectively designed and used living spaces and EMF not that I m not in favor of frequent unplugging But I m certainly open to the ideas.The hardest part for me was the science y approach of the premise, what with invoking Einstein and Tesla to contend that your state of being can be expressed in terms of a vibration, high being good, and low being bad I get the ideas, I really do High vibrations are when you feel great about life, your health, your work, etc when you re in the zone Low vibration when you re feeling blah, when you just ate too much, or feel lazy and lethargic, or irritable and angry I think the science of vibration and the energy matter consciousness biology links are likely valid and very ...

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    I received an e copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I liked the premise of this book but found too many things problematic First, if an author references multiple studies, they should be cited somewhere in the book Second, the author claims to have done enough research to qualify for a PhD in nutrition, but I found her information lacking Raw foods aren t appropriate for everyone, a paleo diet isn t about eating excessive amounts of meat, and detoxing isn t appropriate for everyone so contraindications should have been mentioned The author uses various stor...

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    Some good advice, but it s buried in a fair amount of woo woo Vibrations

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    If you don t mind the woo woo side of things, the book is full of great advice on how to raise your vibe , i.e be self aware, stay in a positive frame of mind, and live happier I will definitely try the 7 day green detox Sounds like a great plan to not put chemicals or dead foods in your mouth for a week I am just starting to follow the Law of Attraction and do see the value of using it to explain our inner world So I understand the author s explanations of high and low vibrations of humans as energetic beings However, the science side of the book really put me off quite a few times The author doesn t seem to make a difference between sound or light waves, throws around ideas of electron exchange or radiation inappropriately etc So i...

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    Robyn Openshaw offers a solution for healing at different levels by showing us how to raise our vibration She explains that everything around us, including what we consume, touch, do, feel, and think has energy and vibration.There are things that help us raise our vibration, and there are things that lower our vibration Openshaw explains what these are and offers a method for us to select what will raise our vibration in order to heal our body...

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    This is an excellent book on the subject of healthy living Robyn not only talks about food, the benefits of veganism or plant based diet but brings the whole health aspect to another level Robyn teaches how increasing our frequency is key to healthy living Frequency is nit just a matter of food but environment, electronic devices, th...

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    I was disappointed with this book It was filled with curious ideas about raising our frequencies but when it came to offering solutions, the author continuously directed you to a bonus page on her website When I went to her website, all I could find was bonus material that I could buy This made the book feel like one, long advertisement I chose to give it 2 stars instead of 1 only because she does present important ideas that we need to be exploring But to read a self help book expecting ...

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    It includes a summary of many other self help books that were popular in the previous years I appreciated the emphasis on feelings and diet, as well as the diverse chapters covering all aspects of life Although not preaching for veganism, it certainly encourages it with good arguments I really did not enjoy the obvious marketing of her website where I have found the resources to require a payment in order to ga...

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    I liked the author s suggestions about tackling negative thought patterns When she started dipping into comments about Big Pharma and Big Food and detoxes with a negative remark slipped in about vaccines I was turned off I also agree with another reviewer s observation that for someone t...

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