Deep Water

A Middle Grade Survival Story About A Scuba Dive Gone Wrong And Two Enemies Who Must Unite To Survive It S The Most Important Rule Of Scuba Diving If You Don T Feel Right, Don T Go Down.So After Her Father Falls Ill, Twelve Year Old Julie Sims Must Take Over And Lead Two Of His Clients On A Dive Miles Off The Coast Of Alabama While Her Father Stays Behind In The Boat When The Clients, A Reckless Boy Julie S Age And His Equally Foolhardy Father, Disregard Julie S Instructions During The Dive, She Quickly Realizes She S In Over Her Head.And Once She Surfaces, Things Only Get Worse One Of The Clients Is In Serious Condition, And Their Dive Boat Has Vanished Along With Julie S Father, The Only Person Who Knows Their Whereabouts It S Only A Matter Of Time Before They Die Of Hypothermia, Unless They Become Shark Bait First Though Julie May Not Like Her Clients, It S Up To Her To Save Them All.Deep Water

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Deep Water book, this is one of the most wanted Watt Key author readers around the world.

[[ Epub ]] ❦ Deep Water  Author Watt Key –
  • Hardcover
  • 264 pages
  • Deep Water
  • Watt Key
  • English
  • 14 March 2018
  • 9780374306540

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    High octane thrillers are rare in juvenile literature, but Watt Key has a reputation as a transcendent novelist, and he uses his talent for all it s worth in Deep Water Twelve year old Julie Sims has an ominous feeling the day she and her father, who runs a dive shop, take a client out on the waters off the coast of Gulf Shores, Alabama Her father is a seasoned divemaster and has taught Julie much of what he knows, but he isn t feeling well today, and that s no good for diving The client is Hank Jordan, a businessman interested in exploring a pair of military tanks Julie s father towed out to sea a while ago and let sink a hundred feet below the surface Submerged vehicles morph into artificial reefs over time, havens for aquatic wildlife The tanks promise to be a fertile fishing spot, which is why Mr Jordan paid four times the usual rate for this dive The cash influx could save Mr Sims s dive shop, but Julie has mixed feelings Not only is her father ill, but Mr Jordan doesn t seem disposed to listen to instructions, and that s dangerous when you re heading a hundred f...

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    A huge thanks to Netgalley for allowing me to read an ARC copy of this book Once again, Watt Key has delivered a fast paced, exciting middle grade book I have read every one of this author s books and wa...

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    Deep Water by Watt Key is an exciting middle grade adventure survival story Julie Sims and her father take customers out for a deep sea dive, but when they surface they realize that something is very wrong Susan at Plainfield Township

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    Great book.

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    Sometimes I order books from Scholastic hoping to find a really good read sometimes I do, many times I am disappointed This book was fantastic Exciting with short chapters, a female protagonist, and suspense, the book is a pa...

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    kidlitexchange partner Thanks to the kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book all opinions are my own What would you do if you went on a scuba diving trip and everything seemed to go wrong The most important rule of scuba diving is that if you don t feel right, don t go down Twelve year old Julie Sims knows this, but her dad is in financial trouble and they need the money They cannot risk losing the money from this dive To begin with, the customers are one of Julie s sworn enemy, Shane, and his dad From the beginning they refuse to follow instructions from Julie and her dad Then Julie s dad gets sick and he cannot take them down to the dive site, so Julie must do it As soon as they get in the water, Shane and his dad leave Julie and she then realizes that the anchor is not set but there is nothing she can do about it So when it is time to go back up, Julie cannot find the anchor line to get back to the boat When she finally surfaces she does not see the boat anywhere To make matters worse, Shane and his dad surfaced too fast and Shane s dad has the bends He needs to get to a hospital fast Can the three of them survive floating in the ocean about fifty miles off of the Alabama coast Shane and his dad are very mean people, what will they do if Julie gets in the way of their safety I will give you a warning about this book once you start reading this book you will not be able to put it down This book is full of twists and turns, suspense and survival and...

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    12 year old Julie is spending the summer with her dad, helping run his scuba diving business off the coast of Gulf Shores, Alabama When her dad falls ill while taking a reckless father and son out for a 100 foot dive, Julie must step in as their guide Something happens on that dive that sets off a turn of events like no o...

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    Wow, this was a fast paced book that is hard to put down all the way to the end This is a highly adventurous book of two kids trying to survive on the open ocean after a scuba diving mishap While it is a book for kids ...

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    Twelve year old Julie finds herself in a dangerous stranded situation in the Gulf of Mexico when her father s boat becomes separated from it s divers The story develops incredible life threatening challenges and keeps the reader engaged.

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    5 for DEEP WATER by WattKey, due out April 17, 2018 I received this arc from fsgbooks for kidlitexchange all opinions are my own _ _ _ _ _ It s supposed to be easy money take Shane and his father out for a scuba dive near the tanks Julie s father dropped out at sea months ago and then pay the bills But then Julie s dad can t dive due to his diabetes so Julie has to goand then the anchor slips and they lose the boatand then Shane s father rises too quickly and gets the bends Soon Shane and Julie are alone in the ocean, drifting, with no one in sight and little hope of survival _ _ _ _ _ I love Watt Key books FOURMILE, ALABAMA MOON and TERROR AT BOTTLE CREEK are all big hits in my library I also love survival books This one brings to mind THE RAFT by S.A Bodeen and SURROUNDED BY SHARKS by Michael Northrop in particular Watt Key is a scuba diver himself and has spent his whole life on the Alabama Coast so this book feels very authentic The level of detail and specificity is pretty impressive the reader can really see every situation in its entirety My only gripe is that the characters never freaked out the way I expected or wanted them to They accepted their fate much better than I think people realistically would especially me Both cha...

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